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You can take care of yourself and lead an active lifestyle in different ways. There are many exercises that will help not only strengthen the body, but also lose weight. Anaerobic training is one of the most popular, because they can be performed both in gyms and at home..

What is anaerobic exercise

Before you describe in more detail the effect of anaerobic stress on a person and what they are, you should find out what this concept means. Anaerobic is a type of physical activity for which energy is generated without the help of oxygen. In other words, explosive movements are referred to this type of strength training. The energy for their implementation arises from the body’s reserves, so anaerobic exercise can be called a load with the use of force in the first 2-3 minutes. After that, the muscles are given rest, or the exercise becomes aerobic.

Aerobic and anaerobic loads

To explain the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, you need to understand the chemical processes that occur in our body during training. Lack of oxygen provides the combustion (or breakdown) of glucose in muscle cells. The human body draws its energy from this process to perform certain strength exercises. Unlike aerobic, anaerobic regimen (running, jumping, cycling) lasts very little, literally a few minutes, while aerobic gymnastics can last an hour or two (energy comes from oxygen).

Oxygen starvation can withstand toxins, or in another way, the formation of lactic acid, and then accelerates its elimination. Over time, sensitivity to acid decreases, you will cease to feel unpleasant sensations after training. The so-called “resistance to fatigue” occurs, which increases the endurance of the whole organism.

Girls on treadmills in the gym

Anaerobic training

The most famous anaerobic trainings are powerlifting, bodybuilding, training on simulators, high-speed short-distance running, fast cycling and others. The greatest muscle tension occurs within a few seconds, and sometimes can reach several minutes. After that, you need to relax and relax for a while before moving on to a new approach. Anaerobic exercise may consist of different exercises, but one thing will unite them – high-intensity work is performed with weight training for a short period of time while there is enough energy.

Anaerobic training is very useful for the cardiovascular system, it increases endurance, helps to eliminate toxins. With a protein diet, such muscle strengthening will perfectly affect their growth, so the appearance of a muscle relief on the body will not take long. Barbell, heavy weights, classes on certain simulators, sprinting – all this relates to anaerobics and is actively used by professional athletes (and not only) to burn body fat.

Anaerobic Slimming Workouts

If someone may think that anaerobic training for weight loss is not very suitable, then this is not so. There is a whole range of exercises, thanks to which a person can get rid of extra pounds, reduce their volumes. Anaerobics burns sugar very well, so 20-30 minutes of such movements will be of great benefit than jogging or Nordic walking. For weight loss, sign up in the gym, work out with a trainer who will plan each lesson taking into account your forms and direct to the goal.

If you follow all the rules and proper nutrition, the results will begin to appear in a month. Fat from the abdomen will gradually go away, the muscles will begin to pump, and you will notice their growth. It is also important to ensure the removal of toxins through heavy drinking. Rest after an intense workout can be arranged in the sauna or bath, so that the muscles warm up and do not hurt the next day..

Girl with dumbbells

Anaerobic gymnastics

The static-dynamic regimen, which is used in anaerobic gymnastics, involves all types of muscle fibers simultaneously in the absence of a relaxation phase. Thanks to this, the training effect is enhanced, in contrast to the usual aerobic regimen. As a result, after 20 minutes of such a load, the result can be compared with an hour of aerobics training. In this case, you will not feel overload and strain. Exercises should be performed “from simple to complex”, which minimizes the risk of injuries.

A feature of this type of gymnastics is that the effect will begin to appear very soon, while it will last for a long time. Exercise at least a couple of times a week, and you will not only get rid of body fat and increase muscle mass, but also forget about problems such as stomach cramps, back and neck, obesity, back and joint pain, constipation, etc. The following types of strength training can reduce abdominal fat (in the abdomen):

  • lifting the bar;
  • work with dumbbells;
  • short-distance speeding (cycling);
  • jumping rope;
  • push-ups, pull-ups;
  • climbing a steep mountain.

The girl performs jump rope

Anaerobic exercises at home

It is also possible to perform anaerobic exercises at home independently. To do this, you need to acquire some sports equipment and devote to training at least 20 minutes a day. One of the simplest exercises for burning fat in the abdomen is a “bike”:

  1. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and lift at an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. Imitating cycling, start moving your legs hard as if you were pedaling.
  3. This exercise will become anaerobic when you put maximum effort while holding the air.
  4. Repeat three sets of 20 seconds.

Another exercise for the home is jumping rope. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to start turning the rope as much as possible and to make short, frequent jumps. This will help get rid of cellulite, increase stamina and will be beneficial for the respiratory system. Please note that calories during anaerobics are burned worse than during aerobic exercise, however, due to the acceleration of chemical processes, you get rid of fat.

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