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Coloring eyebrows and eyelashes implies the fulfillment of certain rules, the most important of which is for the hairs to look as natural as possible, for the procedure you need to correctly select the color. For tinting, there are many means, including special paint. Among domestic manufacturers of cosmetic products, the Rokolor company, which is engaged in the production of paint for eyebrows and eyelashes, has established itself well. Products under the Rokolor brand compete with foreign counterparts.

Advantages of Rocolor Eyebrow and Eyelash

After the decision to tint, the stage of choosing the manufacturer and the color of the paint follows. The optimal combination of low cost and high quality guarantees eyebrow and eyelash dye Rocolor. Cosmetics are specifically designed for non-professional use. Proof of the positive results are reviews of Rocolor paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. The main advantages of the brand:

  1. Hypoallergenicity. Coloring agent for eyelashes and eyebrows is suitable even for owners of hypersensitive or prone to allergic skin reactions. The product does not include resorcinol or hydrogen peroxide, which completely eliminates the possibility of irritation.
  2. Profitability. One package is enough for 10-15 procedures. So, the paint will be able to be used throughout the year, which significantly saves the budget, making trips to the salon unnecessary.
  3. Thick consistency. Due to this, the liquid does not spread and does not leave dark spots on the skin.
  4. The long result. Colored eyelashes or eyebrows hold color perfectly for 2-3 weeks.

Eyebrows before and after painting

Rocolor paint colors

If nature has rewarded you with bright black eyelashes and eyebrows, you are a rare lucky girl; otherwise, you have to systematically tint and highlight them with cosmetics. This problem is always relevant for light blond and red-haired girls, although women with dark hair also often change their image, including hair color. Then you have to dye cilia and eyebrows.

Eyebrow color: palette

Rokolor offers a palette consisting of 2 primary colors: black and brown. Depending on how saturated the tone you want to see, it is worth reducing or increasing the exposure time of the paint on the hairs. For example, if a girl has blond hair and skin, she will have a light brown tone to her face, for this, Rokolor brown eyebrow paint is suitable, which must be left on the hairs for no longer than 10 minutes. For dark, dark-skinned women, the time for staining with black paint should be extended to 20-25 minutes.

Instructions for use Rocolor paint

If a girl prefers a gentle, but at the same time effective dyeing of eyelashes or eyebrows, then Rocolor will be an ideal solution. Paint is not difficult to purchase in any specialized store for a low cost (about 80-100 rubles). However, to carry out the procedure at home, you need to have a little experience, so the first few stains are best done in the salon.

How to paint

The color for eyebrows and eyelashes of Rocolor is not difficult to breed: for this, in a measuring cup (it is included), you need to mix 2.5 ml of oxidant, and such a quantity of paint that the liquid reaches the level of 7.5 ml. The mass is thoroughly stirred until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. When cooking or staining, do not use metal objects. For tinting, use exclusively freshly prepared mixture..

Contents of the box Rocolor for eyebrows, eyelashes

How to apply

If the procedure for staining eyebrows or eyelashes will be carried out at home, then you must follow the instructions:

  1. We carry out an allergic reaction test: for this, we dilute a little mixture and cover it with the back of the hand (or elbow). We are waiting for 20-30 minutes: if during the procedure no unpleasant sensations arose, for example, itching or burning, then it is allowed to use this paint.
  2. Remove makeup, degrease dyed hairs.
  3. We cover the area around the eyebrows or eyelashes with oily face cream, avoiding the hairs themselves.
  4. We dilute the mixture as described above, apply it to the hairs with a special brush. We color according to hair growth, and the first layer should be applied with something thin like a match, and the second with a brush.
  5. Soak for 15-20 minutes and rinse with running warm water without cosmetics.

Rokolor step-by-step application of paint


There is a list of contraindications for the use of the coloring agent “Rocolor”. These include:

  • Individual intolerance to substances contained in paint.
  • Infectious eye diseases (blepharitis, conjunctivitis).
  • Bruises, mechanical damage to eyes or skin around them.
  • Eyeball or eyelid irritation.

Modern cosmetics are able to give your eyelashes, eyebrows the maximum effect and attractiveness. The staining procedure is not complicated, there is enough palette to choose the best color for yourself, and the result provides an excellent appearance for a long time. If you choose a quality product, do not suffer from any of the list of contraindications, then the procedure will not cause harm. Spending it a couple of times a month, you’ll be able to abandon the daily makeup application, getting beautiful, expressive eyebrows.

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