Wonderful project of a two-storey house with an elegant interior

Facade of JC Residence in Brazil
JC Residence Yard Design
Outdoor Pool at JC Residence
Outdoor pool in the JC Residence courtyard
Jacuzzi at JC Residence
Sliding glass doors to JC Residence courtyard
Interior design of the living room at JC Residence
JC Residence Living Room Interior Design
Media room interior design
The interior of the kitchen with the dining room
Marble trim on the kitchen island
Kitchen interior design
Kitchen interior design in light colors
Wine cabinet at JC Residence
Lounge area on the second floor of the JC Residence
Luxury bedroom interior design
Luxury bedroom interior design
Interior design of a child's bedroom for a girl
Interior design of a boy's bedroom
Modern Bathroom Interior Design
Bathroom wall decoration
Kitchen interior with dining area
Glazing the facade of JC Residence
Outdoor pool at JC Residence
Lighting for the pool at JC Residence

Two-story building with a large garden was built primarily to improve the quality of life. A great place for the whole family to relax is the pool area with a flower garden and green trees.

The interior is truly modern and luxurious. In the living room the walls are of wood, and the many small details create a feeling of homeliness. Here everyone can find something to his/her liking.

The kitchen is open and spacious, which allows you to comfortably prepare delicious meals. The furniture is painted in metallic color, which gives the impression of solidity and reliability.

Each bedroom perfectly blends beauty and harmony and is tailored to the personal needs of the owner. It ensures the comfort of the occupants for their entire stay.

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