Crafts from wine corks with your own hands

Wine cork clock

Round clock made of wine corks

Clock decorated with wine corks

Cork rack

Decorative birdhouse made of wine corks

Homemade cork basket

Flowers in wine corks

Cork pencil holders

Wine cork topiary

Wall cork panel

Cork box

Cork door mat

Wine cork coffee table top

Cork apron

Cork keychains

Wine cork wall

Cork photo frame

Cork chandelier

Cork armchair

We hope our photo selection has convinced you that you can create anything from wine corks: kettle coasters and glasses, trays, coffee table tops, indoor topiary, key chains and pendants, key holders, wall panels, rugs near the front door and for the bathroom, even kitchen aprons and full comfortable armchairs.

Here are some tips:

  • Wine corks perfectly absorb paint, they can be dyed with the purpose of creating beautiful crafts with ordinary children’s watercolors. Or use red wine to get a natural noble shade.
  • To work with corks only need a sharp knife to cut them in half or to shape them, a glue gun or just mounting glue, and also paints if you need rich colors.
  • Ordinary glass will help protect a wall panel or a kitchen apron made of corks from dirt. Tempered, durable glass should be used to create a cork coffee table top.
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