Aerobic exercises for weight loss and fat burning. A set of cardio workouts at home with a video

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Aerobics gained popularity all over the world in 1982 thanks to the American actress Foundation, although her real “father” is Kenneth Cooper, MD. The main attraction of this set of exercises is the effectiveness and accessibility for people of any level of training and age-old category.

What is aerobic exercise

Aerobics is a set of exercises (this includes running, jumping, walking) that are performed under rhythmic musical accompaniment. Aerobic exercises improve physical fitness, flexibility, endurance, have a healing effect on the whole body. A set of aerobics exercises was developed as a wellness system. It is actively used for weight loss, but cardio exercises benefit a much wider range..

During training, blood circulation improves, the heart muscle contracts more often, the number of red blood cells increases, blood pressure returns to normal, the pulse decreases at rest and the risk of diabetes is reduced. Enhanced ventilation of the lungs provides additional oxygen saturation, activating the recovery processes in the body. Such training reduces the risk of depression, positively affects the mental state of a person..

Aerobic exercise refers to cardio. Their main difference from the power (anaerobic) load lies in the source of energy. Exercises for aerobics are performed at the expense of one source – oxygen, while for anaerobic exercise energy is generated by the muscles. There are no pure aerobic or anaerobic exercises, so when they are divided, it is more likely that the type of energy is predominant. The main criterion that determines the type is the heart rate: if the heart rate is up to 85% of the maximum, the load is aerobic.

Types of aerobic exercise

Before we talk about the main types of aerobic exercise, let’s find out how intense your workout should be. The intensity depends on the degree of your training and the physical condition of the body. In the gyms, in order to determine the degree of load, the Borg scale (CR10) is used, according to which aerobic exercises occupy the position 4-6 (moderate, hard). It’s easier, especially at home, to conduct a speech test – you are intensively engaged, sweating, but at the same time your broken breath does not prevent you from pronouncing words clearly.

Types of aerobic exercise:

  • high-impact – intensive training with an abundance of jumps, exercises, running;
  • switching or free motion – alternating classes on simulators with a cardio complex and aerobics;
  • dance aerobics;
  • slide aerobics – the average load between power and dance, based on the sliding effect;
  • bodyflex – gymnastics for breathing;
  • individual martial arts (taichi, kung fu) and yoga are also considered separate types of such loads.

Girls doing dance aerobics in the hall

Aerobic sports

If you want to do your health but don’t want to go for fitness aerobics, there are other aerobic sports. These include swimming, skiing, dancing with the aerobic direction, jumping rope, running in place (you can use the simulator), aqua aerobics. All these sports serve to strengthen muscles, burn excess calories, improve the body as a whole..

Aerobic exercise at home

Everyone has the opportunity to perform such gymnastics at home. For this, simulators and a lot of space are not needed. Exercises should be selected based on the size of the room where you will be engaged and your physical fitness. The optimal duration of classes at home is 45-60 minutes. Cardioaerobics expends energy from breakdown, with the help of oxygen, carbohydrates and fats. First, carbohydrates are broken down, fat burning begins in 20-30 minutes. from the start of classes, doing a workout shorter makes no sense.

Aerobic exercises at home are performed to rhythmic music. You can combine them, diversify classes with various variations – the main thing is that you enjoy it. All exercises are performed intensively, as under the supervision of a strict trainer. Here are the basic aerobic exercises for training at home:

  • running in place and jumping;
  • jumping up;
  • squats, stretching exercises;
  • jumping point-blank;
  • kicks;
  • elements of dance, step aerobics.

Aerobic exercises for burning fat

A large percentage of the population suffers from the deposition of fat deposits in the abdomen, in the thigh area. Aerobics exercises for burning body fat should be done at least 3 times a week, and it is advisable to do 6 times. The lead time is 30-60 minutes. The intensity of the workout is high. Here are some aerobic fat burning exercises:

  1. Jumping out. Squat, heels on the floor, the pelvis laid back. Jump imitates the movement of a frog.
  2. Jump point blank. Starting position: stand straight. Squat down, lean on your hands and bounce slightly to assume a lying position. Repeat everything in reverse order.
  3. Push-ups plyometric. Standing position lying down. Having pushed off the floor, toss the body up, make cotton with palms.
  4. Running on the spot “low start”. To take a pose, as at a low start: one leg underneath, the second – as extended as possible. Simultaneously swap the position of the legs, with the transfer of weight to the hands. With this exercise, the fat “goes away” perfectly, muscles are strengthened.

The guy performs plyometric push-ups

Aerobic Slimming Exercises

In the fight against obesity, training has 15-20% effectiveness, 40% falls on a diet. If you exercise very intensively, but at the same time your food is far from proper nutrition, the regimen of eating is not respected, the effectiveness of training will be minimized. Alactic aerobics should be combined with anaerobic exercise, since aerobic burn sugar and anaerobic fat.

Aerobic weight loss exercises:

  1. Running on the spot. Intensively performed with high hips, muscles are tense.
  2. Deep squats with weight. Starting position: standing, legs shoulder-width apart, arms extended forward, with dumbbells or a heavy object. Squat and get up.
  3. Jumping over. A bench or other flat object is installed on the floor. Jumps through it are performed to the right and to the left..
  4. Push ups. Standing still, crouch, jumping back, take the emphasis lying. Back jump to a sitting position, stand up.

Aerobic exercises for women

Different groups of people select aerobic exercise according to their type of composition, degree of preparation, and ultimate goal. A woman who wants to burn fat in the waist, strengthen skeletal muscles, develop flexibility, but does not strive to build muscle, draws up a program without strength exercises. Exercises to music, make different muscle groups work, while raising the mood, fill with energy. Great dance aerobics.

The following aerobic exercises for women will be effective:

  1. Twisting. Position – lying down, knees can be bent. Without tearing off the floor completely, touch the elbow of the knee of the opposite leg.
  2. Leg lift. Lying on the floor, raise your legs up, slightly raising the pelvis.
  3. Side slopes with dumbbells. Standing straight, with a fixed pelvis, we do lateral inclinations, arms with dumbbells shoulder-width apart.
  4. Steps. We take a bench or a low stool, standing position, hands with dumbbells on the sides. We step on the bench, the second leg is in the air, the knee should be above the knee joint when moving.

Girl doing exercise lying on her back

Aerobic exercise for the elderly

For middle-aged and older people, cardio-charging is excellent for maintaining tone and adapting all body systems to household loads. Aerobic exercises for the elderly are performed at a calm pace, with low or medium intensity. It is for those who are aware of age-related problems and do not want to lose vital activity. Here are some exercises:

  1. Head tilts. Standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, tilt the head to the right, left, down. Repeat movements up to seven times.
  2. Circular rotation. Standing, hands on the belt, legs a little apart. Perform rotational movements of the pelvis, without bending over or crouching, 5-7 times.
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