The program and menu of proper nutrition for weight loss for a month, examples of diet recipes

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What is the key to the success of any diet? In a well-organized diet table. The proper diet menu for weight loss for a month is a healthy balanced diet that will help you lose up to ten kilograms of excess weight in this short time. Without exhausting hunger strikes, overloads in the gym and on the treadmill. You will eat fully and correctly, gradually losing weight, without prejudice to your health.

What is proper nutrition?

It is known that it is harmful to eat at night, overeat, eat irregularly or fast food. What nutrition is right? What are useful products, how do you cook and eat them? The answers to these and other questions include the concept, which we will consider further. Proper nutrition is a set of fundamental principles of cooking and eating food, compliance with which will help you:

  • Have a good figure – lose weight and not gain weight again.
  • Strengthen the health of the whole body.
  • Maintain the proper immune system.
  • It is better to look and keep youth of body and soul longer.

Vegetable salad

The principles of good nutrition

In dietetics, the following basic principles of proper nutrition for weight loss are distinguished:

  1. Daily fractional diet – at least 5 meals a day, strictly by the hour.
  2. Calorie control of the menu – from one and a half to two thousand kilocalories for women, and about two and a half thousand for men, with the obligatory consideration of lifestyle activity. Reduce the number of calories in the diet, first due to carbohydrates, then due to fats (use the calorie table).
  3. Daily distribution of calories in one meal: the first two (three) meals are nutritious, the rest are light.
  4. The most diverse diet to provide all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, sour-milk products, milk, cereals, fish and meat must be included in the menu for weight loss for a month.

Reduce servings, avoid overeating, snacking on the run. While eating, focus on the process – don’t get distracted by reading or watching a movie at breakfast. Drink two liters of water without gas per day. Prepare simple dishes of 3-4 ingredients, enter into the diet products that can be consumed without heat treatment – kefir, berries, vegetables, cottage cheese. Proper nutrition excludes the use of fried, spicy and salty. Replace animal fats with vegetable fats.

Weight Loss Recipes

To make the diet as effective as possible throughout the month, meals for proper nutrition for weight loss are prepared according to a number of principles:

  1. A small amount of ingredients – up to four in one dish.
  2. Without salt, sugar and spices.
  3. Minimum heat treatment time.
  4. Steam or water bath recipes preferred.
  5. No semi-finished products.
  6. Soups and cereals on the water: sweet – with dried fruits, salted – with mushrooms.
  7. Poultry – steamed; fish and beef – baked in foil in the oven.

Baked fish

Monthly Weight Loss Nutrition Program

To organize proper nutrition for a month for weight loss, plan in advance a program by which you will cook food. Exclude smoked and fried dishes, sauces from the menu, do not use salt and seasonings when cooking. Liquids – without gas and without sugar, replace sweets with dried fruits: dried apricots or prunes. A diet for a month for weight loss completely eliminates the use of alcohol and flour products. A monthly refusal of coffee will be useful (replace with chicory).

Be sure to include the following products in the menu for a month for weight loss:

  • Vegetables: different types of cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers and zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, always fresh herbs. Exclude potatoes.
  • Fruits (with the exception of bananas and grapes).
  • Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Cottage cheese, kefir, natural low-fat yogurt, milk.
  • Cereals and legumes: lentils, beans.
  • Whole wheat bread.
  • Fish, chicken or quail eggs, beef (animal protein), mushrooms.

Where to start proper diet for weight loss

To lose weight, start proper nutrition – a necessary but insufficient measure. It is important to remember the importance of physical activity. If you spend the whole day sitting in the office in front of the computer, and the evening – lying in front of it on the couch, the diet will not bring the desired results. Move more, walk or walk from work, sign up for a pool, go for fitness, yoga – the choice is huge, find something to your liking.

In addition, it is important to get rid of bad eating habits. When creating a proper diet menu for weight loss for a month, be sure to add a nutrition schedule that excludes late plentiful dinners. A small amount of drunk fluid also refers to bad eating habits. Two liters a day of plain pure water will become loyal helpers to your body in the fight against extra pounds. And surely – a full sleep, at least seven hours.

Girl with apple and cake

Monthly Nutrition Menu

It is worth planning in advance a proper diet menu for losing weight for one month. Choose the ones that you like from the recommended foods, do not forget to diversify the diet. A diet for a month for weight loss should not be a torment for you, on the contrary, a good mood and well-being are indispensable companions of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, carefully consider all the details before you start to lose weight..

Example diet menu for a month for weight loss:

Day 1/7/14/21

Day 2/8/15/22

Day 3/9/16/23

Day 4/10/17/24

Day 5/11/18/25



Rice porridge on water with prunes, soft-boiled egg.

180 g fat-free cottage cheese, chicory, whole grain bread with hard cheese – 80 g.

Oatmeal porridge on the water, chicory, half avocado.

Carrot Salad with Honey, Boiled Egg.

Millet porridge with pumpkin, chicory, half grapefruit.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms – 180 g.


Yogurt / kefir, diet bread with skim cheese or hard cheese, green tea.

Apple / half grapefruit / glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Ginger drink, whole grain bun with hard cheese (25 g).

180 g oatmeal with freshly squeezed juice.

A glass of kefir, 20 g of hard cheese.

Kiwi Carrot Salad – 180 g.


Spinach soup, green vegetable salad, dressing – olive oil.

Vegetable broth, lentil or pea puree – 150 g.

Pea soup, radish and fresh cucumber salad.

Vegetable soup,

120 g boiled beef.

Broccoli puree, vegetable salad.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms – 180 g.

High tea

Low-fat chicken fillet with lettuce, apple or freshly squeezed juice.

Kefir or yogurt, pear,

30 g dried fruit.

180 g fat-free cottage cheese, half a grapefruit or orange.

Apple, a glass of kefir.

Ginger drink, diet bread with honey.

Dried Fruits, Kefir / Yogurt.


Carrot salad with apple and kiwi, kefir.

200 g oven-baked trout fillet with boiled cauliflower.

150 g steamed chicken, a glass of kefir.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms – 150 g.

Celery Stalk Salad with Apple.

Dried Fruits, Kefir / Yogurt.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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