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Living conditions, nutritional oversight, poor quality of food, lack of nutrition of vegetables / fruits make many people wonder how to eat in order to clean their stomach. The eve of the hot summer days motivates both men and women to critically look at their own figure, begin physical activity and adjust their diet to easily lose weight..

Rules for losing weight

Nutrition for weight loss of the abdomen requires the normalization of metabolism. This is facilitated by the inclusion of a large amount of fiber in the diet – the main enemy of fatty relationships in the abdomen. This component in food is also a way to cleanse the intestines, remove toxic substances, strengthen metabolic processes, lose weight, remove the sides, stomach. A hearty breakfast, an average calorie lunch, a minimum of fatty foods for dinner are recommended. An afternoon snack, light snacks during the day are permissible, and a daily norm of about two liters will help in the process of losing weight..

Fractional nutrition

The special nutrition system, which involves the division of the diet into small portions, has successfully established itself in the principles of getting rid of weight, abdomen, sides. Fractional nutrition for weight loss is designed for a break between meals of no more than four hours. This speeds up the metabolism, improves the absorption of substances. The main thing is the increased frequency of nutrition allows you to intensify the processes of digestion of food and the rapid processing of fat reserves. Eat right when you feel hungry, stop eating as soon as you are full.

Calorie intake

Reducing caloric intake should be done wisely. Do not immediately limit your daily norm to an effective, but dangerous mark of 900 kcal. When calculating the daily caloric value, consider the lifestyle, the desired final weight indicators and body type (somatotype) – small, medium or large. The latter in their best form can weigh 10% above the norm. Important: no matter how much you want to lose weight, in no case lower the calorie level below 1000 – for girls, 1200 – for men.

Vegetables and centimeter

Fat burning foods

When determining which foods contribute to losing weight in your abdomen and waist, make the right choice. Eat the following:

  • asparagus, squash, zucchini, celery;
  • apples, papaya;
  • ginger, flax, mustard;
  • beets, turnips, zucchini, eggplant;
  • cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, pineapple;
  • pepper (chili, bulgarian);
  • citrus fruits (grapefruit, mandarin, lemon);
  • spices (cinnamon, cumin, coriander);
  • cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower, white, Beijing);
  • greens (sorrel, spinach, onion, dill).

What you can not eat with weight loss

The question of which foods to exclude in order to clean the stomach is the most acute for those who lose weight. The ban list includes products:

  • fluid retaining in the body – with an excessively salty or sweet taste;
  • dairy, fermentation of which contributes to bloating with an increase in volume;
  • carbonated drinks, alcohol.
  • fatty fried foods;
  • pasta, semolina;
  • juices from concentrates;
  • white bread, bakery products.

What to drink to clean your stomach

How to clean the stomach with a diet, understand. About drinks that promote weight loss, say no less. You can remove fat from the sides and abdomen by normalizing the water balance. Water, tea, freshly squeezed juice in moderation. herbal infusions are excellent methods of getting rid of kilograms, centimeters on the sides. Many appreciated the benefits of burning ingredients: in recent years, a ginger drink has been popular. The cooking is simple – pour the grated ginger root with hot water, let it brew. For taste and activation of weight loss use lemon, honey.

Water in a glass

Diet for a flat stomach and sides

It involves the introduction of all the principles of proper nutrition diet to reduce abdomen. There are no special secrets: you can lose weight and centimeters on the sides, stomach, only with perseverance and a complete change in worldview. Changing habits is possible, the main thing is to try to balance the weight loss menu. Having decided on the diet, adhere to it constantly, so as not to provoke the re-growth of the sides, abdomen.

How to remove a man’s stomach

Diets for men from the abdomen and sides are slightly different from women, due to physiological characteristics. A strong half needs more calories. To lose weight, remove a fat stomach and bored sides of a male audience will allow the rejection of the “enemy” of the male figure – beer, a liter of which contains about a quarter of the daily calorie intake. Determining how to eat properly to remove the stomach, sides of men, it is recommended to observe the following ratio:

  • fats – 20%;
  • proteins – 50%;
  • carbohydrates – 30%.

How to reduce belly and sides in women

Even the most optimal diet for losing weight of the abdomen for women will not allow lightning fast in a short time to make a relief belly out of soft folds. Refusal of forbidden products and fractional nutrition are guaranteed to contribute to weight loss and volume reduction. However, the process of getting rid of the abdomen that sticks out above the belt, the sides hanging over the elastic of the trousers is not a matter of one week. The main thing is to reduce calorie intake. Remember that less weight means less calories. Correct this indicator throughout the whole process of losing weight..

Diet menu for a week to lose belly

In tandem with exercise, the abdominal and lateral diet menus are designed to burn subcutaneous fat, remove extra pounds, reduce waist size, and provide overall weight loss. For beginners, weight loss of the sides and abdomen for 7 days is recommended to use the following weekly menu. It will help against excess volume in the waist and will contribute to the formation of a flat, attractive and toned abdomen. The list of fat burning diets for the abdomen is as follows.


  • Breakfast with toast (wholemeal) and low-fat yogurt (no more than 200 ml.).
  • Eating lunch involves a delicious salad, which includes white cabbage, cucumbers and peppers. The feeling of satiety will give boiled rice (do not exceed the serving volume of 150 g).
  • Dinner with boiled chicken or beef (100 g), complemented by an eggplant side dish – an excellent choice for those who want to remove the sides and lose weight.

Boiled Chicken Fillet in a Plate


  • Start the morning with breakfast with low-fat cottage cheese and a cup of green tea, coffee is allowed to be weak, if it’s really hard.
  • Dine quite hearty: a portion of rice and boiled beef (100 g each dish).
  • Dinner with a salad of tomatoes, onions and dressing with vegetable oil (portion size 200-250 g), washed down with a glass of tomato juice.


  • Breakfast – the middle of the work week should start with boiled turkey with green tea;
  • Meal at lunch – the choice will be boiled or cooked in a double boiler fish of non-fat variety (150 g is enough), supplement the lunch break with sauerkraut salad – an excellent fat burner, which helps to remove the stomach.
  • You can have dinner with rice and apple, and before going to bed a glass of apple fresh is allowed.


  • Start the day to lose weight with breakfast, which is recommended to include boiled veal (about 100 g) with tea or coffee.
  • Continue to dinner for weight loss with a portion of vegetable soup cooked on a weak broth, eating bread with bran.
  • To complete Thursday, nutritionists offer a portion of boiled chicken meat in the amount of 150 g, supplemented with a side dish of boiled rice.


  • End the working week with breakfast from one glass of low-fat kefir and toast.
  • Lunch dinner nutrition menu: two medium-sized baked potatoes with carrot salad seasoned with sour cream and low-fat fish (naturally, boiled) – 150 g.
  • It is recommended to have dinner with boiled veal (no more than 100 g), garnished with a salad with fresh vegetables (as an option – peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers).


  • Weekend specialists in quick weight loss processes give relaxation. Complete a modest breakfast with low-fat hard cheese, but not more than 100 g, with toast and green tea.
  • Dine porridge with vegetable salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and peppers
  • Dinner – beef with a salad of cabbage and fresh cucumbers, seasoned with vegetable oil (ideally – olive).

Kefir in a bottle and a glass


  • A “sweet” day begins with an egg with herbal tea and a bonus of two pieces of oatmeal cookies.
  • Lunch – steamed meat (chicken, beef or turkey) with porridge or boiled or baked potatoes.
  • Food for dinner – sweets again: fruit salad of pears, apples, plums, citrus fruits, before this, use boiled chicken meat (about 200 g).

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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