Gorgeous renovation project of a historic town house in a modern style

Today, the focus is on the building, which was built in 1930.

The house from 1930

Ren Pepe Arquitetos designers left the original structure of the old building, changing the space by rearranging the interior walls. We got a hotel consisting of three suites and two dormitory-type rooms.

The main stylistic decision – the use of Portuguese pine. Its wood is used to make floors, stairs and furniture.

Particular attention is paid to the staircase railings, because of the elaborate details they strike with grace and lightness.

Wooden Staircase with a banister
Wooden staircase with handrail
Wooden staircase with railings

A partially abandoned stone wall displays features of early twentieth-century Portuguese architecture. The juxtaposition of wood and stone creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. The rooms, decorated in light colors, artfully lit with origami-style fixtures. Soft illumination adds sophistication to the old building.

Origami-style light fixture
Spacious living room
Cozy bedroom with white walls
Hidden kitchen in a bedroom
Cozy bedroom with white walls
1930s house diagram
1930s schematic of a house

Photo courtesy of Attilio Fiumarella.

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