Pantone Color Institute named the color of 2018

Recall that ultraviolet light has replaced the yellow-green hue Greenery. Pantone believes Ultra Violet is a very thoughtful shade of purple that should inspire creativity. Purple has always been considered a mystical color, mysterious, artistic, somewhat provocative. That is why, according to the Institute, ultraviolet light will become a real fashion trend next year..

Ultraviolet color is definitely not boring. In the interior, it was always used carefully, the designers are sure that excessive enthusiasm for purple will negatively affect the overall picture of the design of a house or apartment. Separate blotches of this mystical color – yes, completely purple walls – on individual lovers, which are really few.

Ultraviolet is quite actively used in the design of the interiors of restaurants and nightclubs. It is not for nothing that this color is associated not only with the starry night sky, but also with the nightlife in general. Home interiors usually use more muted shades of purple, such as lilac.

Experts remind that purple is obtained by mixing blue and red – the opposite colors of the rainbow. This mixture of hot and cold colors gives its own special shade, which can look very rich, really royally.

Purple is interesting because it can be used in both classic and ultramodern interiors. This shade goes well with both the soft velvet of an imposing quilted sofa and the glossy surfaces inherent in high-tech..

Purple actually has many shades: from dusty pink, lilac, magenta to rich burgundy. However, Ultra Violet has more blue than red, which reflects the concept of anchoring to outer space..

In the interior, purple is combined with brown and green, and you can dilute such a rich color scheme with neutral, unobtrusive colors, for example, milky, soft creamy, cream.

And purple also resonates perfectly with all shades of blue, including turquoise. Perfectly softens the depth of purple gray, which recently, along with beige, has become one of the favorite colors when decorating the interiors of houses and apartments.

Designers believe that it is not necessary to completely change an already equipped interior in order to introduce the 2018 Ultra Violet color into it. One bright detail of this shade is enough. Purple sofas are very relevant, which will become a real decoration of the living room, especially if in general it is decorated quite neutral.

A fabulous and mysterious purple color is good for decorating children’s rooms, both for boys and girls. A child will not grow up from this shade as soon as from traditional blue and pink..

The simplest option for introducing the purple color fashionable next year into the interior is textile elements. Just a few pillows, a new curtain on the window, stylish bath towels in the bathroom, a tablecloth on the festive table – everything is simple.

It’s important to remember that purple, as a mixture of warm reds and cool blues, can look different under natural and artificial light. This should be taken into account when choosing a shade..

You can love or reject the color purple, but it usually leaves no one indifferent. Whether to listen to the opinion of the Pantone Color Institute is, of course, up to you. However, undoubtedly, such decisions of recognized experts in colors can prompt changes in the design of your own home..

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