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Slender, fit, strong legs are the dream of many people. Thin forms are left in the past – in the modern world, a sporting endurance body, acquired by hard work, is appreciated. This article will allow you to learn how to build legs at home, how to make a training program and what exercises to do to work out the muscles of the hips, calves and legs.

How to swing legs at home

Many guys and girls are wondering how to swing legs at home. A balanced diet is half the success on the path to slender, pumped up hips and legs, because it contributes to muscle growth and a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat. The correct technique for doing leg exercises at home will protect you from injuries and pain.

You need to follow these recommendations:

  • eat right, consuming a lot of protein, avoiding carbohydrates;
  • do warm-up before training;
  • choose a routine and stick to it;
  • choose the optimal load, duration, pace of the workout;
  • work out muscle groups evenly, adhering to a certain sequence;
  • over time, increase the load, the number of repetitions, approaches.

Girl with a plate of vegetables and a dumbbell in hands

How to swing legs at home for a man

Legs in men are an important part of a muscular figure. Agree, if a man pays attention to pumping only the upper body (press, biceps, triceps, shoulders), and does not work out his calves, leaving them thin, he looks ridiculous. Strong legs are necessary for men who have to stand a lot or walk at work. For those who sit a lot because of their work, they move a little, preferring cars to hiking routes, they need to train calves and hips to prevent joint diseases. Guys need to use weights – dumbbells or a barbell to pump their legs.

How to build legs for a girl

To pump up her legs at home, the girl is recommended to practice at least three times a week. You will need a jump rope from your inventory, and exercises that will help to pump up your hips, tighten your calves are squats, lunges, deadlift. If you use extra weight during training, leg training at home will be no less effective than in the gym under the guidance of a trainer.

How to pump up the ass and legs

All girls dream of perfect slender legs and pumped buttocks, as in the photo from magazines, therefore they are often interested in how to pump up their legs and ass quickly at home. The female body is predisposed to the accumulation of fat in the thigh area, so in order to find a beautiful figure, replacing fat with muscle mass, you will have to work hard. Proper nutrition should be combined with various squats, lunges, swings, jumps – these exercises will pump up the hips with buttocks in the complex.

The girl shows the order of the exercise. Lunge with jumping

Exercises for legs at home

No time for going to a sports club or gym? Not scary! If you want to have a slim, sturdy body, do leg exercises at home. Exercising correctly, regularly and intensively, you can achieve impressive results – improve the appearance of your lower legs, give a beautiful shape to the calves, adjust the volume of the hips.

Warm up

A necessary element of training is a warm-up before exercises, accelerating the process of muscle growth, as well as reducing the risk of injury. The main task of the warm-up is to warm up the muscles. For this, jumping, running in place, squats, stretching are suitable. It is important that the heart begins to actively drive blood through the body, preparing it for stress. Take 7 minutes to warm up.


A popular effective exercise known to everyone is squats that work out the medial thigh muscle. Often girls and men are interested in how to squat. It is important to adhere to the main recommendations:

  • fix the feet on the floor, deploy the socks outward at an angle of 35 ° C;
  • to straighten your back without bending, without stooping;
  • maximize tension, allowing the abdominal muscles to fix the spine;
  • sitting down, bend the body in the knee and pelvic joints, giving the back forward;
  • focus on the heels, lingering for a couple of seconds;
  • keep your knees above your feet without taking them out;
  • monitor breathing, alternate inspirations with exhalations to the beat of movements;
  • do not lower your knees when lifting.

Man doing squats

The technique of execution determines which muscles are involved during the exercise. You can focus on quadriceps (the quadriceps muscles of the front surface of the thighs), leading muscles (the inner side of the thighs). If you are exercising without extra weight, focus on muscle tension – squat until the thighs with thighs begin to “glow”.


An indispensable part of the training is lunges for the legs and buttocks, allowing you to carefully work out the knee, hip, ankle joints. To lunges properly, follow these guidelines:

  1. Stand straight, back straight, arms along the body.
  2. Feet put exactly under the hips.
  3. On inspiration, take a step forward from the right foot, keep the body straight, lower the body down, transferring weight to the leg in front.
  4. The right thigh is parallel to the floor, the left is barely touching the floor.
  5. Lift from the front heel, do not tilt the body. Feeling the back of the thigh, go back to its original position.

Having mastered simple lunges, supplement them by raising the knee, jumping, twisting. To increase the load during the execution of lunges, use a step platform or a small wooden bench – this will help to more thoroughly pump the small and medium gluteal muscles. If there is a staircase in your house or staircase, use it – lunges, stepping through a couple of steps.


A variety of leg swings for the thigh muscles allow pumping its back, inner, front, and outer surfaces. Performing mahi regularly, you will tighten the muscles of the lower body, give the body elasticity and attractiveness. Try to take weights – this will increase the load on the muscles. Stick to the right technique to swing backward:

  1. Take emphasis on your knees and elbows. Back with lower back straight.
  2. Straighten your working leg, rest your foot on your fingers.
  3. Lift the straight lower leg, stretch the heel up. Do not try to bend your lower back – the foot does not stretch due to it.
  4. Lower the foot, do 30 times, then repeat with another.

Girl performs swing legs

Dumbbell Exercises

Using dumbbells for legs, you increase the load and act on the muscles with extra strength. The effect of training with dumbbells is much better than from exercises without the use of weights. To pump your lower body, use dumbbells while doing these exercises at home:

  • wide squats “plie” – hold the dumbbell with two hands below, slowly lower yourself into the squat, hold the position, get back to the starting position, repeat;
  • lunges – take a step forward, fall down, holding a dumbbell in hand;
  • deadlift – slide with two dumbbells along the front surface of the thighs, tilt the body, releasing the pelvis, then unbend the body with the force of the buttocks;
  • Squats with jumps – two dumbbells in hands, lower yourself into a squat, pushing with your heels and jumping.

Caviar Exercises

Beautiful calves are evidence of regular sports, daily walks and excellent stamina. To pump up the calves of the legs of a girl, you should perform the following exercises:

  • “Pistol” (squats focusing on one foot);
  • Squats with a load;
  • jumping rope;
  • walking up the stairs;
  • rise on a support (socks rest, heels in the air);
  • walking on toes;
  • running on the spot.

Girl doing pistol exercise

How to pump up the leg muscles

You can give the lower body a beautiful relief by performing exercises to strengthen the lower leg. Walking on the stairs, lunges with weight, lifting on socks, running, squats – all this will help to pump up the muscles of the lower leg. Use weights, weight weights, dumbbells to speed up the process of appearance of the result at home, since the muscle tissue of the legs requires a long thorough pumping.

These videos will show you how to build legs at home and find a beautiful toned body using your own weight and improvised weighting materials. Pursuing videos on a regular basis, you can soon rejoice at the pumped legs and hips, and do it at home, without visiting fitness clubs or gyms. If training over time becomes easy for you, increase weight.

Exercises for different muscle groups of the legs

How to pump up legs at home for a girl

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