Invented in Russia, will we give it to the Chinese?


The unique building material created by domestic technologists is becoming more and more popular. But for the most part – outside the homeland.

The construction industry is very conservative. As they built in the middle of the last century from reinforced concrete panels, they are still building. As they used mainly drywall in the decoration, they use.

Do you know, for example, that in Russia for several years in a row a material has been produced that is three times more durable than the same drywall? Which, unlike drywall, does not accumulate moisture, does not swell, does not deform, but on the contrary becomes only stronger under the influence of water? Which does not contain any harmful substances in its composition, is absolutely non-flammable, has no smell, keeps heat well, does not crumble or break, it is easy to saw even with an ordinary hacksaw, but at the same time it is so durable that even paving slabs can be made of it ? In a word, for the construction of any complexity the material is almost ideal.

Back in the second half of the 19th century, scientists and civil engineers combined their knowledge and experience to create an “ideal” stone-like material based on natural magnesium compounds. And even then they almost succeeded: but only almost, since everyone was good at the novelty, but did not hold moisture – in those days there simply did not exist technologies that would help to cope with the problem.

The solution was found only recently. Taking a half-forgotten technology as a basis, Russian technologists have created a group of materials under the general name “magnelites”. And soon the Russian company “GEFEST” also set up industrial production of glass-magnesite sheets (LSM) NeoGen innovo®.

Magnetic glass sheet is a versatile material. The high strength of LSU of our development allows us to use a 6 mm thick sheet wherever 12 mm drywall would be needed: it is cheaper and the design is easier. Thanks to the reinforcing fiberglass mesh, LSM NeoGen innovo® can be easily bent to the desired radius. The advantages can be listed for a long time. I would call this material the building material of the future..

But it seems that the Chinese understand this better than domestic builders: it is China that is now trying to become the world leader in the production of LSU. In terms of quality, it is difficult to compete with Russian manufacturers. But in terms of volume – alas, yes.


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