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Using a drawing pen when plucking eyebrows, many women are not aware of the true purpose of the device. What is a drawing pen is well known to those who used this drawing tool for its direct function – in drawing and calligraphy with various fillers (ink, paint). It is sold in the stationery departments, mainly as part of the workshop, and now it is almost no longer used for projecting drawings and drawings..

What is a raiser for?

A raiser is a tool invented in the 18th century as a pen for writing ink on paper. Subsequently, the device, consisting of two spring-loaded plates, a clamp and a handle, became actively used in the drawing business. For drawing or drawing, a small distance between the spring leaves is filled with ink or paint, and the line width is regulated with a small nut and screw. The preferred use of the re-feeder is in art and design sketches, drawings, alone or using a ruler with special protrusions against carcass dripping.

Drawing Use

Having learned what a drawing pen is, when using it, it is important to understand: with a high-quality tool, the shutters touch the paper at the same time, their edges should be smooth and thin, while avoiding cutting the paper. It is possible to draw lines from 0.1 to 1.0 mm wide with a drawing pen. To get the line of the required thickness, the tool plates are set on a scale, a test line is made and, if necessary, the installation is adjusted.

Calligraphic drawing pens

Before finishing work, the tool is checked on a test sheet of paper: if the mascara does not come out of the pen, it is diluted or the device itself is cleaned with a damp cloth. Mascara dries quickly, so the device needs to be cleaned periodically. A skill is required in the application of the tool, but modern drawings are already received on the computer using specialized programs, and the device is used less and less for its intended purpose.

Use for calligraphy.

Drawing pen, indispensable for many professions – designers, graphic designers, architects and engineers, is very popular in calligraphy. Using the tool, it is equally accessible to display elegant letters and expressive inscriptions, achieving special effects in calligraphic works. If the drawing chair is losing its relevance, then a new round of interest in writing letters in manuscript has given the device another opportunity to apply in this area.

Varieties of graders

The whole variety of types of lenders can be divided into main groups:

  • metal with an adjusting nut;
  • glass with a writing part of different sizes (diameters);
  • speedographs.

Types of lenders

The domestic state standards for drawing instruments are distinguished by the following structures: ordinary, knife-shaped, wide, curved, double and narrow. The ordinary model is convenient to quickly set the desired thickness when drawing lines; double – for thick lines. Curved views are necessary for drawing on patterns. There are many devices for holding the dashed line, however it is convenient and simple to use the ordinary form.

How to use a drawing pen

When drafting, the device is filled with filler by 5-6 mm and held with a movable head from itself perpendicularly or slightly tilted in the direction of movement. For graphic accuracy, the line is drawn from left to right, evenly and gently, gently pressing and not interrupting. From using the plates, they quickly become dull and the question arises of how to sharpen the drawing pen. This can easily be done by yourself:

  • unscrew the leaves, grind the ends from the sides;
  • process the inner surfaces of the plates with fine sandpaper.

Man draws a hieroglyph using a drawing pen

Eyebrow Reuser

Knowing what a lender is, it is amazing how he fell into the hands of women for completely different purposes? It was found that the drawing pen perfectly plucks the shortest and most rigid eyebrow hairs, which are not amenable to tweezers, and is indispensable when thinning thick, overgrown eyebrows. It is convenient for them to remove the hairs in turn under the very root. In the process of shaping the eyebrows, the long handle does not close the eyes. Compact and lightweight, it fits comfortably in a cosmetic bag and, due to its advantages, is used more often than tweezers.

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