Hoop for the waist – benefits and contraindications. How to choose a hula hoop and weight loss results with a photo

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For a slender tummy, all means are good. Someone likes to swing the press, someone does different exercises, but the easiest way to indicate becoming slim at home is to train with a hoop for the waist. You need only the circle itself and a few minutes of free time. Does the hoop help make the waist, you will learn further.

Is it useful to twist the hoop at the waist

Women are ready for a lot for a slim figure. Judging by the reviews, strict diets or physical activity help, but also spoil the mood and do not always benefit: who likes to give up their favorite dishes or give all the best to the sweat in the gym. The circle in this case wins 100%. Why is the hoop wound around the waist? Does a hula hoop help remove a stomach? The benefits of the hoop have been proven for a long time: it helps not only to make the waist thinner, but also to get rid of fat deposits from the sides, on the hips. Other effects:

  • Lymph circulation improves.
  • Metabolism normalizes.
  • Body becomes more flexible.
  • Posture becomes straight without extra effort.
  • The respiratory system is training.
  • Stress, fatigue pass.
  • Weight loss without intense training.

Girl with a hoop

Is it possible to lose weight with a hoop

Many girls, having learned about the hoop for weight loss, give up all other activities and healthy eating, believing that it will help them become like models. This is a profound error. Hulahup cannot make you slim unless you yourself want it and make an effort to do so. First you need to take care of the diet. It should be only fresh, healthy food without dyes or other harmful additives. It is necessary to refuse sugar, flour, or limit their consumption.

The second thing you need to do is regularly practice with hula hoops. Yes, classes do not have to be very long, but daily are necessary. Depending on how much you want to lose, so much you have to adhere to this lifestyle. If you achieve your goal, then do not immediately drop everything. It’s easier to keep yourself slim and beautiful than to start all over again..

The girl measures the waist volume with a centimeter

How to twist the hoop

In addition, in order to buy a slimming equipment for yourself, you still need to learn how to twist the hoop, because even such a simple simulator can harm your body. In no case do not start twisting it on an empty or full stomach. The ideal time is an hour after eating. If your goal was to reduce the waist and make your stomach slimmer, then you need to twist the circle, putting your legs together. In this case, the muscles of the press and buttocks are tense. To reduce the hips, legs should be spread shoulder width apart..

How much do you need to twist the hoop

There is no definite indication of how much you need to twist the hoop for weight loss. Everyone chooses the optimal number of minutes for himself. On average, one lesson should not be less than 15 minutes. It is better if you manage to repeat 2 or 3 approaches in a day, then you will achieve the result much faster. Gradually, the load should be increased: add 1-2 minutes every day until you reach half an hour.

Girl twists a hoop in the park

Hoop exercises

After you confidently twist the hula hoop, you can move on to the more complex – to perform various exercises with a hoop at the waist. This will help you move to another level and will even better develop your abdominal and back muscles. Try the following exercises with a hoop for losing weight in the abdomen:

  • Alternate torsion. Starting position – legs together, body extended. Twist the hoop first one way, then the other (alternate 10 times in each direction). Have to help yourself with your hands. Do 5-6 sets.
  • Twist and walk. Start to rotate the hoop around its axis and slowly take steps back and forth (3 steps each). You will immediately notice how the muscles of the legs and back are activated. The effect is not long in coming.
  • Squats This is already more difficult: while spinning the hoop, try a shallow squat without losing balance. Repeat 3 sets of 12 squats.

The benefits for losing weight after such exercises are simply enormous. Try them every time you grab a hoop for your waist. You will not notice how to lose excess weight, get rid of fat folds and become slimmer. After such preparation for a summer vacation, you will want to show all your photos to a swimsuit, and not the most secret.

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