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Overweight people are constantly looking for a quick way to lose weight. They are ready for dangerous experiments, using any means to reduce body weight. There are ways when potassium permanganate is used for weight loss. Opinions regarding this method differ, so you should clearly understand how to use this substance. Not just because it was removed from free sale, because with the help of potassium permanganate you can both help your body and harm it.

What is useful potassium permanganate

Girl lost weight with potassium permanganate

The substance potassium permanganate is used for a variety of purposes, and losing weight is far from the first. Widespread use is associated with low cost, good efficiency and natural origin. In various dosages, potassium permanganate is used for:

  • burn treatment;
  • washing the wounds;
  • gastrointestinal disinfection;
  • cleansing the stomach in case of poisoning;
  • lubrication of ulcerative surfaces;
  • douching in urological and gynecological diseases.

The useful properties of potassium permanganate for weight loss are used in two ways: cleansing the stomach with the help of provoking a vomiting reflex and as an additive for a cleansing enema. Both options have a severe effect on the body, so you need to be careful in the dosages and frequency of use of these procedures, otherwise potassium permanganate will harm your body.

Can I drink potassium permanganate with weight loss

For a long time there was an opinion that potassium permanganate should be drunk to cause weight loss. This is absolutely wrong, because the solution itself does not have a beneficial effect to speed up metabolism or break down fat deposits. The only reason to drink potassium permanganate is to induce vomiting after eating. Use this effect from a solution to cleanse the stomach during poisoning. If after taking potassium permanganate you do not provoke vomiting, the substance will leave chemical burns on the walls of the stomach due to a reaction with gastric juice.

Potassium permanganate for weight loss

How to induce vomiting at home

Among women, a method of weight loss by inducing vomiting is common. Why do girls use such an unpleasant way? The fact is that this allows you to eat as much and anything, you just need to provoke nausea. True, this will not allow to reduce weight, but only to keep the existing one at the same level. This method will certainly have consequences if you resort to it often. There are several ways to induce vomiting:

  • drink a solution of warm potassium permanganate 2 l in 10 minutes;
  • dissolve 1 teaspoon of toothpaste in warm water and drink;
  • make tea and drink 1 cup, then press on the root of the tongue;
  • dissolve a little laundry soap in a glass of water and drink.

Initially, potassium permanganate to induce vomiting was used to cleanse the stomach and intestines in case of poisoning. Its use for weight loss was born out of the desire of girls to have a beautiful, slim body, without refusing to enjoy a tasty meal. All the same, to create a beautiful figure, you need to play sports and work on yourself, always monitor what you eat, follow a healthy diet. Then, you may not have to resort to potassium permanganate.

How to do a cleansing enema for weight loss

An enema should be used to mechanically cleanse the intestines from stagnant feces. The procedure also irritates (stimulates) the intestinal muscles, causing them to work more actively. All this has the effect of weight loss, which is associated with the removal of intestinal contents. The enema solution consists of warm water and an additional substance, for example, salt or preparations with manganese. To make a cleansing enema you need:

  1. Buy Esmarch’s mug.
  2. Pour 1-2 liters of water solution with potassium permanganate at room temperature.
  3. Lie on your side, bend one leg at the knee and pull to the chest.
  4. Place the mug vertically, carefully inserting the tube into the anus.
  5. During transfusion of fluid into the intestine, it is necessary to draw in the stomach or perform a circular massage.
  6. When Esmarch’s mug is empty, you must lie on your right side for 7 minutes.
  7. You should only go to the toilet when it will be impossible to endure..
  8. After the procedure, you should not be active, it is better to relax in bed for an hour or two.

Girl holds an enema with potassium permanganate

Cleansing enemas are useful for our body in strictly dosed quantities. In addition to helping to get rid of stagnant feces, microflora (beneficial bacteria) are washed out, which does not help the human body at all. Subject to a diet, 1-3 procedures per day are allowed. If you don’t adhere to a special diet, then use the method no more than 1-2 times a month.

Are there any side effects and contraindications

Gastric lavage with potassium permanganate and cleansing enemas based on it are aggressive methods of weight loss. Incorrect dosages, concomitant diseases can have the exact opposite effect from the expected. Because of this, there are certain contraindications for the use of potassium permanganate. It is forbidden to use potassium permanganate to those who have been poisoned by this substance or have personal intolerance to pregnant women. Contraindications for the use of enemas:

  • in the presence of abdominal pain of an indefinite nature;
  • with hemorrhoids, tumors of the rectum, intestinal or gastric bleeding;
  • acute inflammatory diseases of the anus.

The use of potassium permanganate solution for young children is allowed only after agreement with the attending physician and its approval. Side effects from potassium permanganate appear only in people who initially could not use it or with improper preparation of the solution. As a rule, it should be slightly pinkish in color. Side effects from potassium permanganate appear in the form of:

  • an allergic reaction;
  • chemical burns;
  • swelling;
  • vomiting
  • anaphylactic shock;
  • painful sensations;
  • discoloration of the mucous membranes.

Potassium Permanganate

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Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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