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Any construction within the city or outside it is difficult to imagine without loading and other specialized equipment. And if earlier excavators, bulldozers and earthmoving machines were engaged in work with soil, and loaders lifted building materials, transported goods around the site, then, today, a station wagon car occupies a special place at the construction site, in other words, a backhoe loader.


The rental of special equipment and, in particular, the rental of a backhoe loader significantly reduces the number of machines required at the construction site. The front loader drips far and deep, loads easily, has excellent maneuverability and is simply irreplaceable on small construction sites. When did the much-needed special equipment appear??

The history of the emergence of a backhoe loader

The American corporation “CASE”, founded in 1842 by Jerome Keyes, is considered the pioneer in the development and production of backhoe loaders. Initially the company specialized in the production of threshers, but later became the first manufacturer of steam engines for special machinery used in agriculture..

Case Credit

In 1957 Case acquires a small, privately-owned company, American Tractor Corporation, which manufactures backhoes for crawler excavators. At the same time, the corporation launched the first integrated backhoe loader on the world market. It is an agricultural wheeled tractor with a bucket attached to the front and a backhoe at the back. So the first life-changing Case 320 backhoe loader was developed, combining two functions..

In the same year, Case opens the Case Credit finance division. Today, Case Credit is an extensive dealer network in Europe and the USA, through which you can rent a backhoe loader, purchase and insure special equipment.

In 1969, Case Corporation launched a multipurpose backhoe loader with a side swing scheme. In 1997, the company develops a model of a wheel loader with an improved HDD side swing scheme and introduces to the market the XT series hydraulic skid steer loaders with a high carrying capacity and breaking force..

In 1998, Case Corporation signed a partnership with Sumitomo, which significantly expanded the backhoe loader market. In the same year, the company launched the first backhoe loader with an improved ride control system. In 2000, Case introduced the M Series Backhoe Loaders to the global market, featuring Pro Control, a high-visibility cab and unique hydraulic backhoe hitch.

Case Corporation

Case Corporation is constantly improving its special equipment, adapting it to real loads, and offers high-strength, durable and cost-effective backhoe loaders..

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