How to color eyebrows correctly with pencil, eye shadow or paint. Makeup and coloring eyebrows at home

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The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and they should have a decent frame – perfect eyebrows. Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, regular shape. The general symmetry and facial expression depends on the color and appearance of the eyebrows. To always be on top, you need to know how to draw eyebrows to achieve the perfect effect..

How to color eyebrows

Independently give the eyebrows the correct shape and learn how to properly tint them, possibly at home. Eyebrow tinting is a laborious process that requires patience and dexterity. Over time, this will be a matter of two minutes. How to make up eyebrows? If this is your first time doing this, use a few simple tips:

  • Before staining, bring the form in order, pluck out the extra hairs, cut too long. Doing this procedure is necessary not before painting, but in a couple of days. So you protect yourself from the penetration of various infections;
  • When choosing a shape, consider the section of the eyes and the depth of their fit, general facial features. The drawn lines should look harmonious and not stand out much;
  • When choosing a pigmentation agent, study its composition, it should be safe, not contain salts of heavy metals, lead and ammonia, not cause allergic reactions;
  • During pregnancy, it is recommended to fail only with a pencil or shadows;
  • If you suffer from frequent eye diseases, the chemical coloring of the eyebrows will not work for you..

There are several techniques for staining – using shadows, pencil or permanent paints. Each shade and shape correction product has its advantages and disadvantages. Persistent staining with chemicals will permanently give color, but can cause redness of the delicate skin near the eyes. Giving the desired shade with a pencil or shadows is absolutely safe, but this procedure must be repeated again every morning.

Girl on wears a brush with eye shadow eyebrow

How to color eyebrows with a pencil

In order to figure out how to draw eyebrows with a pencil, you must first purchase it. It should be moderately solid and suit your color. Using a pencil that is too soft will smear the makeup. Practice drawing a straight line, short strokes. The arc drawn by short fast lines and dots looks beautiful.

How to color with a pencil, a step-by-step lesson for beginners:

  • give the desired shape;
  • make test strokes to find out the required intensity of pressing;
  • eyebrow tinting is done with short strokes from the inner edge of the eye to the outer. To the temple, the line should become thinner and lighter;
  • if the hairs are too light, you will need to tint the skin under them;
  • gently shade and touch up the strokes with your hand.

Following this simple instruction, any woman can easily do eyebrow makeup with a pencil. Pencils of the American brand Mac (Mac) cope very well with the task. They provide beautiful, even lines in natural shades. You can buy them at any cosmetics store at an affordable price. But you can choose a pencil and other well-known companies, such as Avon or Oriflame.

Girl with a mirror in hand paints eyebrows with a pencil

How to color eyebrows

This method of coloring is the simplest and most common. It does not require special training or a lot of money. The main thing is to choose high-quality shadows and a palette suitable in color. Shadows should not crumble, smeared. The advantage is gentle application and no risk of injury to the skin. Step-by-step instructions will help you quickly and accurately make up.

How to make eyebrow shadows – step-by-step guide:

  • pre-make the form;
  • take a stiff brush and a brush. With a brush you will apply a contour, and with a brush a shadow;
  • brush the bottom line for the growth of hairs from beginning to end;
  • shade the growth line;
  • if you want to emphasize the density – apply an additional few strokes in the middle;
  • gently brush the shadows with a brush and comb the hairs
  • use wax if necessary.

A very good choice are the shadows of the company Artdeco (Artdeco). Using decorative cosmetics from this manufacturer is a real pleasure. The affordable cost of production makes it accessible to all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. A huge palette of colors, a variety of sets will help you choose the perfect shadows for your character. Shaded eyebrows look very harmonious.

How to dye eyebrows

Well established in the market paint company Estelle. The most popular colors are black and brown. You can independently figure out how to dye eyebrows with paint, having studied the step-by-step instructions:

  • Prepare the necessary equipment (containers for diluting paint, brushes, napkins, petroleum jelly or baby cream, gloves, a cape on the body, a hair cap);
  • Prepare the periobral zone (rub oily cream or petroleum jelly into the skin);
  • Be sure to read the instructions for using the paint;
  • Conduct a test for the occurrence of allergic reactions, this is a prerequisite for its use;
  • Before use, dilute the paint as indicated in the instructions;
  • Apply a neat line with a stiff brush;
  • Wait 5-30 minutes (it depends on the brand of paint and color intensity) and rinse off the paint.

Eye and Eyebrow Makeup

The better to dye eyebrows

The choice of product and application method depends on your preference. The better it is to color eyebrows, each woman decides for herself. It is most convenient to use paint. The advantage of using it is its durability. You do not need to draw lines every morning, you need to do this once every two weeks. But pencil and shadow fit everyone. When using these tools, there is no risk of mistakenly choosing a color or shape. In case of unsuccessful staining, you can simply wash off the pigment with water.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil

Using a pencil has a number of positive qualities: economy, application without harm to hair, a wide palette of colors. The selection of eyebrow pencils is an important task. It should be safe, moderately soft, suitable in color. The modern beauty industry provides a wide selection of professional cosmetics at affordable prices.

How to choose eyebrow dye

Choosing the right color palette is easy. If you are blonde, choose a tinting agent that will be one or two tones darker than the color of the hair. For brunettes, on the contrary, it is preferable to choose a lighter shade. Gray colors give a natural look, so they fit all categories. How to choose eyebrow dye? Remember, the paint must be environmentally friendly, not cause allergic reactions, be resistant. Trust trusted firms with good reviews.

Eyebrow paint

How to draw eyebrows

Get a beautiful shape, color on your own, without the help of salon services, perhaps by phasing through the process. With simple recommendations, you will learn how to properly shape eyebrows, emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. The choice of shape depends on the shape of the face, the location of the eyes, lips of a woman. The bend should look natural. In order not to capture a mask of surprise on your face for a long time, it is advisable to entrust the choice and shaping to a professional, at least for the first time.

How to make up eyebrows with a pencil

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