Where to rent an old TV for money for recycling and spare parts

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Almost every family has a household appliance on the balcony, in the pantry or garage. Unconscious citizens throw it in the usual trash, but this is fraught with a serious fine, such equipment is subject to specialized processing. So where to rent an old TV for money, so that faulty equipment does not harm nature, and the remaining parts could help someone?

How much is an old TV

Firstly, it is necessary to remind fellow citizens that TVs belong to the 3rd class of hazardous waste according to the FCCW classification, regardless of generation, as are monitors. This means that if a citizen is caught throwing such equipment into a regular trash can, he will face a significant fine. For the disposal of televisions, there are landfills, recycling centers, special points where you can hand over old household appliances for money (utilization services cost money). Where to rent an old TV for money and get a profit:

  • sell for parts: old models often contain items that have long been discontinued, a rare device and are very much appreciated among craftsmen who buy parts;
  • buying up old TVs by designers, clubs, cafes;
  • sell a collector a rare TV model;
  • take it to the scrap collection point;
  • place an ad on the network;
  • hand over for scrap and non-ferrous metals (they are contained in small quantities inside any electronic circuit board);
  • exchange old equipment for new with some extra charge.

If a kinescope TV was 15–20 years old, then you won’t get serious money for it: message boards are filled with such offers of 100 rubles and pickup. Less likely to be lucky if the buyer is looking for a specific model. The wider the diagonal and the better the condition of the device, the higher the amount, but rarely it will turn out to help out more than 1000 rubles. For the same money, you can buy a new flat TV with a package of functions, instead of a large box with faded colors.

Non-working models with which the market was filled 10-15 years ago are also almost not quoted, because there are too many of them, and repairs are often unprofitable. New generation TVs (plasma TVs, liquid crystal TVs) on Internet sites will start from the mark of 150-250 thousand rubles. However, it is better to buy such technological miracles through the store to get a guarantee. To sell a modern TV monitor is real for 50-75% of the cost in perfect condition. Non-working appliances vary greatly depending on the breakdown and the required investment in repair.

Old tv

How to sell used TV

The easiest way to get rid of obsolete equipment and make money on it is to find a buyer of rare spare parts and TV through an ad on sites like Avito and OLX. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that prices are dumped. A potential buyer will be guided by the minimum offer for the price. The best solution would be to focus on highly specialized areas: collectors, commissions, promotions in technology stores.

Antique tv

TVs older than 50 years in working condition can have value several orders of magnitude more expensive than new models. Collectors can be found online or offered in specialized museums (though in this case the profit will not be high). Below, for example, are the good prices for which the devices of the past were bought recently in the network:

  • KVN 49 A (1950) – 270,000 rubles;
  • T2 Leningrad (1952) – 180,000 rubles.

Thrift store TV

You can rent a broken TV for money in a verified commission. The method is effective, but has its drawbacks. The owner will see the money only after the sale, if he wants to receive the full amount. If funds are needed immediately, then the store will give about 50-75%, depending on the policy of the office (in addition, the equipment will have to be transported by itself). On the other hand, having given the equipment to the commission, you can free up space in the home and eventually get a nice cash bonus after the sale.

Thrift store TV

Exchange an old TV for a new one

Many large stores carry out promotions: they exchange old unnecessary household appliances for new ones at a surcharge. A good discount may depend on the youth of the TV, its appearance, functional condition. In any case, it is more profitable than buying a new one at full cost. Transportation of your equipment depends on the conditions of the action: sometimes they take any equipment or you need to bring it yourself for an exchange. In this case, the buyer receives a serious discount and new equipment.

Where can I rent a broken TV for money

Non-working equipment is often stored on balconies and pantries, because it is a pity to throw out, even if it can not be repaired. Even such TVs can be rented out for little money on spare parts. At the same time, the old equipment is quoted higher than modern, because the parts from it are no longer being produced. The equipment of the past is gladly taken away by electronics repair enthusiasts who can sell a broken TV for spare parts.


In most cases, such TVs are taken away by private specialists, because service centers rarely specialize in old equipment. Separately, it is worth mentioning where to rent old TVs for money: vintage is in demand by design agencies, thematic institutions. The amount of money earned directly depends on the rarity of the model, its external condition and the buyer’s desire to purchase. There is also a purchase of faulty TVs, which are engaged in by individuals or companies (many have seen announcements of purchase and free export).



With LCD technology with flat screens, everything is a little more complicated: the bulk of the elements in them are not so expensive, and rare details in most cases can not be repaired. You can sell non-working flat TVs if this is a rare, especially popular model. In this case, they can be easily offered for spare parts at service centers of the city, workshops (not branded licensed, but private), which independently purchase parts and receive old TVs for spare parts.

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