How to find out your weight without weights – the formula for calculating normal or excess in age and height

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How to find out your weight without weights – formula for calculating body weight by age and height

How to calculate weight

People have an optimal body weight at the age of 18. Over the years, we are recovering a little, and this process is quite normal. To understand if the weight is normal, you need to calculate the optimal body weight, taking into account other parameters.

In an effort to say goodbye to extra pounds, it is important to correctly calculate the rate of weight, and not be equal to girls of model appearance. Each person has his own body structure, so the mass must be calculated individually. The most common way is to determine this parameter from the ratio of height and age of a person.

For this, the following weight calculation formula is used: 50 + 0.75 (P – 150) + (B – 20): 4 = body mass index, where P is the height and B is the age.

The option, how to find out your optimal weight without weights, is not suitable for nursing mothers, pregnant women, athletes, people under 18 years old and over 65 years old. Weight fluctuations are normal for them. There are tables by which you can find out the optimal number of kilograms for women and men of any age..

The girl measures the waist volume with a centimeter

How to determine weight without weights

To find out the weight without weights at home, you can use the Brock formula: men take away the figure 100 from centimeters, women 110, and the difference is multiplied by 1.15. The result obtained is the average weight that will be optimal for you. To calculate your weight in other ways, you will need a centimeter tape, a bathtub and a little knowledge of physics.

On the wrist

There is a relationship between losing weight and limb size. Their volume decreases immediately with decreasing weight, so you can find out and determine the weight by the wrist. To do this, try to wrap it around the thumb and forefinger. If they close, you are an asthenic – a person with a normal, slender figure. In this case, the number of kilograms can be calculated using this method: calculate 10% of the growth in centimeters and subtract the resulting number from the last two digits of the growth parameter.

If the fingers on the wrist do not close, you are a hypersthenic – a person suffering from obesity. You can measure and find out the approximate number of kilograms as follows: calculate 10% from growth in centimeters, add the resulting number to the last two digits.Woman wraps one wrist in the other hand

By waist

If you are interested in how to weigh without weights, try to find out the weight by the waist: you will only need a regular centimeter tape. She needs to measure the volume of her waist at a distance of about two centimeters above the navel, then subtract from this figure 5. The resulting figure is the approximate body weight in kilograms.

The girl measures the waist volume with a centimeter

According to the law of Archimedes

Try one of the exact, but time-consuming methods – to calculate the weight according to the law of Archimedes. There is no need to weigh or measure anything for this procedure. You will need a large container in which you can fit, for example, a bath. It must be filled with water, completely immersed, make a mark. Next, you need to take a regular liter jar and fill the bath with water to mark it. Calculate how many liters of water were added – their amount will be equal to your weight in kilograms.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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