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Women’s heels are a very vulnerable place that requires regular care. Open shoes do not contribute to their beauty, so beautiful ladies need to have restorative procedures from time to time. The first step in guiding beauty is to remove the dead layer of cells. The heel scraper helps you do this..

Varieties of heel files

This tool completely replaces pumice, gently removing rough skin and preventing the formation of corns, calluses. The file has a fine abrasive surface – unlike a grater, which is characterized by a coarser and more pronounced relief. There are several types of tools: mechanical, electric, laser. They have different degrees of rigidity, which is measured in grit. The lower this value, the higher the abrasive properties of the file..

Electric file for legs

The most popular type of tool that surpasses laser and mechanical samples. Gently removes the coarsened layer of the skin and copes well even with the most neglected cases. The whole process is much faster, and the woman does not have to steal the feet. The electric file for the heels is equipped with a roller nozzle, which comes into operation from the energy of the batteries. Features and advantages of the device:

  • The tool is lightweight, has a convenient shape, fits comfortably in your hand. It is easy to master the skills of working with him at home.
  • The wires will not interfere with the procedure, since the electric roller file runs on batteries.
  • Cleaning the machine is very simple – after each use, the roller is removed and washed in running water. Then it must be dried, put in a case.
  • If the heel roller starts to perform its functions not as well as before, it must be changed.

Electric file for heels

Mechanical file for pedicure

The easiest and cheapest option for processing legs. Manufacturers produce mechanical tools with different working coatings – metal, ceramic, sandpaper. The latter can qualitatively exfoliate and whiten the skin, but at the same time there is a high risk of damaging the delicate integument. A safer option is a ceramic base. Hard crumbs are applied to the surface to ensure good heel cleaning. A few more varieties of mechanical grinding files:

  • Diamond Long-lasting, expensive, efficient.
  • Glass. It is a cheaper substitute for diamond files. It exfoliates the keratinized layer of cells, makes the heels smooth, and the skin is soft, like a baby’s.
  • Mineral Has a carbon, sapphire, any other mineral coating.
  • Wooden foot grater. For problem skin, this is the safest option. Cope with painful corns, strong corns.

File for roughened skin of the feet

Laser file for legs

This is an improved type of machine tool, which is manufactured using a special technology. The heel fixture is made of laser engraved metal. The entire surface is covered with sharp teeth (notches) of microscopic dimensions. Their maximum height reaches 0.2 mm. Bulges in the working area make a soft foot massage. The tool without difficulty copes with corns, cracks, a thick keratinous layer of the skin. There are such types of laser files for heels:

  • Tough. Their use is necessary in advanced cases. Used exclusively on dry skin, otherwise there is a high risk of damage to the integument. Very rough heels are treated with alloy steel-plated models.
  • Medium hardness. Such files are used regularly – about twice a month. There are many professional devices in this class..

How to choose the right

The ideal file is selected exclusively by experience. There is no special instruction for choosing a tool, but the following recommendations will help you orient yourself:

  • Owners of gentle heels should not buy files with a rough abrasive and a metal coating. It is better to purchase a laser or ceramic sample..
  • If the feet heal very quickly, corns and corns form on them, pay attention to the diamond, metal, emery bases. Plain pumice will also help solve the problem..
  • The most convenient to use? wide tool on a strong long handle, preferably curved.
  • If possible, get a set of files. It will include tools with a hard and soft abrasive, a device for smoothing and polishing the heels. A good option is a double-sided file with different grit.

Double-sided file with different grain sizes

How to use

Depending on the type of device, there are some differences in its operation. Rules:

  1. If you use an electric machine, the procedure must be carried out by wiping the legs dry. Do not steam the skin or apply cream on it.
  2. Rotate the roller around problem areas while applying gentle pressure to the skin. Do not stay in one place for more than 4 seconds.
  3. After the procedure, shake off the skin particles, evaluate the result, repeat the action if necessary.
  4. At the finish line, rinse your feet and lubricate your feet with moisturizer. Wash and dry the roller.

On a dry surface, you need to process with a laser file. You simply pick up the tool and with little effort drive it around problem areas. The method is suitable for well-groomed feet. Mechanical files should be used after applying the cream or steaming the legs. In the first case, wait until the fatty substance is absorbed, and only then begin processing. If you decide to steam your legs, dry them thoroughly and then treat them with a nail file. Be sure to use a nourishing cream at the end of the procedure..

Overview of the best manufacturers

The following brands were most liked by users:

  1. Scholl Velvet Smooth (Scholl Velvet Smooth). An electric roller file for heels gently cleanses the feet, removing only dead tissue. Convenient and efficient to operate.
  2. Zinger (Singer). The company produces mechanical graters, files, which qualitatively remove the stratum corneum. Have a stylish design and comfortable handle.
  3. Zauber (Sauber). German reliability embodied in this device. Laser file makes the heels soft and smooth.
  4. Kaizer (Kaiser). Metal grater copes with rough growths and corns. The second side has an emery surface, it is used for grinding.
  5. Galaxy (Galaxy). The budget version of the famous Scholl file, which also looks attractive in the photo. Comes with two removable rollers. Battery powered – convenient to use regardless of network availability.

File Scholl

Where to buy and how much does the nail file cost?

Can I buy a tool in hypermarkets? in the skin and body care department. Specialized points of sale and online stores offer a selection of all kinds of nail files. Cost:


Price, p.







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