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Thick fluffy hair is the decoration of every woman. But what if Mother Nature did not award such a generous gift? Constantly collect all the curls in the tail, hide them under the wig or put on hats, caps, hats? Scaling up can solve this problem, but what if you are not ready for such drastic measures? Use false hair strands from natural hair.

Types of hair extensions

Why should you prefer overhead strands? In addition to being a convenient and effective way to change the image, it is also economically beneficial. Having once bought overhead curls, you will not spend money on expensive styling from hairdressers. You will be able to create beautiful images yourself.

Removable curls are securely attached to the hairstyle due to tight hairpins. During the day you will not need to worry about the safety of your appearance. In addition, strands with clips can be attached so that at close range they become invisible. Hairstyle comes out unified, lush and voluminous.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of false hair


Natural locks with clips

Each strand is attached to a small crab hairpin. Using such false hair is easy. They are used to increase the length of the hairstyle and give it volume. It is necessary to fix each curl with a hairpin in the basal zone, cover with natural hair from above. The whole procedure does not take more than 10 minutes, removing curls is as easy as attaching.

Anna: “Always using overhead locks with clips. Every day I can change the image. I quickly and independently attach curls to my hair. I got used to doing fashionable styling on my long hair ”.

Hair on a tress

Sewing overhead tresses

Represent the hair fixed on a thin fabric strip. Used for building. Hair growth on tressa differs from the classic extension in that the overhead strands are sewn with a special hairdressing needle to natural hair. During the procedure, the hair is not exposed to the aggressive effects of glue, high temperature, resin, as happens with capsular extensions.

Marina: “I always wanted to have long thick hair, but I could not grow my own. I didn’t dare to build up curls in the traditional way, I was afraid to harm them. As soon as I heard about building strands with tresses, I immediately tried it. The cost is acceptable, I am very pleased with the result, I have been walking with long curls for the second year now ”.

On tape

Ribbon overhead

They are used for long-term building. The width of the tape is about 4 cm, the length of the strand reaches 55 cm. During the procedure for lengthening the hair, overhead strands must be applied as close as possible to the base of hair growth. The silicone strip to which the hairs are attached is hypoallergenic. A voluminous long-haired hairstyle for the next 2-3 months is guaranteed to you. Then you should go through the correction..

Inna: “I like hair extensions on the tape. My master makes it in just a couple of hours. I choose my own strands for a tone or two different from my primary color. So I get a beautiful transition, the hairstyle looks natural “.

Hair tails

Natural false tail

Horse tails – a classic hairstyle is appropriate in any setting and with any image. In order to make a horse mane out of your short mouse tail, attach a false tail chignon. It is assembled with a small elastic comb-mount or hairpin. It is attached to its own strands, which are pre-assembled in the tail, and tightly tied with a tape for fixing.

Olga: “I bought myself such a tail in the Modis store. Now the problems with morning laying have disappeared. I make a long ponytail as an addition to the office dress code, I look stylish and confident. I also like to attach the tail to the evening look – it looks impressive and sexy ”.

In quality, all types of hair presented are artificial or natural. Artificial ones do not give in to coloring, differ by touch from natural hair, and over time lose their attractive appearance. Natural overhead strands do not differ either in touch or in appearance from the main hair. As they become soiled, they must be washed, looked after, and painted if necessary. Natural overhead strands are significantly more expensive than artificial species.

How to attach artificial and natural locks of hair independently

For home attachment of false hair, for both short and long hair, use:

  • Comb;
  • False locks;
  • Clamps.

Step-by-step instruction:

How to fix locks on hairpins

  1. Comb your curls carefully.
  2. Separate one strand slightly below the parting line, lift it up and slightly to the side. Secure it with a clip. So you will create a second parting.
  3. Attach the overhead strand to the parting line.
  4. Release the locked strand, cover it with false locks.
  5. Do the same with the rest of the overhead curls..
  6. With your fingers, mix the false hair with yours so that the transition between them becomes smooth, invisible.

How to care for false hair

If you opted for overhead strands of natural hair, then you have to look after them as if they were your own. So, combing natural overhead strands should be carried out with a soft comb, movements should be carried out from the bottom in the upward direction. Dry hair spray is recommended for easy combing..

Care for curls

The temperature of irons, flat when used for natural overhead strands should not exceed 170 degrees. Do not forget to pre-apply thermal protection.

Wash the strands as they become soiled. Before washing, comb them, then gently rinse with shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Do not rub strands against each other and do not squeeze; after washing, lightly pat with a towel. Dry the product correctly in a horizontal position for about 9 hours.

Read more about hair care in the filed video

Beautiful wedding hairstyles with false strands on hairpins (photo)

False locks fit beautifully not only into a casual, evening look, but also harmoniously combine with a wedding style. Original exquisite wedding hairstyles come out with fake hair. Even short-haired brides will be able to shine with complex styling with long curls, curly buns, braiding from braids. We offer you a selection of beautiful pictures for inspiration, among them you will find fashionable ideas, unusual solutions for a wedding look.

Holiday hairstyles with false strands

Estimated cost of hair extensions by length and type

If you decide to buy overhead strands, we suggest you familiarize yourself with approximate prices. The numbers in the table are for reference only and may be invalid at the time of purchase. Ask suppliers or sellers for exact prices..

Average prices for hair extensions in Moscow

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