Decorative concrete

Now the technology of decorative concrete is the most popular in many advanced countries. And this is understandable – after all, with its help, you can easily and quickly create surfaces that completely repeat slate, paving stones or cobblestones using ordinary concrete. Now it has already become possible to recreate even boardwalk or animal skins. You can choose any color and texture! In addition, in terms of strength and durability, decorative concrete has long overtaken traditional materials. And this is not to mention the quality and relatively low price.!


Coating made of colored concrete is durable, resistant to external influences, moreover, does not require any special maintenance. Decorative concrete is monolithic concrete that has been laid in a specific way. In addition, it is sealed with special stamps and undergoes special treatment with chemicals..
Decorative concrete is used for both private and industrial and commercial construction. Now this type of concrete is the best type of imitation of materials from natural stone. And if we add high technological properties to this factor, then we can say that decorative concrete can be used for open cafes, sidewalks, entrances, cottages, trading halls, etc. At the same time, it is quite acceptable to use colored concrete for parking lots and tramways, gas stations. Decorative concrete is good not only for exterior design, but also for interior decoration of buildings.

Characteristics of decorative concrete

Decorative concrete has the following characteristics:

1. Resistance to high loads. Compared to tiles, withstands 2-3 times more.
2. Resistant to aggressive acid-base media, oils, oil products and fats.
3. The design is much more interesting and better than that of ordinary tiles;
4. Frost resistance about 300 cycles;
5. High abrasion resistance;
6. Temperature limit – from -40C to + 40C;
7. Resistant to ultraviolet radiation;
8. High resistance to bending and compression.

Decorative concrete laying technology

Decorative concrete laying technology is not simple, because it includes a number of operations and side materials:

1. Before placing concrete, the subgrade is strengthened and a multi-layer base is made..
2. Decorative concrete is used together with various additives. For example, monofilament reinforcement, which provides a very high hardness, a wide temperature range, durability of the resulting surface, resistance to mechanical stress.
3. High-quality dyes are used, with the help of which the surface of the finished coating is not only bright and evenly colored, but also very resistant to ultraviolet rays.
4. A surface hardener is also added. It not only makes the final coating durable, but also imparts deep color.
5. Special sealants are also used, which not only form a film layer on the surface (like paint), but also promote bonding to the concrete base, because they penetrate into its depth. Also, sealants develop resistance to friction and aggressive media.

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