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Recently, the most popular hit on social networks has become the meme “Dratuti”. Internet users have accepted the joke as new, but in fact it has existed for a long time. A meme spreads at the speed of sound, but not all people are aware of its true meaning..

What does dratuti mean

The Internet periodically gives out many unexpected and awkward memes. Many of them are considered by users to be funny jokes, and some pictures are incomprehensible. People immediately liked the new meme with the dog’s face on the board, but an incredible discussion broke out about what dratuti means. The designation is the simplest – the word implies the usual greeting “hello”, only has a humorous manner, quickly entered into slang. A joke about dratuti can be regarded as a button accordion (an old joke), because he appeared not today.

Dratuti: meaning of the word

Where did the dratuti come from

Not all Internet users know what dratuti is. The fashionable joke now sounded for the first time back in 2005. Where did the dratuti meme come from? At that time on television there was a fashion show “Gorodok”, where both witty and stupid jokes sounded, which the whole country laughed at. Many now remember this view. In one of the programs, the lisping and tongue-tied hero Modest, played by actor Yuri Stoyanov, uttered a distorted “hello” so funny that the greeting quickly became popular.

Initially, the joke was not intended to make people laugh. In the interpretation of the creators of the “Town” it was a satire with some sarcasm. In any case, we can safely say that the joke now known has existed for almost a decade, but has attracted mass attention only recently. Comic greetings have been written thanks to the Internet and user humor.

Meme story

Modern meme about dratuti

Social networks were “blown up” by a picture that depicts a recess in a wooden wall blocked by plywood. There are knots on it resembling a dog’s face in shape. When users guessed what dratuti is, suddenly the same picture appeared with the caption “addiction”. Now people of all ages repost these two memes with the dog’s face, add words to their photos to give them a bit of humor and dilute the serious atmosphere with a joke.

The word “dratuti” in Internet slang

When people are surprised at something, they say “Hello.” The new dratuti meme in the language of netizens means not only a greeting, but also a certain amount of surprise or surprise. The use of the word depends solely on the sense of humor of a particular person. Users with a new popular joke create discussion topics, insert into hashtags.

Probably, teachers of the Russian language are outraged by this use of the word “hello”, because it does not correspond to lexical norms. They do not understand the thousands of enthusiasm of people who use the wrong words on the open spaces of social networks. However, meme entertains Internet users, giving an excellent opportunity to reduce greeting words not only on the network, but also during a real meeting.

Nowadays, not only young people use virtual slang. Abbreviated words can often be heard from both children and adults. As for the new Internet meme, nobody knows how long it will last on the first line of popularity. Given the mass of criticism to which he was subjected, it will last a long time, because this factor also contributes to the mass distribution of funny expressions.

Using Dratuta in Internet Slang

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