What to eat before a workout for weight loss: proper nutrition before class

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Women who dream of slender hips, an ideal body, should know what to eat before training for weight loss, because the set of such products will be very different from the menu for weight gain. Decide for yourself, before classes, what result you want to achieve, make the right diet. Under no circumstances do you start exercises with an empty stomach, the body must have reserves of energy that it has to use up.

Nutrition before exercise

If you strive for a slim figure, then remember that the food before exercise for weight loss should be correct, ideally – carbohydrate. You can not overeat, otherwise work in the gym will not give the expected result, the energy received from the products will be consumed, and its surplus will turn into fats. Starvation also does not contribute to weight loss, the brain and nervous system will sound the alarm, require food and save energy. A small snack with carbohydrate-rich foods will saturate the body and give strength to exercise.

How much before you can eat

It is important to know not only what to eat before training for weight loss, but also for how much time before classes you need to eat. You don’t want to come to the gym with a full stomach and a desire to lie down on the sofa? The food received before training for weight loss should have time to be digested and transformed into the necessary energy, so a snack is considered optimal a couple of hours before the sport.

Those who skipped the main meal can have a snack 30-40 minutes before class. Food should be light and balanced, for example, you can eat nuts, apple, banana with yogurt, light curd, drink a cup of green tea with honey. Such food will saturate the body with the necessary substances, add energy, vitality. In addition to food, it is important to drink plenty of fluids before and after sports, it should be clean still water. Violation of hydrobalance will prevent weight loss, will adversely affect the work of the whole body.

Man eating vegetable salad with tomatoes

What is better to eat

Let’s take a closer look at what is for weight loss, and what is better to refuse. Immediately forget about sweet cakes, fatty foods that slow down the body’s absorption of nutrients, bring a feeling of heaviness, discomfort. Proteins and carbohydrates, on the other hand, improve muscle function and increase muscle mass. Healthy food before exercise should replenish energy reserves, increase stamina and promote weight loss. Before sports, you can eat:

  • buckwheat, oatmeal (classic side dish);
  • salads from vegetables, fruits (except banana, grapes);
  • bread rolls, diet biscuits;
  • meat of chicken, turkey;
  • omelette;
  • low fat cottage cheese.

What to eat before exercise for energy

Complex carbohydrates are the main source of energy reserves for humans. Once in the body with food, they turn into glycogen – the main fuel resource for building muscle growth. Complex carbohydrates are found in pasta from coarse wheat, rice, potatoes, and legumes. Muscle building is also impossible without protein, so many sports trainers advise to include a little protein food in the diet: kefir, boiled white meat, fish, omelet.

An ideal option is a protein-vegetable snack: scrambled eggs with vegetable salad, a sandwich of black bread with greens, boiled chicken. Some before a sports program, they drink a cup of coffee without sugar, which adds vigor, energy, and improves overall tone. To speed up the process of burning fat, some athletes supplement their diet before training for weight loss with special supplements containing L-carnitine.

A normal blood sugar is maintained thanks to complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Cakes, buns and pastries have nothing to do with them, nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, smoothies will be an excellent substitute for such products before performing weight loss exercises. You can eat a small portion of such food without harming the waist and the whole figure.

Boiled Chicken Fillet and Tomatoes

What is before morning workout

Exercise on an empty stomach is ineffective, the muscles do not work at full strength due to the lack of the required amount of energy, so breakfast must be eaten before training. It is better to eat a couple of hours before playing sports so that the food has time to digest and assimilate, otherwise nausea, belching, a feeling of heaviness and drowsiness will be provided to you. An ideal breakfast is considered to be composed of slow-type carbohydrates and proteins in a ratio of 2: 1. For example, a morning meal before a fat burning workout might be:

  • buckwheat with chicken;
  • 2 eggs and oatmeal, boiled in milk;
  • mashed potatoes with rabbit meat;
  • a slice of lean fish with rice or vegetables;
  • low fat cottage cheese with a slice of whole grain bread.

In the morning, 15-20 minutes before breakfast, you can drink a glass of fresh juice from fruits or vegetables, which will give a boost of vitamins and strength for the whole day. A great addition to one of the proposed breakfast options will be some 1 fruit, which can be used as a snack half an hour before playing sports, if you did not have time to have breakfast. In addition to fruit, it is allowed to eat a small portion of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

Before power

The purpose of strength exercises is not weight loss, but a rapid increase in muscle volume and they require high energy costs. Complex carbohydrates are needed for its accumulation, and muscle cell growth cannot occur without protein, which is the supplier of the necessary amino acids, so nutrition before strength training should include proteins, carbohydrates and not contain fats. Half an hour before going to the gym, many athletes drink a protein shake, which contributes to the rapid growth of muscle mass. Before strength training you can eat:

  • rice, coarse wheat pasta with poultry;
  • boiled potatoes with fish;
  • porridge with eggs;
  • cottage cheese with berries, fruits or bread;
  • omelet with vegetables or cheese and whole grain bread.

Eat in small portions, after eating there should be no feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which will interfere with the exercise. In addition to the above snack options before strength training, you can drink a cup of strong coffee, but without the addition of sugar and cream. Such a drink promotes the production of norepinephrine, which accumulates energy for training from human body fat. As a result, the effectiveness of classes will increase, and glycogen and amino acids will be spent less.

Cottage cheese with berries and kefir in a glass

What to eat before training

Often, a snack before training puts novice athletes at a standstill. What is there to eat in order to get the necessary charge of energy, a surge of strength and not to feel heaviness in the stomach? There are several options for healthy and tasty snacks that contain the composition of BJU necessary for high-quality exercise, have a minimum number of calories and contribute to weight loss..

Cottage cheese

Try to eat cottage cheese before training in conjunction with your favorite berries, fruits or honey. Such a dairy product will saturate the body with the required amount of protein, and fruits will help restore glycogen in muscle fibers. The deficiency of these substances is especially relevant after training, when their reserves were wasted, so nuts with fruits and dried fruits can be consumed as a light snack before and after sports.


You need to eat any nuts carefully before training, because besides protein they also contain a lot of fat. If you still decide to make a nut snack, dilute it with dried fruits: this way you will reduce fats and increase the amount of carbohydrates, and also enrich your body with phosphorus and zinc. Please note that the nuts must be in their pure form, without chocolate icing, powdered sugar and sesame seeds. Such supplements will prevent you from losing weight..


Try to eat eggs before a workout as a snack. Such a product is the richest supplier of protein to the human body, therefore it is useful both before sports and after them. Many athletes drink raw eggs, considering this method effective in building muscle, but this is not entirely true, and boiled egg is better digested.

Chicken eggs


Many people believe that eating a serving of oatmeal means getting a boost of energy for the whole day. Athletes also know that oatmeal before training, especially power, is an excellent carbohydrate snack. Adding a small handful of nuts and 1 tablespoon of any berries to the boiled porridge, you will understand that a snack before playing sports can be healthy and tasty at the same time..


It is believed that an apple before training is best eaten before lunch. This opinion is associated with the fact that the fruit contains fructose, which can turn into fat deposits if you eat apples at night or in large quantities. These fruits enrich our body with iron, fiber, pectin, vitamin C, the permissible norm is 1 red or 2-3 green apples per day.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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