How to lose weight with activated charcoal: recipes and reviews

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Your methods of losing weight have been exhausted, and now you want to lose weight with activated carbon? Then join, today we’ll just sort through this method of losing weight.

Is it realistic to lose weight with one activated carbon

Speaking about the coal diet, most online sources imply the absence of any diet. Women who allegedly lost weight in this way write about their quick results and incredible numbers of kilograms dropped. As if losing weight in this way can easily afford to get rid of extra pounds by lying on the sofa, eating pies and eating them charcoal. And their excess weight literally evaporates from the body in a miraculous way.

The most unpleasant thing in this bike about losing weight is that someone believes in it. In reality, weight loss with activated carbon is only possible in combination with fasting days or special diets..

Another stone in the garden of a coal diet is the mythical harmlessness of this method. Coal is an effective remedy for various types of poisoning. It perfectly removes toxins from the body. And many, due to these prejudices, believe that this method of losing weight is absolutely harmless to the body..

is it possible to lose weight with activated carbon?

Stop! An important point is missed here – when using the drug, not only negative substances are excreted from the body, but also useful trace elements along with them. As a result, the load on the immune system increases, and without proper measures, the body can go into a painful state. And if you take into account that when taking the drug for more than 10 days, the body develops inflammation of the intestinal walls and stomach – their uncontrolled use poses a serious threat to human health.

In addition, many women forget about existing contraindications, for example, with peptic ulcer, colitis, stomach bleeding, liver disease, and so on. In addition, activated carbon also has side effects in the form of stool disorders, problems with the absorption of vitamins and hormones. Therefore, do not abuse these black pills..

Coal Weight Loss Reviews and Opinions

Losing weight women say that when you use coal for one week, you can easily get rid of 4-5 kg ​​of weight. Some ladies raise the bar to 20 kg. If you take into account the information above, such a result can be achieved only through fasting or severe diarrhea, which is unlikely to please your body. But usually on diet sites, these points are left out.

The opinion of specialists in this regard is also unambiguous and very categorical. Do not use drugs in horse doses, simply because some star’s blog says about the miracles of coal. Even with all due respect to the person of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, today to create a site using the name of some famous person, anyone can do. And you can write on it, anything. Just believing such false ideas is hardly worth it.

And yet, if you use the drug in moderate doses, combining it with some kind of sparing diet – to lose weight is absolutely real. However, the duration of coal intake should be short-term and only for the purpose of cleansing the intestines. Further, a sparing diet can continue, but without taking the medication.

How to lose weight

Here are some real ways to lose weight with coal, which can really lead you to the desired result, if used wisely..

3 day diet + activated carbon

Nutritionists agree that in this case, it is better to take 3-day diets as the basis, consisting of products that contribute to increased peristalsis. And to these products you need to add 1 tablet of coal for each meal. You need to drink them 30 minutes before eating. Repeat this weight loss technique is recommended at least after 2-3 weeks (depending on health).

Activated carbon

Conventional nutrition + coal

This method is of folk origin, and its effectiveness has not been proven. Before you assign yourself such a course, it is advisable to consult a doctor. In any case, with this diet you will not lose weight too much. Take 2 tablets 1 hour before breakfast, that is, on an empty stomach. The course should not last more than 10 days. A side effect is diarrhea. On the one hand, it will cleanse the body of toxins. But with severe diarrhea, causing discomfort – refuse to take black pills.

Severe starvation

Here you will have to completely abandon food, and only drink water in the bite of coal. But any sane person, not to mention experts and scientists, will tell you that such a diet will cripple your body. There may be irreversible consequences from such starvation, especially if you exercise it for more than 3 days.

Highly effective 3-day diet

The first day you drink only kefir. Before using kefir, take 1 tablet of coal in 30 minutes, washing it down with water. If you find it difficult to sit on one kefir, add boiled or baked potatoes.

The second day – apples. You can take any varieties, but if you have a peptic ulcer, you can not eat acidic fruits. For gastritis, refrain from sweet apples. If you have kidney problems, you need to bake the fruit. Take the tablets according to the same instructions..

The third day is vegetables. For the strongest effect, it is better to choose one vegetable and use only it all day. If this is difficult for you, make a salad or steamed vegetables. Remember to drink coal 30 minutes before meals.

Attention! No spices, especially exclude salt and pepper – they are very appetizing.

What to do after diets to save weight

So that the coal diet or fasting days do not have negative consequences, take a break of two weeks between courses. In no case do not take coal for more than 10 days! Even if you tolerate a diet very easily. At the end of the course, drink vitamins to restore the immune system.

After any diet, sharply reduce the amount of salt and pepper consumed. Prefer natural low-fat foods, cut back on pastries and sweets. Do sports, dancing or yoga. If you are losing weight more than 3-5 kg, at first it is better to go to the pool to tone the skin.

In any case, diets should not be abused. But playing sports and not overeating is a sure way out of the problem associated with being overweight. Be healthy, slim and beautiful!

In this video you can find out the whole truth about weight loss with activated carbon.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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