9 ways to determine the health of your hair

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Fragility, split ends, dryness – all this indicates the need for intensive nutrition, hydration. Such care will help prevent more serious hair problems – loss, dandruff. Use a series of recommendations to determine the degree of damage..

Minimal hair loss

Hair loss test

Dropout is an integral part of the upgrade process. The norm is loss of up to 80 hairs daily. Do not worry if your hair locks become thinner after laying or combing. A problem is considered a situation when you have to constantly collect large shreds from a brush, bedding or in the bath.

Smooth texture

The longer the hair, the greater the risk that it will dry, break and split off closer to the ends. Combing becomes problematic. The brush will constantly get stuck in locks and pull out hair. With proper care, regular moistening, there is no such problem, curls even with a long length remain smooth.

Hair does not curl in high humidity

Hair structure

When it rains outside, pay attention to whether curls are created on the head. If yes, then this indicates a porous structure, increased dryness. Hair in this state is trying to be saturated with moisture in every possible way. When they are healthy, they retain their natural shape in any weather. Straight or curly from nature strands will remain exactly the same.

No dandruff

When studying the condition of the hair, pay attention to the scalp. If it is easily irritated, blushes and peels, then take measures to improve, protect. The skin can be dry and sensitive, therefore it cannot be treated with potent cleansers. Try to use soft shampoos, masks with the functions of deep recovery, protection. So you save the health of not only the skin, but also the hair. They will not dry out, fall out or break off.

Hair does not break

Split hair under a microscope

Light loss, dryness closer to the tips are not so scary, they are quickly eliminated with thorough moisturizing. Brittle hair, dissection indicates severe damage with curling irons, irons, hair dryers. Recovery in this case is very long, complicated. If, with a slight stretching, the hairs do not tear, you can not worry, they are well saturated with moisture, elastic and relatively healthy.

Natural shine

Damaged strands look lifeless, dull. To restore them, it is recommended to drink oils. This eliminates thinning hair, loss of color. If the strands are shiny after washing your hair, then the scales are smoothed, the right amount of moisture is held inside.


Beautiful healthy hair

When, after stretching, the hairs remain long or break, this indicates a lack of elasticity. To restore, it is necessary to reduce the use of styling products, hair dryers, pads, strengthen nutrition and hydration. With this treatment, you will get healthy thick hair that stretches easily, then takes its original shape..

Water repulsion

If the strands are saturated with moisture, they will not additionally absorb it from the air. This is because healthy hair has closed flakes. In this position, they retain moisture well inside. To check the condition of the hair, place the lock in water. If it floats on the surface – this indicates a dense structure, satiety. With open scales, increased dryness, the hair will eagerly absorb water, drown. Such strands die for a very long time.

Moving hair

Do not worry if, after washing your hair, your locks are voluminous, heavy and easily crumble. When the hair is dry and lifeless, brittle, thin, then in order to achieve softness and mobility, additionally treat them with special lotions, sprays. If this is not done, then the locks will lie as you combed them. Only with strong winds or fast walking is it possible to change the initial shape of the hairstyle.

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