A fantastic combination of vintage and supermodern in a wonder house by Design Arts, New Jersey, USA

Take a closer look at the wonder home located in Watchung Hills, New Jersey, USA. This newly built villa truly defines the craftsmanship of New World architects.

Fireplace in the center of the living room of the wonder house by Design Arts

At just over 2,500 square feet, this wood-frame home was designed and built by interior designers from Design Arts. Their work is characterized by the fact that a passion for natural aesthetics is successfully combined with modern conveniences. The result is a new home turned into a magnificent work of art.

A masterpiece in itself, this dwelling is complemented by the irresistible charm of handcrafted woodwork. The customary use of copper as accents and traditional brick walls are also preserved.

Entrance is through a circular foyer that seems to envelop guests with its cozy interior. Concrete and wood floors make way for a wide-open living space – the living room. The stucco walls and ceilings of the tower add intrigue to this fusion of art, luxury and comfort. Richly colored concrete floor is accented with inserts of contrasting wood and river stone. Imported window frames provide privacy amidst the two hectares of woods and greenery that surround the structure.

A double-sided fireplace looms 6 meters high in the middle of the great room. Its top seems to disappear into the wooden posts and beams of the ceiling.

On the opposite side – the gourmet kitchen, which boasts original high-end stainless steel appliances. There are also custom wood cabinets that are shaped more like barrels, and today's trendy floating cabinetry. This kitchen, with a large dining area and huge fireplace, is perfect for entertaining as well as intimate family dinners.

The fireplace in the center of the living room of the wonder house by Design Arts
The interior of the miracle house by Design Arts

Entrance to the second floor is via a floating stainless steel and wood staircase. It leads you into the bedroom. Here you'll find a one-of-a-kind, exclusive, handmade copper bathtub.

Modern and vintage, which are timeless, design styles merge effortlessly throughout the home.

Natural, natural building materials were used to build. Underfloor heating and indoor air conditioning ensure a healthy environment.

The grandeur of the house is confirmed by the unique and luxurious design. Natural elements create a sense of strength and security. Every carefully selected stone and chiseled beam of wood reeks of love and inspiration that cannot be overstated.

The interior of a wonder house by Design Arts
Fireplace in the center of the living room of a wonder house by Design Arts


Bathroom in the wonder house by Design Arts
Bathroom in a Wonder House by Design Arts
Bathroom in the wonder house by Design Arts
The Wonder House Bathroom by Design Arts
The gazebo by the miracle house from Design Arts
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