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Many girls monitor the slimness of the figure. Not everyone has the time and money to study in special studios, and some still lack the courage. Dancing at home for weight loss will help solve the problem of excess weight. Classes do not require material investments, special training, do not take much free time. How to lose weight when dancing and what types of dances are useful for this?

The benefits of dancing for weight loss

Many dance movements use all the muscles of the body, so that all problem areas are pumped up. Additional equipment in the form of simulators is not required, as well as a professional level of training. Dancing is an activity at home for weight loss that bring pleasure, uplift the mood and vitality of women. You can invite a trainer (choreographer) or do it yourself on video lessons. Do not despair if the beginner will not be able to perform some elements. The result will appear, the main thing is not to drop everything halfway!

If you are thinking about how to lose weight at home, then this is more effective than dancing, it is difficult to find. Morning or evening classes charge positive for the whole day. Dancing at home for weight loss is not recommended for those who have problems with the spine or reproductive system. Everyone else can safely embark on incendiary training, which will help restore harmony and cheer up.

What types of dancing help to lose weight

You can try to master one of the following types of activities. Each of them effectively eliminates extra pounds and gives a positive charge of energy:

Belly dance

  1. Oriental are an ideal way to lose weight. Learning to dance belly dance is to tighten muscles, get rid of extra centimeters at the waist, get a strong press.
  2. Latin American dances (salsa, rumba, samba). This option involves smooth rhythmic movements that are perfect for losing weight. During such incendiary exercises, all muscles are involved. The best option for weight loss is samba, but it requires a lot of work..
  3. Zumba for weight loss is both dance and cardio training. In addition to weight loss, you will get a healthy heart and blood vessels! The advantage of this type of dance is that you don’t have to memorize choreography, because it is very simple, so everyone can dance a zumba.
  4. Hip-hop provides effective burning of excess calories, trains endurance, flexibility, models the shape of the body. These dances are considered the most energy-intensive, but not everyone likes them..
  5. Flamenco strengthens the hips, calf muscles, models the shape of the legs. As a result of regular classes in this dance, you will become more graceful, get rid of fat deposits on the neck, arms (upper body).
  6. Step – a wonderful dance to strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks. Increases skin tone, helps to lose weight, develops a sense of rhythm.
  7. Break dance – well consumes energy, but requires a lot of stamina. Training forms an ideal figure, develop flexibility, give a good physical shape..
  8. Strip dance or strip plastic is a modern type of dance that helps not only lose weight, but also gain confidence. The training program includes exercises from gymnastics, so it will allow you to get a slim, graceful body and strong character. If you believe the reviews, learning these dances is a pleasure!

Girl dancing break dance

Rules for studying at home

You can start training at home through online video courses, in special schools or fitness centers. In any case, it’s worth learning and following a few simple rules. The training area should be spacious, well-lit, preferably with large mirrors. All factors that distract from exercise must be eliminated (children, pets, foreign objects on the floor, etc.). The surroundings should encourage the desire to dance.

It is important to prepare special shoes and clothes before starting classes. She must be liked by the girl herself in order to motivate her to study additionally. The number of trainings, as well as the time of classes, is selected individually. It is advisable to practice 3 times a week for 120 minutes (or 5 times for 60 minutes). At the end of the workout, they are required to stretch their muscles (this rule cannot be neglected).

Equally important is the right choice of music for the lesson. Russian or foreign song, what will inspire you more? It all depends on individual preferences. Experiment with this by picking tracks on your own. Sometimes even tired, without strength and mood people, with a good rhythmic melody, feel a surge of strength and improved mood. In addition, you can recall the invigorating drinks, such as green tea, ginseng broth.

Girl dancing for weight loss

While dancing at home for weight loss, normalize your diet. Choose wholesome foods to use as “fuel for the body.” It is recommended to eat 1.5-2 hours before the start of the dance, and after them no earlier than 30 minutes. It is optimal to follow a protein diet or include more meat, eggs, and legumes in the diet (excluding unhealthy foods). Do not despair in the absence of success in the early stages, because classes should bring you only joy!

Tutorials for Beginners

Learning to dance at home, without the presence and guidance of a choreographer, will be very difficult. Online video lessons with professionals will help you decide on a dance style and learn movements. Below are a few videos for beginners that will reveal some of the secrets of mastery for you. After watching you will definitely want to start classes immediately!

Belly dance

Aerobics Slimming Home

Losing weight, dancing with a fitness instructor

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