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Vines captured the Internet world (translated from English vine means “vine”) – short videos with meaning. This does not surprise anyone, because everyone values ​​their time, and new video jokes last a few seconds. Everyone can remove the vine, for this you need to install a special program on your smartphone, record a video and amaze your friends with funny short videos.

What are Vines

Vines are videos from 2 to 22 seconds long, but more often their duration is 6 seconds. This time interval is set by the VineVideo application of the same name, with which the shooting takes place. Vine is essentially a tweet in video format. The main “trick” of a mini-roller is not only size, but semantic load. The author in a short time should convey to the viewer a capacious story of a humorous or other nature. Any vine scenario, it needs to be thought out so that it is understandable to everyone and makes you smile.

Many confuse Vines with the usual humorous videos, but this is not entirely true. Sketches are removed and laid out on social networks or YouTube, while vines are created through a specific application with a short duration. They are not always entertaining in nature, they can be short advertisements for goods and services, so shooting such videos can be safely called a profitable business..

Popular internet sites are:

  • Instagram This is one of the most popular social networks, the main purpose of which is the exchange of photos, videos and pictures. The authors captured this online platform for uploading their videos. Here you can download and edit the uploaded files without the help of additional programs, apply different filters, etc..
  • Twitter The social network Twitter was created for messaging, but there it is easy to send video messages, which are essentially vines.
  • Youtube. This is the most popular video hosting service where you can upload videos of various lengths, including vines. For winners, this video hosting has become one of the favorite sites for hosting mini-creations. An interesting feature: Vines in YouTube can be placed several in a single video. As a result, the viewer will be able to view the entire series without pauses..
  • Vkontakte, Classmates, Facebook. These are three social networks that have conquered the world of Internet opportunities. There is an active exchange of photos, videos, text messages. These sites are ideal for starting a career, creating groups and finding subscribers for winers..
  • SlickJump. This is a network in Runet where brand promotion takes place. A great start for winers who want to earn money on their work. Here, customers gather who are willing to pay money for advertising goods and services. It’s clear that they are looking for authors who will make an interesting video that will contain a link to their company.

Vine logo


Vine photography is a relatively new hobby that spans several years. Young people under the age of 20 are members of short video groups. The application that creates the clips was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 and has since become widespread. In 2013, it became the most downloaded on the iOS App Store. Today, over 40 million people from around the world use this tool..


Vine is easy to identify by signs, because not all short videos that can be found on YouTube or Instagram are vines. Features of the 6-second clips are:

  • Clear clear plot. The availability of a catchy script is the basis of the video. In a few seconds, the author needs to convey the story to the viewer.
  • The plot must have an introduction, denouement and end.
  • Style. Mostly vines are videos with a logical plot with funny moments, but there are others, for example, with an advertising character.

How to make vine

Vines are shot on smartphones in the Vine application, which was developed for the operating systems iOS, Android, Apple. Now it’s very fashionable to shoot videos in the style of Stop Motion. This is not new in the world of cinema and animation. The essence of this method is to create video by frame-by-frame photography. You take one shot, then make a minimal change to the scene, repeat the shooting. The process is long, but the result is worth it. Advantages of Stop Motion:

  • Heroes can be toys, for example, people from Lego, or created independently.
  • Time-lapse photography does not require sophisticated equipment.
  • An interesting result that captivates the audience.

For a good study of the video, it is better to use additional editors where you can make vine videos with music, for example, Magisto. This is an application that installs on a mobile device. The downloaded video is analyzed on a remote server, where the emotional component of the video is determined, “strong” frames and more are highlighted. You can select the background music and the genre in which the video will be edited.

An application like VivaVideo is also useful for editing videos. Here you can put together photos taken using the Stop Motion method, as well as shoot video up to 5 minutes long, which is enough for vine. Here the clips are cropped, various effects overlapping and more. VivaVideo has advantages for winners. In the application, you can choose the style of “vine” to create the desired video.

Nash Grier

What program can I do

The Vine Video application, in which the video is recorded, allows not only to take pictures, but also to do the operations necessary for editing. Here you can change the recording speed, “apply” sound, make music louder or quieter, add different filters. You can insert pictures and photos into the movie. Video recording is carried out by simply tapping the screen with a finger and holding it. The video does not have to be whole. It can be removed in parts. The result will be a movie resembling GIF animation.

Who is a weiner

The person who shoots short videos in the application of the same name is called a weiner. Everyone can become one. To do this, the program is installed on a smartphone or other suitable device and a funny script is thought out. The actor in the video is the producer / director himself or other people, animals, objects are used. The story should be capacious and funny..

The result is not always expected – not everyone is given the talent of a screenwriter, director and cameraman at the same time, but this is a great way to test your abilities. If you’re ashamed to show your video to your friends, then this is not your “hobbyhorse”, or you lacked the skill and experience. Try, try. Maybe you will soon become as popular a liner as Pavel Mikus, who has about 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and this figure is constantly growing..

If you want to promote the channel and gain a lot of subscribers, become a popular winger, remember:

  • The main goal – the video should be interesting. If the viewer appreciates it, he will subscribe to your profile in anticipation of new funny stories..
  • To make the video easy to find, the file must be marked with hashtags, i.e. related query words.
  • It’s not necessary to shoot humorous videos; clips are made on different topics, although funny sketches are the priority.
  • Professionals recommend filming popular wine series, where each video will appear in one series.

Pavel Mikus

Popular winers

Pavel Mikus is not the only winer that has great popularity in social networks. American winers are leaders in this creative segment of operators. Leadership belongs to such guys:

  • Nash Grier, an American teenager with over 10 million followers.
  • American Andrew Bachelou under the nickname King Bach, whose number of subscribers is approaching the mark of 10 million people.
  • Model Brittany Furlan, which is signed by 8 million lovers of short videos. The girl in between filming creates funny vine videos that glorified her more than a model business.

Among the Russian winers, the following authors are worth noting:

  • Nastya Ivleva. The works of this blogger are on Instagram, where she has 3 million subscribers..
  • Andrey Glazunov. Young author of funny videos has a lot of fans on social networks.
  • Eugene Kulik. This is a famous actor who in his spare time is engaged in shooting Vines..
  • Polina Trubenkova. The videos of this author-blogger are shot on popular topics with great humor..
  • Alexander Lukyanov. This girl captivated the charisma of lovers of short sketches.
  • Huseyn Hasanov. This is a young businessman who is fond of creating mini-rollers, which he does great.
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