Metal doors

One of the most important functions of every house is to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. And, probably, there is no need to explain to anyone what an important role video surveillance systems, windows and doors play in this matter. Strong and reliable doors are a guarantee of the safety of your home. What should be the safe doors?

Metal doors

Doors contain a lot of concepts. They can vary in mechanics, functionality, material of manufacture, appearance and, of course, in price. Doors are swing, sliding, swing-sliding, telescopic, revolving, revolving, revolving, folding, etc. They also differ in their shapes – angular, semicircular, segmental, etc. The actuation can be either automatic or manual. The operation of all automatic doors is provided by an electromechanical or electro-hydraulic drive. It consists of sensor sensors that respond to the approach of an object, an electric motor, a control device and a mechanical part (guide rails, seals, trolleys, structural elements).

Good metal doors protect home owners not only from burglary, but also from the spread of fire, external noise, insects, dust and much more – everything that causes discomfort and interferes with a quiet life. Bad doors, on the other hand, bring all these problems. A high-quality metal door is distinguished by its simplicity and functionality, and is manufactured at enterprises with special licenses. Naturally, a good metal door will cost more.

Choice of doors

For sound insulation and fire resistance, mineral wool is used made of high density basalt fibers (150kg / m2). Doors with 2-3 slabs of such cotton wool are especially reliable. At the same time, inside the door there should be no so-called “thermal bridges” – metal parts that simultaneously touch both the internal and external planes of the door. According to the certificate, such a door must have sufficient fire resistance and sound absorption of more than 30 dB..

The quality of the door is determined not by the mass, as many assume, but by design features, material of manufacture and a good lock, since the absence of a reliable lock in the door only creates a feeling of reliability.


It is generally accepted that imported doors are of better quality than domestic ones. Such doors are made from alloyed grades of steel and have greater strength at the same time with less thickness and weight. Almost all steel doors of foreign manufacturers are welded from two sheets of steel (and not one, like domestic ones), between which there are up to six stiffeners and a sound-absorbing filler. All structural elements withstand high loads, so they are not afraid of attempts to squeeze out with a jack or cut them.

When choosing a steel door, remember that the money spent on buying it is an investment in your own safety and comfort. Always ask the seller for a certificate of quality, as well as be interested in the presence of a showroom (a reputable seller will take care of his equipment).

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