Effective pills for fleas or ticks – a review of drugs, time and principle of action, prices

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If a four-legged friend unexpectedly gets fleas for the breeder, urgently need to buy tick tick tablets for dogs, for example, Bravecto or another drug, and use them strictly according to the instructions in the package. Such pills will protect the pet not only from itching and skin irritation, but also from internal infection. Choosing effective tick tick preparations for dogs, you must first obtain the support of a veterinarian. The assortment of this kind of “pharmacological products” is wide, so that without an effective treatment the pet will not remain.

What are dog tick pills

This is a productive deliverance of pets from pathogenic microorganisms, in which the action of the active components of the tablets is aimed at destroying the pathogenic flora, preventing the spread of parasite intoxication products through the blood. It is possible to treat in this way not only adult dogs, but also puppies. Delicious tablets with different flavors are available, they are apparently disguised as a portioned dog food. Such safe treatment gives a positive result, while the risk of side effects in the form of allergies or contraindications is minimal.

Cons and pros

Before buying pills for fleas and ticks for dogs, you need to not only carefully read the detailed instructions, but also to study all the advantages of this purpose. For example, many dog ​​owners opt for collars, which repel harmful fleas with their smell. To understand the benefits of tasty chewable tablets for fleas and ticks, you need to remember that they should be taken orally.

After the pet has consumed the pill, its active components penetrate the stomach, and then into the bloodstream and spread through the systemic circulation. With tick bites or a flea infection, general intoxication does not occur. Such a pest drinks blood already infected with the medicine, after which it soon dies. The advantage is not only the death of fleas, but also the fact that the waste products of parasites and their toxins do not penetrate the blood, do not poison the body.

When buying effective dog tick remedies, it is important to remember the significant disadvantages of such a conservative treatment. The main disadvantages of taking chewable tablets after infection with fleas are as follows:

  • medical contraindications for newborn puppies;
  • individual intolerance by the animal organism of synthetic components;
  • the risk of drug interaction with complex therapy;
  • improperly selected doses, the risk of overdose;
  • the likelihood of a lack of positive dynamics in the treatment of dogs.

The dog is given a pill

Effective pills for fleas or ticks

Before ordering an effective medicine for your pet’s health, you need to consult an individual veterinarian individually and choose the right medicine. The dosage for pets is also important, but is determined primarily by the weight of the animal affected by the invasion of fleas. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the health of your fourth friend. Modern experts recommend the use of the following drugs inside.


This is a combination product manufactured in Austria or the Netherlands, which is available in the form of chewable tablets of 1 pc. in a blister. It is prescribed to dogs for the prevention and treatment of aphanipterosis, allergic dermatitis. Bravecto tablets are indicated to be taken in a full course, and if necessary, after 12 weeks, repeat intensive therapy.

Operating principle

The active ingredient is fluralaner, which is ideal for any breed. The main thing is to observe daily doses, otherwise symptoms of intoxication appear in the body of the animal. The principle of action is as follows: the active component of Bravecto enters the bloodstream, has a systemic effect on microbes. After being bitten by fleas of an allergic origin, the pest receives a dose of the medicine and dies. The animal can walk, and parasites will die on the pet’s hair.

Instructions for use

This is an effective remedy for dangerous diseases of an infectious nature, which can be freely purchased in the online store. Reviews of veterinarians are positive, fleas and ticks die at the very beginning of the course. The age of the dogs is not limited, but the daily dose of Bravecto depends on the weight of the animal. Here’s how to use the tablets, given the components of the drug:

  • 2-4.5 kg – dose of 112.5 mg;
  • 4.5-10kg – dose of 250 mg;
  • 10-20kg – dose of 500 mg;
  • 20-40kg – dose of 1 g;
  • 40-56 kg – dose 1, 4 g.

Bravecto Chewable Tablets

Side effects and contraindications

Due to hazardous substances of synthetic origin, tick tablets, fleas for dogs can worsen the general condition of a pet. Among the side effects vomiting, diarrhea, increased salivation, lack of appetite are not excluded. The use of Bravecto tablets is not recommended for pets less than 2 kg by weight, nursing dogs.

Front Line Neksgard

These are tablets of the French manufacturer, which are packaged in 1 pc. in blisters. Nexgard is fast. The active component – afoxolaner, penetrates the blood, for fleas and ticks is a toxic substance. To enhance the desired effect, you can use a spray or drops on the withers. The medication itself is not toxic, so it does not cause harm to a sick animal. Side effects occur extremely rarely, but there are contraindications. For example, it is better not to give this medicine to nursing dogs and puppies, for the remaining dogs the daily dose is presented below:

  • 4 kg – 11.3 mg;
  • up to 10 kg – 28.3 mg;
  • up to 25 kg – 68 mg;
  • up to 50 kg – 136 mg;
  • more than 50 kg – individually.

The drug Comfortis

These are effective tablets made in England, which are packaged in blisters of 6 pieces. The medicine is equally suitable for large and small breeds of dogs; adding the remedy is allowed in food or other delicacies of the animal. Insects die 2 hours after taking a single dose, but the prescribed course must be completed. Doctors only for additional treatment of animals to accelerate the healing process, getting rid of pathogenic flora.

Spinosad is an active component that enters the bloodstream and poisons ticks. The dog will calmly tolerate such treatment, the risk of re-infection is minimal. Oral administration of drugs allows you to bathe your dog, take walks without fear of infection risks. Such official treatment, if necessary, can be repeated after a couple of weeks, but it is better not to be limited to taking pills. It is not forbidden to use such pills against ticks for pregnant women, but it is better for puppies to choose Front Line effectiveness.

The drug Comfortis in the package

How to choose the right tool

After infection with pyroplasmosis, treatment must be started on time. It is pointless to bathe a dog, since ticks are excreted exclusively by potent drugs. An effective treatment for pyroplasmosis is supplemented by taking pills, using external agents that repel parasites. The official scheme of intensive care is determined by the veterinarian; when choosing a medicine for a dog, he operates with the following rules:

  1. Structure. For the successful treatment of ixodic, subcutaneous ticks, tablets with a gentle chemical composition, but with a destructive effect on pathogenic microorganisms, must be used. When using oral agents, feed intake is quietly transformed into an effective treatment.
  2. Taste. The medicine should have a pleasant taste and aroma, otherwise the dog will refuse to accept it voluntarily. The number of repeated treatments and the resumption of intensive care is not excluded a couple of months after the completion of the first course.
  3. The weight of the animal. This applies to more small breeds, which the wrong dose of tablets can only do harm. Dogs weighing less than 2 kg are required to select a dosage individually, thereby reducing the risk of intoxication. Otherwise, side effects in the form of unpleasant digestion reactions of the dog are not excluded..
  4. Prevention Individual preparations can be used during the tick season to protect the pet from extremely undesirable infection with ixodic, subcutaneous ticks. In the catalogs of veterinary pharmacies, there are always safe prophylactic agents..


The cost of these pills for dogs varies depending on the manufacturer. Prices of domestic products are much lower, while prices of French products are not available to all dog breeders. Below is a table that helps pet owners assess their financial ability when choosing tick pills.

Drug name

Price, rubles





Front Line Neksgard

7 00

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