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Dreams of beautiful magnificent curly hair are visited by many women. We always want to have what we don’t have. We look with envy at the girls with neat curls, lush styling and bitterly think that we can achieve the same effect only by daily styling using a curling iron or using curlers. But to get your dream hairstyle is simple, you just have to surrender to the hands of an experienced master who will make high-quality biohairdressing.

What is biowaving?

Conventional perm is losing its popularity, it is being replaced by new sparing technologies. Biochemical technology was invented back in 1999, every year it replenishes its ranks with new admirers. The main distinguishing feature of biowaving is that it is considered conditionally harmless, gentle and even beneficial to hair.

The chemical mixture applied to the strands during the biowaving procedure (in other words, biological or biochemical perm) does not contain components hazardous to the health of the hairline, namely ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid. Its main component, the active substance, is cysteamine hydrochloride, which is similar in structure to the protein that is contained in the structure of the hair. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hairline; after biowaving, the hair retains its natural shine, softness, elasticity.

Biochemical wave

Only strict adherence to the technology of the procedure and the hands of an experienced master can not harm the hair, not violate their structure and not burn them. Sometimes hairdressers recommend girls with damaged hair to combine biochemistry with the procedure of structural hair restoration. Brittle dry hair will not only acquire beautiful curls, but also shine with shine, become soft and docile.

If you are still in thought – is it worth doing a biowave, then here are a few facts in favor of this procedure:

  • Bio curling will radically change your image by adding notes of romance, bohemian luxury, elegance;
  • The procedure will not spoil your hair, and thin lifeless strands will give the missing volume, splendor;
  • Biochemical perm helps to get rid of excess oily hair;
  • You don’t have to do your hair styling every day if you don’t have enough time, you just need to wash your hair, dab it with a towel, apply a balm and leave it to dry without a hairdryer – beautifully laid curls are guaranteed.

How to do bio-curling at home (technology)

How to make a wave at home

Bio curling in beauty salons is an expensive procedure, so some girls have adapted to do it on their own at home. If you want to experiment by making a wave at home, then the first thing to do is choose a quality tool for this. Preference is given to well-known companies, trusted manufacturers. You will need not only a curling composition, but also a shampoo cream, conditioner-equalizer, as well as a neutralizer. All products must be of the same company, no need to mix components from different manufacturers.

Tip: Go to a consultation with an experienced hairdresser. Consult with him about choosing the right product suitable for the structure and condition of your hair. The final result depends on the correct choice of curling means..

To do a biowave at home, use:

  • Chemical agent;
  • Pertussis of the required diameter (if you want to get small curls, use small bobbins, and if you want to have large curls, then you will need large bobbins);
  • Small foam sponges – 2 pcs.;
  • Ware for mixing components glass, plastic or ceramic;
  • Protective gloves for hands;
  • Plastic comb with small teeth;
  • Towel;
  • A hat;
  • Hairdressing Cape.

Biohairing at home

Before starting the procedure, make sure that there is no allergy to one of the components of the product. Apply a small amount of curling agent on your wrist, soak for 10-15 minutes, rinse. With allergies, the skin turns red, irritation occurs. The use of such a composition is prohibited.

Step-by-step technology:

  1. Wash your hair with a special shampoo, which was purchased complete with a perm. Shampoo slightly raises hair cuticles to enhance curling effect..
  2. Blot the strands with a towel, but do not dry thoroughly. They must stay wet..
  3. Comb yourself. Apply a small amount of bio-curling preparation along the entire length.
  4. Divide the hair into several parts: upper occipital, lower occipital, lateral parts, temporal parts.
  5. Alternately tightly wind all the hair into bobbins, pulling the strands, creating tension. Winding must be carried out quickly to achieve a uniform result..
  6. Using a foam sponge, moisten the strands wound around the bobbin with a bio-curl solution. This step is extremely important, you need to wet the locks thoroughly so that fluid drains slightly from the bobbin.
  7. Put on a hairdresser’s hat.
  8. Soak the product for 15-25 minutes. After 7-10 minutes, unwind one strand from the bobbin, check the condition of the curl: does it retain the desired shape, what is its diameter. From these indicators, regulate the further time of the procedure.
  9. As soon as the necessary time is maintained, rinse thoroughly and thoroughly with warm water, without removing the bobbin, the strands should remain wound.
  10. Using a second foam sponge, apply 1/3 of the neutralizer to the wound hair. Keep it 10-15 minutes.
  11. Carefully remove the bobbin. Put the remaining amount of neutralizer on the curls. Stand it for another 5 minutes.
  12. Rinse the substance with curls with warm water.
  13. Apply a special indelible conditioning agent.
  14. Dry your hair naturally.

Biowave completed!

How long does a biowave last?

Result after biological wave

How long the result of the procedure lasts depends on the correct choice of chemical agent, the size of the curls obtained, as well as on the condition and structure of the hair. On average, the effect persists for 3-6 months. It should be noted that with a biochemical curl, a sharp transition between curled curls and regrown hair does not exist. The border is erased, styling looks natural. To always shine with neat curls, it is recommended to do a gentle curl two to three times a year.

Overview of tools and preparations for biowaving

Twisty by RICA

Twisty by RICA

A modern tool for soft curling hair. A unique composition that has no analogues. The ingredients of the product fill the hair structure with silk proteins, natural amino acids based on the plant complex. You get not only beautiful curls, but also well-groomed, healthy hair. Among the components of the drug there is no thioglycolic acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide.

Active ingredients: bamboo extract, wheat protein extract.


ISO preparation

The drug is considered the best-selling curl in the world market. The composition of the product contains an analog of cysteine ​​- ISOamine, a deep substance penetrates the hair structure without raising the cuticle. Due to the absence of weighting moisturizing additives among the components, an excellent result is obtained from texturing hair.

Additional action: the drug performs complex intercellular hair restoration, strengthens the hydrogen compounds inside the hairs.


Italian drug Mossa

An Italian product that is actively used by hairdressers in most beauty salons. A perm with Mossa preparation not only creates beautiful natural curls, but also preserves the natural color of hair, emphasizes its brightness, contrast. The effect of the procedure is comparable with the results of a classical perm.

Additional action: hair gets conditioning effect.

Hair Care After Biohairing

  • During the first 3-5 days after biochemical perm it is recommended to refrain from washing your hair.
  • Staining or highlighting is allowed no earlier than two weeks after biowaving.
  • When combing, do not use massage brushes, otherwise the hair will gain excess pomp, the curls will look sloppy and unstructured. Give preference to ridges with small teeth.
  • When shampooing, use shampoos containing silicone to prevent dry hair.
  • After biowaving, do not forget to use hair masks aimed at restoring damaged curls.

Reviews of biowave

Anastasia: – I work as a hairdresser, I always use Moss biowave and I recommend it to everyone. There have never been any complaints, all clients are satisfied with the result. The effect lasts well, both on long thick hair and on weak hair of medium length.

Alexandra: – And I did not like the biochemical wave at all. It is impossible to comb the hair, they are bristling in different directions. You should only wet your hair, an unpleasant sharp chemical smell starts to come from them. I gave a lot of money, the effect is zero. Considering straightening.

Olga: – I’ve been doing biowaving for 3 three years and I’m happy. My hairstyle always looks beautiful. In the morning, wet my hair with water, apply a little foam and lightly dry it with a hairdryer. Hair does not look drier than before, shine, ends do not split. I cut the ends a little every two months.

Photo selection before and after the procedure

To make the final decision to do or not to do biowave, we suggest you look at the following photo selection.

Biohair Results

How much is the procedure in the salons of Moscow

Prices for biowaving in Moscow salons vary. A professional bio-curling will always be done better than a home-made procedure. In the video below, the wizard shows the sequence of the procedure.

The name of the beauty salon

Price for short hair

Price for medium hair

Price for long hair

Bianca Lux




















Sandler Moscow




Wella Eliza




Paul mitchell








Note: Prices are for reference only and may not be relevant. The actual cost of the service may differ from the price given in the table. For more information, contact the administrators of beauty salons.

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