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The desire to look slim and attractive makes women make innovative decisions. Birth control pills for weight loss are increasingly being used as a hormone to help keep weight under control and not get better. However, doctors dissuade: it is impossible to lose weight with the help of hormones, this phenomenon is considered only a side effect of taking oral contraceptives.

What are birth control pills?

Like any medication, birth control pills are medications that help inhibit ovulation and interfere with the fertilization process. It is recommended to take such pills strictly according to the prescription of a doctor who objectively assesses the state of health, takes into account all contraindications and writes out the correct prescription. Women should choose hormones for weight loss so as not to harm the body. The following OK groups are distinguished:

  • Combined, containing synthesized hormone male progestin and female estrogen;
  • Mini-drinks, including only progestin;
  • Emergency contraception drugs (postcoital drugs), consisting of levonorgestrel.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills and weight loss

By their biochemical structure, drugs do not belong to fat burners and diuretics, their effect does not include weight loss. When wondering whether it is possible to drink birth control pills for weight loss, women find a positive answer. Proper use of OK helps not to gain weight, but inappropriate medications, on the contrary, will lead to significant weight gain.

The connection between birth control pills and weight loss is explained by the ability of oral contraceptives to accurately influence hormonal levels, causing an appropriate reaction of the body. They help a woman not get better if they are identical to the individual cell structure. Only a gynecologist is able to choose effective contraceptives for weight loss after the patient has passed a number of tests, examination and evaluation of other circumstances.

Can I lose weight from birth control pills?

It is strictly forbidden to consider hormonal drugs for weight loss, ignoring their direct purpose. Acceptance of contraception is performed according to a given scheme, in the required dosage, indicated by a specialist. Birth control pills to reduce weight create a balance of hormones in the reproductive system, increase the efficiency of organs, which leads to the natural burning of body fat. In addition, they contribute to the removal of edema. An important condition is the compliance of the selected birth control pills for weight loss with individual characteristics of the body..

Girl and pills

What birth control pills lose weight

Modern birth control pills with the effect of losing weight are produced using the latest technology, taking into account the differences in the health status of different women. This property ensures the safe use of contraception, protecting against unwanted pregnancy, reducing the likelihood of getting fat. Birth control pills for weight loss act as a pleasant side effect that allows you to not get fat. The following medications contribute to the restoration of the hormonal background and the normalization of weight indicators:

1. Low-dose drugs intended for adult women (Triziston, Janine);

2. Microdosage for girls who have just begun sexual relations with a partner (Logest, Lindinet, Mercilon);

3. One-component mini-pills – universal pills, recommended for irregular sexual activities.

Slimming hormones

The key task of hormones is the regulation of internal chemical processes. The formation of excess mass is often associated with a lack or overdose of specific elements. Regularly monitor the activity of the thyroid gland, which means maintaining your body in order and not getting fat. Hormones for weight loss are an auxiliary way to deal with hated kilograms, you need to drink them strictly as prescribed by your doctor and if there are indications. There are eight substances that can affect the metabolism:

  • Growth hormone (growth hormone);
  • insulin;
  • endorphins;
  • estrogen;
  • testosterone;
  • adrenalin;
  • thyroxine;
  • glucagon.

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What hormone pills help you lose weight?

The use of medications, including hormonal diet pills, is important when excess weight is a consequence of a decrease in thyroid function. Treatment of the endocrine system is carried out by components consisting of thyroxine or triiodothyronine. Birth control pills to lose weight, like all hormones, drink strictly according to the prescription of a doctor who specializes in their field. Subject to dosage and dosage regimen, normalization of body weight occurs. Below is a list with the names of hormonal drugs that help not to gain kilograms.

  • L-thyroxine,
  • Levothyroxine,
  • Iodtirox,
  • Novotiral,
  • Metformin,
  • Thyroidin.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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