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Athletes who diligently monitor the appearance of their body have the concept of “drying”, which is unfamiliar to outsiders. For the rest, this food system is known as a carbohydrate-free diet – a weekly menu for weight loss, the principle of choosing foods and recipes for preparing dishes for which pure water is a mystery. Is this technique effective in removing excess weight??

What is a carbohydrate-free diet?

This weight loss scheme was born through the efforts of Robert Atkins in the second half of the XX century and was designed for those who wanted to lose weight in a week or two. After that, on its basis, more than one diet without carbohydrates was formed – of different durations, with a tough menu or a satisfying diet. However, the essence remained almost initial: to allow a person to eat anything, but to introduce a restriction on carbohydrates. Clarification – not only harmful products that consist of sugars (i.e. sweet, white bread, etc.) will be banned, but cereals, part of plant foods.

Features of the diet:

  • Due to the lack of carbohydrate nutrition, insulin does not jump, which prevents new fat reserves from forming.
  • Whatever the carbohydrate-free diet, any menu for a week for weight loss requires a person to drink a lot of water.
  • During pregnancy, carbohydrate-free weight loss is prohibited..

How many carbohydrates can you eat on a carbohydrate-free diet?

After the initial Atkins methodology underwent a lot of changes, today by the definition of a carbohydrate-free diet one can also mean sports drying, which requires only protein to be used in nutrition, and a lower carbohydrate scheme softer in relation to the body. However, in all situations, one thing remains unchanged: it is forbidden to zero out a fraction of this nutrient, so a person needs to figure out how many carbohydrates you can eat on a carbohydrate-free diet of different types in order to lose weight:

  • The calorie limit is 250 kcal: how much you can eat carbohydrate foods per day.
  • On drying, the maximum is 20 kcal, but such a diet is dangerous, it is practiced only a week.

The inscription "Diet" made of vegetables on a plate

Carbohydrate-Free Products

The main components of the plate during weight loss with such a diet are sources of protein (animal predominantly). Due to them, this technique is not considered hungry. In addition, healthy fats are used – they are needed by the vessels and the endocrine system, they are not abandoned. In a minimum quantity, green vegetables are allowed. The list of carbohydrate-free products for the diet of the same name looks like this:

  • All types of meat without restrictions on fat content (sausage and derivatives do not count).
  • Any fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Olive oil (refined undesirable).
  • Nuts.
  • Cheese.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Cucumbers, broccoli, green beans.
  • Leaf lettuce, arugula and other greens.

Carbohydrate-Free Recipes

You can use these ideas when cooking, not only on a diet, but also following the canons of a healthy diet. Recipes for carbohydrate-free dishes for every day are quick and simple, devoid of inaccessible products, so they will find a place in your cookbook. When preparing your recipes for a carbohydrate-free diet menu, remember that protein should be the main element.

Carbohydrate Free Breakfast

The morning meal for the menu of any diet is the most relevant, but how much it should be dense is up to you. After awakening, someone hardly pours tea into himself, and someone can eat a steak in a minute. Simple carbohydrate-free breakfast options that you can alternate during the week:

  • Beat 3 egg whites with 30 ml of water, fry like a standard omelet under the lid, but the pan will be dry. Add 50 g of fresh dill and the same amount of hard cheese.
  • Mash a portion of cottage cheese with a clove of grated garlic and chopped parsley.
  • 30 g almonds or pistachios, cottage cheese casserole with egg white and cranberries.

Carbohydrate-free dinner

For people without physical activity in the evening it is better to limit themselves to salad, otherwise the result of losing weight will be the opposite. For those who exercise, the food is very hearty, so a carbohydrate-free dinner might look like this:

  • Any red fish steak baked with lemon juice served with arugula.
  • Braised chicken breast, which can be cooked with salt, and served with a green apple for taste.
  • Baked veal cutlets with egg yolk, feta cheese and herbs, baked in the oven.

Baked red fish steak

Carbohydrate-Free Salads

Due to the fact that traditionally they use heat-treated meat or fish for lunch, salads are also required in the menu of a carbohydrate-free diet for weight loss, which slightly reduce the severity of assimilation of such dishes. And as a snack, these carbohydrate-free salads also go well. The compositions are simple:

  • 150 g lettuce leaves, 40 g Parmesan, julienne cucumber (100 g), a drop of olive oil.
  • 150 g of bell pepper, the same amount of green beans (boil), a bunch of dill, 50 g of sour apple.
  • Boiled egg, onion (scald after slicing), 100 g tomatoes and a bunch of arugula.

Carbohydrate-free diet menu

Variety for weight loss on a protein diet is a utopian concept, since most foods are carbohydrate. In addition to sweets (ice cream ice cream can be used), bread, flour and alcohol (especially beer), a person is deprived of pasta and porridge (some diets allow buckwheat), some fruits and starchy vegetables – potatoes, beets. From the remaining menu is composed of a carbohydrate-free diet with plenty of drink.

Carbohydrate-free menu

A week for weight loss and minus 5 kg? If you use this carbohydrate-free menu, there are chances to realize the idea. Days are divided into even and odd, the diet is scarce, but not hungry. This menu of a carbohydrate-free diet for a week allows you to add 1 snack with a handful of nuts if you overtake hunger. An example of such a scheme:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun For breakfast, coffee with milk (lactose-free), boiled egg. Lunch – feta cheese with cucumber. Dine on chicken broth with celery. Dinner with kefir and cottage cheese.
  • Tue, Thu, Sat Breakfast with cottage cheese (cottage cheese + protein + berries) casserole with tea. For lunch, make a salad of onions, eggs and asparagus. Dine on baked fish with herbs. Dine with any fermented milk drink.

Feta cheese

Low carb diet

Relatively sparing weight loss for a week can be considered a diet with a restriction of carbohydrates, where their amount does not exceed 100 g. Follow the glycemic index, because he should stay low. This is not the hardest almost carbohydrate-free diet – the given menu for a week for weight loss confirms these words:

Day of the week


Dinner Dinner

Cottage cheese + fruit

Beef Meatballs, Cabbage

Grilled shrimps, arugula


Boiled eggs, greens

Boiled meat broth, lentils

Steam Pollock, Tomato


Buckwheat + feta cheese

Braised Chicken Breast

Asparagus, boiled egg


Steam omelet with chickpeas

Steamed beef



Coffee, boiled egg

Cauliflower with Chicken

Flounder with fresh cucumber


Cottage cheese casserole with egg white

Baked turkey

Kefir with bran (15 g)


Egg pancake with herbs

Salmon steak

Squid, bell pepper

Turbo diet without carbohydrates

This is not the easiest for the body, especially the female, carbohydrate-free diet – the menu for a week for weight loss does not shine with variety: the allowed minimum of products simply alternates. From drying a turbo diet without carbohydrates, it differs only in the ability to fry meat and not count the fat content of proteins. In the morning 2 eggs, and after the menu for a week:

  1. Happy broccoli with beef, canned tuna with cucumber in the evening.
  2. Happy turkey with spinach, evening sauerkraut.
  3. Afternoon watercress with veal, boiled asparagus in the evening.
  4. Happy boiled chicken, evening baked eggplant.
  5. In the afternoon beef broth with fresh (!) Carrots, in the evening steam pollock with cucumber.
  6. Happy baked salmon with red pepper, evening cottage cheese + greens.
  7. Grilled beef with celery during the day, evening flounder with onions.

Canned tuna

Diet without fats and carbohydrates

The most severe and dangerous option for losing weight, having a lot of contraindications. This diet without fats and carbohydrates is allowed only to healthy people. The menu is ascetic, repeated for a week daily, therefore it is considered only for a day:

  • Breakfast – steam protein omelet with water.
  • Lunch – soup on a piece of chicken breast with onion.
  • Dinner – 0% cottage cheese + dill.

Carbohydrate-free diet for men

A strict weight loss system for 2-3 weeks, for which you need to calculate the basic metabolism and the amount of allowed carbohydrates (slow) is 0.5 g / kg. Women should not eat like that. A carbohydrate-free diet for men suggests the following menu:

  1. 1, 3 and 6 days. Boiled eggs for breakfast, baked turkey with cabbage for lunch, fish steak in the evening.
  2. 2 and 5 days. In the morning you can eat buckwheat, in the afternoon empty soup onion with a piece of veal, in the evening carcasses of boiled squid with lettuce.
  3. 4 and 7 days. Cottage cheese in the morning, asparagus with stewed beef in the afternoon, salad of eggs and cucumbers in the evening.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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