Korean Presbyterian Church by Arcari + Iovino Architects, New Jersey, USA

Not so long ago Arcari + Iovino Architects, a popular and well-known architectural firm, designed and implemented an incredibly attractive and original construction and renovation project for the Korean Presbyterian Church.

Completed in 2013, the landmark structure sits in a scenic park in New Jersey, New Jersey. Interesting house design surrounded by tall trees, majestic luxuriant shrubs and vast elegant lawns, it is a paradise for rest, quiet time in a pleasant environment, temple tours and family weekends.

The interior decoration of the church

The room for serene relaxation and enjoyment includes an indoor basketball court and a multifunctional kitchen with dining area.

The monolithic vertical sanctuary plates have three main functions. First, they give diffused light to the room through floor-to-ceiling windows and a variety of patterned glass slots. Second, they enhance the acoustic qualities of the musical performance along with the ceiling systems. And third, they are wonderful sculptural elements in the The landscaping surrounding area.

The vertical pronounced staircase that serves as a beacon in the classic bell tower is replaced by the horizontal line of the main entrance and the interesting facade. The gorgeous exterior features warm celestial materials with the inclusion of red brick stripes, wooden doors and clear glazing in the pedestrian corridor that wonderfully welcomes parishioners.

Interior decoration of the Korean Presbyterian Church

The interior furnishings are striking and appealing due to their modern and creative stylistic design. Interior Design The interior has been designed in a concise and highly functional manner that allows it to be used for a wide range of purposes, from congregational gatherings to major music and cultural events.

The ceiling was decorated with numerous panels painted in light colors with geometric patterns. They are suspended at different heights, which forms a surprising visual and optical effect in the room. LED lights have been installed to fill the decorations with a soft and casual glow, bringing comfort and coziness to the setting, as well as powerful spotlights that aim to illuminate the stage and give it a rational illumination.

Throughout the salon area, it has been installed designer furniture in the form of benches for prayer and preaching, they allow all visitors to sit in comfortable and convenient conditions and enjoy the church service. The interior is particularly aesthetically pleasing with numerous window openings covered in textured semi-matte glass. They add a special originality and authenticity to the space and fill the atmosphere with natural radiance and warmth.

Main level plan of Korean Presbyterian Church
Section B
Section A

The following photos show the layout of the building with the location of all major components and structures, rooms and public areas.

The design of the Korean Presbyterian Church divine complex by Arcari + Iovino Architects is a superbly creative project characterized by its picturesque and expressive location, its striking architectural design, its comfortable interior and its dazzling system of illumination, all of which engage the keen eye and interest of the public.

Interior photography Created and presented by Arcari + Iovino Architects.

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