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Sport is the best tool in the fight for a slim body, which, unlike diets, does not leave loose skin and cellulite. Which type of exercise to choose depends on you, but most experienced trainers advise you to learn the interval training method to quickly lose weight..

What is interval training

High-intensity interval training (briefly – HIIT training, in the original from the English – High Intensity Interval Training) is an exercise program based on the alternation of classes with different levels of intensity. In fact, high-intensity training is an activity when relatively short periods (intervals) of vigorous exercise are replaced by the same periods of recovery of strength. This does not mean that after five minutes of jumping we sit for five minutes. Periods of a kind of rest are unhurried exercises with a minimum load on the heart muscle.

Girls training in the gym

Interval Training Principles

Interval training at first glance may seem ineffective and not very interesting type of physical activity, because all the time you have to repeat the same monotonous exercises, simply alternating between calm intervals and fast. However, such approaches are very effective for building muscle mass, help to lose weight quickly and correct the figure well. We can distinguish the basic principles of interval training:

  1. It is worth starting classes after consulting a doctor. Contraindications to this type of load are malfunctions of the cardiovascular system and serious chronic diseases.
  2. In the first stages, calm intervals should last one and a half times longer than active.
  3. The duration of active periods is from 10 seconds and no more than two minutes, the duration of the entire training for beginners should not exceed 15 minutes. Only after some time, when the body gets used to the system, you can resort to a gradual increase in the number of repetitions and training time up to one hour.
  4. Each lesson in the interval procedure should be preceded by a short warm-up, the purpose of which is to warm up the muscles and joints, for example, various swings, lunges, inclinations.
  5. The frequency of high-intensity activities will depend on your physical fitness and endurance. For beginners, a couple of not very long cyclic approaches per week will be enough.
  6. A prerequisite for such training is maintaining a pulse within certain values: 60-90% of the maximum for high-intensity cycles, 40-60% – for low-intensity.

Girl doing exercise lying on her back

Interval Slimming Workouts

A cyclic approach to sports has a huge advantage over other types of physical activity – such exercises can reactively burn excess fat, making the body slim and skin tightened. For this reason, high-intensity exercises are considered one of the best ways to lose weight. Interval Class for slimming exercises are divided into three main groups, depending on the dominant type of exercise – aerobic, cardio, strength.

Interval Aerobics

Almost all types of exercises in which aerobic exercise dominates can be performed in a cyclic sequence. For example, sprinting and jogging, cycling at different speeds, walking with alternating acceleration of pace. This implies the concept of Interval Aerobics, which is an excellent means of burning fat. A good option for cyclic aerobics is a visit to the pool, because swimming also belongs to a number of aerobic physical exercises. In this case, you have to swim in jerks – then reduce, then increase the intensity of movements.

Interval Cardio

Interval cardio training is considered equally effective for burning excess weight and melting the fat collected on the body. Cyclical cardio training will consist in performing uniform, alternating, energetic, and then leisurely cardio exercises. It can be ordinary squats, jumping rope, jumping, push-ups from different starting positions.

Interval Strength Training

Strength training on the principle of alternating load intensity will also be an excellent way to reduce weight, pump up the muscles of the trunk and legs, and form a beautiful body relief. This type of physical exercise is more suitable for men, but can also be used by women. Interval strength training involves classes on weight training equipment or with weights. If you want to engage in such training, but do not attend the gym, use improvised materials as exercise equipment. Information about them and videos with examples of exercises can be freely found on the network..

The girl crouches with a bar

Interval training for burning fat

After the principle of alternating exercise intensity was recognized as an effective fat burning product and an effective way to improve physical fitness, many alternative training programs appeared. Most of them are focused on a quick, visible, high-quality result in weight loss. Interval training for burning fat of any kind is available to everyone at home through an online video. The most popular programs based on cyclic load rotation:

  • Step Interval – periodically repeated exercises on a step platform or using other sports equipment.
  • Best fit (B.E.S.T fit) – a progressive fitness interval that combines high-intensity cardio training, strength yoga, athletic exercises.
  • Fitmix – a combination of Pilates, fitness yoga, fit box.
  • Fartlek – cyclic repetition of a run at a different pace at different distances.
  • Tabata – Scheduled Effective Four-Minute Workout Per Second.

Interval Training Tabata

A well-known system of cyclic training is Tabata interval training, created by a Japanese doctor and named after him. The essence of the methodology is the precise execution of the finished instruction (the author calls its protocol), the time to complete the exercises in which is divided into seconds. You can choose any exercise, perform it exactly 20 seconds, then 10 minutes to engage in calmer physical activity. A total of 8 such approaches should be implemented..

Tabata Method Lesson


Another well-known sports technique is cyclic repetitions of running at different speeds. This system is of Swedish origin and is called “Fartlek”, which in translation is interpreted as “Speed ​​game”. The basis of the technique is running and brisk walking, alternating with fast and calm intervals. At home or in a gym, a fartlek can be considered as interval training on a treadmill with a change of speeds while maintaining the same length of periods of intense work and rest.

Interval training on an exercise bike

Intensive workouts for burning fat, improving body shape and physical fitness in general can be done using an exercise bike. A great advantage of bike classes is that fitness clubs and sports centers are almost always equipped with a large number of such units, so interval training on a stationary bike is always available to everyone. The most well-known interval approach to cycling is the Little Gibal system, following which you will have to actively pedal for 60 seconds, then “ride” quietly for 75 seconds. You should go from 8 to 12 such interval circles.

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