Unique Beaumont House by Henri Cleinge – concrete as a decorative element in Montreal

The courtyard of the house
High ceilings in the house
White furniture in the house

Although the integration of the resource is evident, there are also differences between it and nearby structures. The main thing is the arrangement of the living modules. The rooms are divided into blocks.

One occupied the first and part of the second level, the other the second and third. This design allows you to take full advantage of the invigorating rays of the sun that are not so generous here.

Concrete slabs in the house
Concrete walls in the house
Bedroom in the house
Bathroom in the house

The exquisite interior features a striking note of minimalist currents. They are softened by the play of light and shadow and the abundant wood trim. The building feels more like a castle which you intuitively want to fill with something warmer and more homely. Then a house of this type could well be called a cozy nest.

Floor plans in the house
Floor plan
Layout of the home's facade
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