29 Magnificent castles from all over the world that are a must-see

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Castle in Germany

Schloss Hohenschwangau – a 19th century palace in Germany with around 300,000 visitors a year.

Malbork Castle in Poland

Malbork is the largest brick house in Europe.

Château de Chambord in France

Château de Chambord was originally a hunting lodge of François I. The public didn't start going there until 2007.

Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria

Delightful 11th-century building surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the Tennengebirge mountain range.

Pelesh castle in Romania

Peleș in Romania located in the Carpathian Mountains.

A castle in Spain

Castillo de Coca was built in Feodosia on the territory of the ancient Cauca (birthplace of the Roman ruler). Now a school for ranger training.

Kronborg Castle in Denmark

Founded in the 1420s, Kronborg (Denmark) is one of the most important fortifications in northern Europe.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle – A Key Icon of Scotland.

Château de Versailles in France

The Château de Versailles in France has a colossal 2,300 rooms, 67 staircases and 5,210 pieces of furniture.

Killemore Abbey Castle in Ireland

Kylemore (Ireland) is the private residence of wealthy London physician Mitchell Henry. Due to gambling debts, it had to be sold to the Duke of Dutchess of Manchester in 1909.

Castle in Austria

Burg Hochosterwitz – one of Austria's most charming castles from the Middle Ages.

Catherine Palace in Russia

This palace of the Russian Empress Catherine I was built in 1717, and in 1752 it was decorated in the Rococo style.

Hogwarts in Florida

Hogwarts really exist. This is Orlando, Florida.

Conwy Castle in North Wales

This medieval fortress was built by Edward I in 1283 and is worth around £15,000.

Schwerin Castle in Germany

The first news about this castle dates back to 973. Schwerin is now the official residence of the representatives of the state parliament.

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