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Almost all newly minted mothers after childbirth are worried about the problem of how to lose weight during breastfeeding. This topic is very important, because today there is a stereotype that during lactation it is impossible to get rid of excess weight so that milk is not lost. This can be done and even necessary, because extra pounds are harmful to health. The main thing is to approach this issue with all seriousness, because the state of the baby depends on the mother. You will learn more about how to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother from the recommendations below.

Breastfeeding Weight Loss

Over the entire period of pregnancy, a woman can recover on average about 10-12 kg. Losses immediately after birth are about 5 kg. The remaining deposits remain in motionless places – chest, buttocks, hips, abdomen. Most mummies do not lose weight with HS, because they try to eat for two, justifying it with the fact that the amount of milk will increase this way. This opinion is erroneous. The caloric value of food during breastfeeding should not exceed the normal level for any of the other periods of life.

Why doesn’t the weight go to the GV?

Weight gain during breastfeeding is often due to misinformation of young mothers. There is a belief that they need to rest more, sleep, eat a lot, so that milk is produced in the right amount. This is the main reason. The fact that you continue to get fat can be a consequence of:

  1. Genetic predisposition, malnutrition, slow metabolism.
  2. Hormonal disorders caused by birth control before pregnancy, diabetes, or IVF.
  3. Lack of natural feeding.

Can I lose weight while breastfeeding

If you set out to lose weight while breastfeeding, then you can do it by observing the basic rules regarding food, daily routine. Difficulties can arise with lack of sleep, which also affects weight loss. In addition, some women experience depression after childbirth, which they often get stuck with – it is difficult to cope with emotional hunger.

A high need for glucose makes you overeat, and the diet often consists of fast carbohydrates in the form of sweets, pastries, bakery products. All these factors add up to one, because of which a woman is given difficult weight loss during breastfeeding. If you properly think through your diet, paint the daily routine, include some physical exercises, then the process of weight loss will not be so difficult.

Girl with a baby

Breastfeeding Diet

The main way to lose weight while breastfeeding is a diet. You do not need to eat fatty foods in kilograms, hoping to increase the fat content of milk. During this period, it is important not so much its quantity as the quality, which depends on the products used. Diet for hepatitis B is not starvation or a mono-diet. Nutrition should be balanced and varied. Exclude from the diet the following:

  • semi-finished products;
  • sausage;
  • greasy and fried;
  • chips;
  • sweets;
  • pastries;
  • seasonings;
  • coffee;
  • alcohol;
  • sugar;
  • sweet drinks, soda.

It turns out that the diet during breastfeeding should not include the same products that are forbidden for weight loss in normal periods of life. Instead of junk food you need to eat more:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • low-fat varieties of meat and fish;
  • dairy products;
  • cereals, especially buckwheat and rice;
  • eggs
  • whole wheat bread;
  • durum wheat pasta;
  • seafood;
  • legumes;
  • dried fruits in small quantities.

Calorie nutrition of a nursing mother

On average, about 300 kcal is spent from the body’s own fat reserves for milk production, but another 500 kcal is needed, which is already taken from food. The calorie content of the diet of a nursing mother is from 2200 to 3000 kcal, depending on physical activity and the amount of excess weight. If there is a lot of it, then you should stick to the lower border to create a small calorie deficit. You can’t starve at all, because it will affect the health of mom and baby.

Girl with a baby and an apple

Proper nutrition for breastfeeding for weight loss

The best diet for young mothers is considered proper nutrition for weight loss with HB. The menu should include products listed as allowed above. Proper nutrition is not only a change in diet, but also the rules of consumption. The number of meals should vary from 4 to 6 – 3 of them will be main, and the remaining – snacks. A glass of kefir or natural yogurt will help to reduce appetite. In general, the diet should be enriched:

  1. Fats. They help not to get tired and normalize the work of the nervous system. But fats can be different. Animal origin and those found in baked goods and sweets will not work. Better to consume vegetable fats from olive oil.
  2. Carbohydrates. They are also necessary. The diet should include only slow carbohydrates from cereals or those found in fruits and berries.
  3. Squirrels. This is cottage cheese, fish, lean meat, eggs, mainly in the form of proteins. Proteins accelerate metabolism, help build muscle tissue.

Postpartum Weight Loss Exercises for Lactating Mom

Although the regimen of the day after the birth of the baby is already very saturated, some exercises for nursing mothers to lose weight will still not be superfluous. The main thing is that the loads are moderate and not aerobic. After cesarean section, they can be administered only after two months. It’s worth starting not with intensive fitness training, but with gentle gymnastics, gradually adding new exercises. Of the simplest for home conditions, the following stand out:

  • on the press – classic twisting or raising straight legs, plank;
  • for the chest – push-ups in the amount of 10-15 times and 2-3 approaches are suitable;
  • for buttocks and hips – squats, lunges, swings to the sides, static exercise “stool” near the wall.

Breastfeeding Diet Pills

Any medicines, for example, Turboslim, Li Yes, Reduxin are strictly prohibited during breastfeeding, because their active substances accumulate in milk and adversely affect the health of the baby. Some drugs may even block your baby’s absorption of fats and carbohydrates. This leads to mental disorders, poor health, and other negative consequences..

Diet Pills Li Yes

Breastfeeding Wrap

In addition to the problem of overweight, many women with breastfeeding are also worried about the skin condition. Cellulite can appear from a sudden mass gain and fluid retention. Get rid of it and tighten the skin will help wrap for weight loss during breastfeeding. As a cosmetic product for the procedure, you can use natural products. The best option is honey. It helps break down fats and increase skin tone..

The wrap must be cold. Hot while breastfeeding can not be done. The procedure is suitable only for the thighs and abdomen, you can not act on the chest. The wrapping is carried out as follows:

  • gently spread liquid honey over the problem area;
  • wrap with several layers of cling film;
  • put on something warm;
  • after 60-90 minutes, rinse with warm water, wipe dry, grease with moisturizer.

How to quickly lose weight to a nursing mother

If you are interested in how to lose weight quickly after giving birth while feeding your baby, the answer is very simple. Do not rely on miracle pills or wraps alone. Medicines during this period can not be used, and cosmetic procedures only improve the effect. The main condition for losing weight to a nursing mother is to combine the correct balanced diet with a rational regime of stress and rest. The higher the mobility, the greater the calorie expenditure, and wholesome foods while breastfeeding only help to replenish energy costs.

How not to get better with breastfeeding

If we summarize the above methods, how to lose weight during lactation, then this will be the answer to the question of how not to get better with breastfeeding. To avoid gaining extra pounds, you need to:

  1. Think over your diet by eliminating harmful foods and adding healthy ones. The optimal diet for weight loss while breastfeeding is proper nutrition.
  2. Move. Even wiping the baby with a napkin is best replaced by washing in the bathroom. A mobile lifestyle helps you lose weight faster even while breastfeeding..
  3. Try to get enough sleep if possible. This applies not only to the night. In the afternoon you can lie down with the baby. So you yourself will rest, and the child will often feel closeness with mom.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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