How to do depilation of legs, armpits and the intimate zone on your own at home – cosmetic and folk remedies

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Delicate and smooth skin is one of the canons of female beauty. So far, no universal remedy has been found that will help stop the growth of unwanted hairs forever. Depilation at home is the removal of excess hair on the body, including the legs, armpits, intimate area and other areas. There are several methods to combat excessive vegetation, among which you can choose the best for yourself.

What is depilation

The definitions of hair removal and hair removal are often confused, believing that they mean the same thing. If hair removal is the removal of hair from the follicular apparatus with its destruction, then hair removal is the removal of only the visible part of the hair. Hair removal will help remove hair forever, and hair removal is only a temporary measure to eliminate hairline. Depilation techniques are available for conducting them at home, require minimal investment, and therefore remain in demand.

In the beauty salon you will be offered laser hair removal, which allows you to maintain the effect of smooth skin for years. This is an effective way to remove excess hair, but costly. Not everyone will decide to carry out such a cosmetic procedure. You can get rid of unnecessary hair at home. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages..

Tool for depilation at home

The beauty industry offers several ways to eliminate unwanted hair that can be done at home. You can choose a remedy based on your budget, skin reaction and the effectiveness of the sessions. You can use:

  • a razor (ordinary or electric);
  • epilator;
  • depilation creams;
  • waxing;
  • shugaring and other methods.

Depilation cream

For owners of thin hair, chemical depilation creams are perfect. The composition of the product contains substances that dissolve hair proteins. You just have to collect the remains with a plastic spatula. The advantage of using the cream is the lack of stimulation of hair growth. Significant disadvantages include the likelihood of burns and irritations. On sensitive skin, as well as in intimate areas, you should not use these products.

Girl's legs

How to do depilation at home

An ideal way to remove hair at home has not yet been invented. In order to achieve a good result in each case, you should prepare the skin for the procedure. If you treat the skin with a scrub, then the risk of ingrown hair will be reduced. Take a warm bath or shower to soften your skin. The choice of depilation method depends on personal preference. The table shows the main pros and cons of common methods:




longevity, hairs become thinner and weaker



inexpensive way, long-term effect

without experience, the procedure is long and complicated


relative profitability, long-term effect

pain, risk of ingrown hair


On small areas at home, you can use mechanical hair removal with manicure tweezers. Due to pain, duration and tediousness of the procedure, it is not particularly common. When plucking, there is a chance to tear out a hair with a root, so the effect lasts longer than when shaving. Possible problems – skin irritation, increased growth, thickening of hairs.

Sugar Depilation

One of the oldest methods, which has recently become increasingly popular, is depilation with sugar paste at home. The advantage of shugaring is its economy. Even with the help of shugaring, girls with sensitive skin, which reacts painfully to chemical compounds, can remove excess hair. The natural ingredients of the paste are safe, do not cause allergies..

Sugar hair removal is carried out using a special paste that can be prepared at home. To prepare the paste, heat 3 tbsp. l water, do not bring to a boil. Add 4 tbsp. l sugar, mix until it is completely dissolved. At the end, enter into the syrup 1 tsp. lemon juice. Did you smell the caramel? The process of making sugar paste is over, remove it from the stove and let cool. It is recommended to treat the skin with a scrub or special lotions. Apply the solution to the skin, apply a strip of cotton material on top, and then remove it with a sharp movement.

Chemical depilation

Modern manufacturers offer not only chemical creams to get rid of excess vegetation, but also other products with a similar effect: lotions, aerosols, gels and others. Home depilation is carried out with compounds with which all visible hair on the treated area is removed. The process takes a minimum of time, but requires preliminary testing for allergies. Try a small amount of the chemical applied to the bend of the elbow. If there is no redness and irritation, you can act according to the instructions for the tool.

Honey Depilation

Natural honey is often used to remove vegetation without irritation. To prepare the honey mixture you will need 1.5 tbsp. honey and sugar, and the juice of one small lemon. In a steam bath in a container, heat honey and sugar, add lemon juice. After cooling, the paste is applied to the desired area of ​​the skin, smoothed, a strip of natural fabric is placed on top. In one sharp movement they pull the strip. Sugar hair removal is carried out similarly. The procedure is accompanied by a pain effect, redness and swelling may occur within 2 days.

Honey in a jar

Nettle hair removal

Stinging nettle seeds have a devastating effect on the hair bulb. Depilation at home is carried out with plant seeds, mashed and covered with vegetable oil in a ratio of 4:10. The procedure is carried out with oil that has been infused for 2 months. Tincture the skin in a place where you want to remove hair. The process is not accompanied by pain, but the result will not be noticeable immediately. According to reviews, this technique is not always effective..

Hair Removal with Baking Soda

Another popular option for getting rid of hair for home use is with the help of bread soda. The recipe is simple: you need to mix 20 g of soda and 100 ml of olive oil. The resulting composition is wetted with a gauze cloth. It is left on the body for several hours or night. After rinse with water. The procedure can be performed up to 12 times, it is forbidden to apply soda oil on the delicate skin of the face.

Hair Removal Using a Thread

The most budgetary way at home is the way in which the hairs are removed by thread. During the procedure, the hair is removed with the root. The technique is used to achieve smoothness over the upper lip, on the chin and cheeks, for the depilation of eyebrows. Choosing such a method for large areas is not the best solution, since the removal process will have to devote too much time. You need to remove hair by hair growth.


The fastest way is to shave. This popular method treats deep bikini zones, legs, arms and armpit zones. There are several arguments against using a razor:

  • hair grows faster after numerous procedures, becomes thicker and firmer;
  • high probability of irritation;
  • ingrown hairs appear.

Shaving is considered a quick way to get rid of hair. You cannot call the method the cheapest. If you choose a simple disposable machine, then the cost of the procedure is minimal. For the best result, modern multi-blade machines with comfortable handles and lubricating strips are used. Add to this the cost of funds before, during and after shaving, then the price becomes higher than using wax strips or even electrolysis.

Depilation of the bikini zone at home

For such delicate areas of the body as the bikini zone, you should carefully select the method of getting rid of excess hair. Very thin skin near the genitals is often irritated, and products for intimate depilation can cause severe pain. The method should be selected taking into account the reaction of the body to it. There are several home removal methods available..

Tools for depilation of intimate zones

Not every girl decides to go to a salon for hair removal in intimate areas, so most women are looking for funds for home use. Shaving often causes severe irritation, epilator creams can harm sensitive skin, folk remedies are not very effective, so many people prefer to treat areas with sugar paste or a wax composition. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, it is better to give preference to shugaring.

Girl with a flower

Types of depilation of the bikini zone

There are dozens of ways to remove excess vegetation in intimate areas, most of which are available for use at home. If the razor, epilator and depilation cream do not require special skills, then for the shugaring and wax method, some skills will be needed. Depilation at home can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. Lubricate the skin with a soothing cream after the procedure, peel several times a week to reduce the risk of unpleasant consequences.

How do depilation in intimate places

The pubis, external genitalia and perineum are the intimate area. Experts recommend carefully preparing the bikini area for the procedure. You will need a special scrub, which contains salicylic or glycolic acid. With it, you will clean your pores at home, soften the follicles, reducing the pain of the procedure. Then thoroughly blot the area with a soft towel and proceed with the chosen method of hair removal.

Depilation of the intimate zone at home with wax

One of the effective methods for solving the problem of excess vegetation in sensitive areas is wax depilation. The result lasts up to 4 weeks. To reduce the risk of discomfort, waxing should be done after preparation. Peel the skin, which will increase its elasticity and eliminate coarsened particles. You can remove hairs with cold or hot wax. The cold method involves the use of ready-made wax strips. They need to be warmed up in hands, applied to a site with excess vegetation and disrupted with a sharp movement.

When working with hot wax, you need a spatula, fabric strips. Apply a thin layer of wax to the skin, the strip is smoothed in the direction of hair growth, and then breaks off in the opposite direction. It remains to get rid of the remnants of the wax with warm water. The result of the procedure lasts for a long time, with time the hairs become lighter and thinner, but the pain of the procedure and irritation after it are disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Correctly calculate the temperature – too hot wax can cause burns.

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