Fitness for pregnant women in trimesters. Can pregnant women do sports and gymnastics at home

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Is sport and bearing compatible? This question certainly arises in those future mothers who are used to maintaining their body in good shape through training. Find out what are the features of fitness during the baby’s waiting period, what types of training can be used in the early stages, and which will be useful shortly before delivery.

Can I do sports during pregnancy?

When a woman finds out that she will become a mother in a few months, this fact brings a lot of changes to her usual routine of life. One of the first questions arises regarding the correction of the regime of physical activity in order to provide the best possible conditions for the formation of the baby in the mother’s womb. Is it safe to continue intensive sports during pregnancy? How to keep yourself in good shape so that the birth goes well, and after them quickly find the optimal shape?

The correct answer to the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to do fitness is possible only after consulting a future mother with their attending physician. It should be borne in mind that the body of every woman is individual. Some women, in anticipation of an unborn child, can go to the gym until the last weeks of gestation, and others, in order to avoid the threat of miscarriage, may be recommended bed rest. As a general rule, women in position are shown moderate physical activity, but their type and intensity should be determined in consultation with a specialist.

Pregnant girl does exercises at home.

What kind of sports can pregnant

Although future mothers are prone to fatigue, they should try to maintain a balance between active sports and inactive rest. If the routine of a woman includes gymnastics for pregnant women and regular walking, then this will only benefit the baby. Such moderate loads will effectively improve the blood circulation of the mother’s body, as a result of which the fetus will receive the amount of oxygen and nutrients necessary for normal development. A good effect on the course of pregnancy will also have the sets of exercises of fitness yoga, Pilates, water aerobics.

In order for sports activities for pregnant women to bring only benefit to both a woman and a baby in her womb, it is necessary to remember some contraindications. Expectant mother can not do exercises aimed at the abdominal muscles – for example, do twisting or swing the press. Such elements of fitness as jumping, back bends, sharp swings and any movements characterized by high intensity will negatively affect the state of the pregnant woman. Also, during the gestation period, due to the very high risk of complications, strength complexes of exercises cannot be performed.

Pregnancy Squats

This type of exercise, when properly performed, will bring a lot of benefits to a woman. Squats during pregnancy not only strengthen the muscles of the hips and back, but also help the joints of the pelvic girdle become more flexible, which is very useful during childbirth. So that during the performance of such exercises the load is distributed evenly, you need to do them smoothly, and even better to squat with support. At home, you can use a chair for this purpose. It is even more convenient and effective to do squats in specially equipped halls, under the supervision of a coach.

Pregnant girl crouches

Aqua gymnastics for pregnant women

This type of fitness activity is not only safe, but also very useful for expectant mothers. The implementation of exercise complexes in the aquatic environment is made easier, as a result of which not only the physical condition is improved, but also the mood of the woman. Aqua-gymnastics for pregnant women in most cases is carried out under the guidance of experienced instructors, which ensures the correct distribution of loads during training. Even voluntary swimming without sharp, intense swings is a great sport for pregnant women, from the early stages and until the last weeks before childbirth.

Fitness for pregnant women – 1 trimester

An important condition for a woman who wants to continue an active lifestyle in the first months of expecting a child is to receive detailed recommendations about this from her doctor. In order to successfully combine pregnancy and sports in the first trimester, a specialist must confirm the absence of any contraindications to this. Still need to consider the nature of the exercises that will be performed. So that fitness during pregnancy is safe in the early stages and does not cause hypertonicity of the uterus, a woman should not strain her stomach, make sharp twists, bends, swing legs.

Fitness for pregnant women – 2 trimester

During this period, many physiological risks associated with the process of gestation are reduced, the woman’s well-being improves, toxicosis disappears. This period of time is very favorable in order to do fitness for pregnant women and to prepare the body for childbirth well. Sports in the second trimester should pursue the goal of strengthening the muscles of the back, lower back, abdomen, hips. You need to know that in order to avoid oxygen deficiency of the fetus and dizziness in the pregnant woman herself, she should not exercise while lying on her back – you need to choose body position with emphasis on the knees and arms.

Pregnant girl doing stretching exercises

Fitness for pregnant women – 3 trimester

In such late terms, women are preoccupied with the forthcoming birth. Sport in the third trimester is designed to help her prepare her body for this important, responsible process. Expectant mothers need to be careful with physical activity in the last weeks of gestation, so as not to provoke the onset of labor before the due date. For this reason, they are not recommended to do fitness on their own, it is better to do exercises under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

You need to know that in the third trimester in the body of a pregnant woman, the hormone relaxin is actively produced, which acts on the joints, making them more supple. If the expectant mother will intensively do stretch marks, she may even provoke a dislocation. For this reason, in the last weeks of pregnancy, fitness classes should take place without sudden movements. A woman needs to remember that she doesn’t do this complex for the purpose of losing weight or achieving any other sports results – she only relaxes the muscles that have the greatest load and is preparing for childbirth.

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