What can be done in a quarantined home

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More than a month of quarantine, self-isolation is an unexpected free time that can and should be spent effectively. The owners of private houses, of course, have a big advantage – they can start working in the beds. But the apartment also has a lot to do. Our tips site will tell you what you can do in quarantine.

The first is to put things in order in the dressing room and closets

It’s time for you to hide your winter clothes anyway. At the same time, you will carry out an audit by removing everything that no one is wearing anymore. Arrange everything on the shelves so that you can then enjoy order in all storage places.

What can be done in a quarantined home

Important! This year spring general cleaning should be combined with disinfection. How to protect your home from coronavirus, what should be used for this purpose, the portal has already written.

The second is to equip a mini-gym

Now that all fitness clubs and gyms are closed, this is especially true. If there is no room for exercise machines, you can at least get a yoga mat. Or use the balcony, loggia to install the simulator there.

What can be done in a quarantined home

The third is to make a rearrangement

Just swap something, it does not require costs, but of course, effort will have to be made. Maybe you should move the chair to the window, put a floor lamp next to it and get a reading corner? Or change the slide in the living room with a sofa at the opposite wall? There are special programs that allow you to virtually experiment with the arrangement of furniture. Now you have time to do it.

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What can be done in a quarantined home

Fourth – to master a new type of creativity, to show your skills and talents

There are many articles on our site dedicated to DIY projects. You can do almost anything with your own hands – from a wicker rug in the hallway to a bed for a pet. The choice of such projects is huge, you will definitely find something to your liking and be able to make something beautiful and functional for your home. And don’t forget that Easter is coming soon, you can decorate your house for the holiday.

What can be done in a quarantined home

Fifth – cosmetic repair

The fact that construction hypermarkets are closed may become a problem. But perhaps you still have wallpaper or paint from a previous renovation at home. In addition, you can order delivery of goods by choosing everything in online stores. You should not, of course, take on something global while everyone is at home, for example, change pipes or plumbing. It is enough to update something, add brightness to a neutral interior.

What can be done in a quarantined home

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