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None of us can avoid the appearance of wrinkles. Someone will manifest a little earlier, someone later, but the loss of elasticity, color change will occur in everyone. These are natural age-related changes in the condition of the skin, because the older we get, the more noticeable they are. In order to maximally alienate these processes, it is recommended to use facial massagers from wrinkles along with cosmetic care. This is an affordable skin care method that can be done right at home. It’s worth starting to use them from 25-30 years old.

Varieties of face massagers

Face massager

The skin on the face is the most sensitive compared to the rest of the body. She is especially exposed to sunlight, wind and moisture, which affects her condition. In addition, there are a huge number of facial muscles that expose the skin to constant tension, movement, stretching and tightening. To improve the condition of the skin of the face, many models of devices have been developed that will rejuvenate it. For example, for sensitive skin, eye massager glasses are used. All facial devices have the following effect:

  • normalize the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • relieve age spots, swelling;
  • accelerate blood circulation, which improves the supply of skin with nutrients;
  • clean the pores;
  • smooth and sometimes completely remove wrinkles;
  • increase skin tone.

This technique uses different methods of influencing the skin and wrinkles. Some of the massagers are used for procedures in professional offices of beauty salons, they are bulky and you can’t buy one this way. Other devices make it possible to perform self-massage, are placed in the hand and do not even require a connection to an outlet. The following popular options for massagers for wrinkles are distinguished:

  1. Roller. The most affordable, one might even say budget, type of this technique that every woman can afford. It consists of two rollers of different sizes, which are connected to each other, made of plastic, wood, stone. They are held along the face along the massage lines, the effect occurs up to the deeper layers of the skin, which has the effect of tightening.
  2. Vacuum. This option is among the most popular types of massagers, which provide the ability to effectively cleanse pores and fight wrinkles. Its use gives the face a healthy color, the skin becomes more firm, supple, black spots disappear, inflammation. You should be careful for people who have acute vein diseases, skin damage, rashes or other inflammatory processes – all these are contraindications for using a vacuum facial massager.
  3. Oxygen. The peculiarity of this option is the ability to saturate the blood with oxygen, accelerate blood circulation. The massager enhances reparative, metabolic processes, which helps to improve complexion, the condition of the skin.
  4. Ultrasonic face massager. The main feature of such an apparatus is the elimination of skin defects, irregularities and increased smoothness. Ultrasound causes cells to “shrink and expand,” making them smoother and smoother. There is also a lifting effect.
  5. Laser It is used, as a rule, for lifting the oval of the face. Provides the ability to effectively deal with fine facial wrinkles, improves and evens complexion. The massager actively stimulates and accelerates the metabolism, and a noticeable result is visible after the first use.
  6. And stimulants. This is a type of electric massagers, the effect of which has the effect of lifting, smoothing facial wrinkles, getting rid of fat deposits in the neck. Under the influence of the apparatus, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage noticeably improves. Facial massagers for wrinkles of this kind are called the best alternative to Botox.
  7. Massager for the skin around the eyes. Due to the special tenderness of this area of ​​the face, as a rule, models of devices with infrared exposure are used. They remove age spots, dryness, facial wrinkles. Eye massagers are compact in size with a metal tip. By type of exposure, they belong to vibratory massagers. The kit may include several types of nozzles. Another option is a magnetic acupuncture apparatus, which acts pointwise in this area of ​​the face..
  8. With ultrasound and infrared radiation. This is a symbiosis of the models described above, helping to increase the effectiveness of wrinkles.

How to choose a device for face wrinkles

Girl uses a wrinkle massager

Due to the sensitivity of the skin on this part of the body, one should carefully approach the issue of choosing a massager so as not to harm yourself. It is better to consult a specialist cosmetologist once, who will determine your individual skin problems, give recommendations regarding a suitable version of the anti-wrinkle machine. Next, you will need to choose among the models presented in stores. To select a quality massager, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Type of food. There may be models that work on a wall outlet or on battery power, but it’s best to look for 2 in 1 options.
  2. Dimensions For self-massage it is better to choose light models, but not too much, because lightweight ones, as a rule, can’t cope with their duties.
  3. Comfortable handle. You will have to hold the device yourself throughout the procedure, so you need a convenient handle.
  4. Power. The higher this indicator, the louder the device works, but the more likely it is that it will cope with its duties.
  5. Nozzles. Massagers have different equipment, so you should check the availability of additional nozzles, if you need them.

How to use

Girl massaging her face

Facial massage should be prepared, taking into account the features of the massager that you have chosen for yourself. They are all different: for example, for vacuum models, you do not need to apply any cosmetics first. As a rule, all these nuances and features are described in the instructions for the device. But there are rules that are the same for all devices:

  • cleanse your skin with gel or foam;
  • unzip it;
  • treat with tonic;
  • perform a facial massage;
  • apply a mask or cream to close the pores.

If you use the apparatus for myostimulation or an ultrasonic, infrared massager, then in the beginning you should apply the cream. Under the influence of such devices, he will penetrate the skin as deep as possible, which will allow him to act as efficiently as possible. Remember that facial massage should be in accordance with the direction of the massage lines. You can ask a massage therapist or cosmetologist about them..

Overview of popular facial wrinkle massagers

Gezatone Super Wet Cleaner

  1. Gezatone AMG106. This is the brainchild of a French company that produces high-quality devices. The massager from Zhesaton has 4 nozzles for effective and deep stimulation of the skin. Plus, the device is resistant to moisture, so it can be used in a bath or bath. The device is powered by batteries, has a compact size and copes with its functions perfectly.
  2. Mini Casada. Very compact and convenient face vibrator, powered by finger batteries, which makes the device mobile. Kasad company specializes specifically in massagers and not only for the face. The device has two vibration speeds, it can also be used for hands, neck, shoulders.
  3. Revoskin Gold. Japanese ultrasonic ion massager. The model has two directed actions for skin rejuvenation: ultrasound, which improves blood circulation and metabolism, and ions, smoothing facial folds. The device is compact, resembles a handle with a nozzle in the form of a small roller. Powered by batteries, the weight of the product without it is only 80 g.
  4. V-ball. This is a Korean-made massager that cannot be called mobile, but this drawback is offset by ease of use. The device has a control panel and a kind of mask that is worn on the face. You do not need to massage it yourself, the device does everything itself with the help of small balls. It works only from the outlet.
  5. Gezatone Super Wet Cleaner. Light massager (150g) for cleansing the face, improving lymphatic drainage, smoothing facial wrinkles. Included are 2 additional nozzles, easy to assemble and disassemble. Powered by two AA batteries, there is a bag for storing the device.

Facial wrinkle massager


There are some features in which the use of massagers for face wrinkles is contraindicated. Depending on the type of exposure to the device, they may differ: for example, electrical options are not used with high sensitivity of the skin, and infrared – in the presence of external skin lesions. An ultrasound massager cannot be used with implants, and a vacuum is prohibited with dilated vessels or inflamed skin. Common contraindications include:

  • severe pathologies of blood vessels or heart;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • inflammatory diseases in the acute stage;
  • lactation or pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • tuberculosis;
  • skin rashes of an infectious nature.

For a facelift, rejuvenation it is not necessary to go to expensive procedures in a beauty salon. You can deal with everything yourself at home. You just need a facial massager for wrinkles and a bit of free time. It is important to observe the correct technique of the procedure, conducting them along the massage lines of the face. The video below shows how to use the massager..

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