The castle needs protection too!

To protect the apartment from uninvited “guests”, we put reliable steel or armored doors, we try to find good locks for them – as a guarantee of our basic safety. Locks of high secrecy and reliability are presented on the market today. But have you ever thought about the fact that the castle itself also needs protection? After all, attackers have learned to open even the most secret locks using clever lockpicks, or even easier – with the help of a drill, convolution or sledgehammer. Italian company CISA – one of the largest manufacturers of locks and locking systems, has achieved significant results in the development of security equipment for both cylinder and lever locks.


The most vulnerable point in modern locks is the cylinder. CISA has been producing anti-drill cylinders with carbide inserts for a long time, and in 2006 CISA patented Sigillo cylinders, protected from both pulling out and “bumping” (method of longitudinal impact with the use of a special “bump key”). Sigillo cylinders have a high strength and resilient core (6 rigid and one flexible plate), which runs along the entire length and is visible from both ends of the cylinder. The core is clearly visible from the outside of the door: having noticed it, a burglar may well change his mind about opening your door..

To counter hacking CISA offers steel armor plates – hardened steel protection that prevents a burglar from getting close to the lock itself. In the event of a burglary attempt, the power load falls not on the cylinder, but on the armor plate, which significantly increases the reliability of the door-lock system. Mounting plates welded into the steel door facilitate the installation of the lock in the door and increase the reliability of the armored plates due to the bayonet or threaded method of their fastening. The hole for the key in the mounting plate is no larger than the hole in the lock, which makes it possible to protect it from being opened with a roll (in other words, from folding). The mounting plate can be supplemented with a carbide insert, which additionally protects the lock from drilling.

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Thanks to the system of individual security cards, it is impossible to make duplicate keys for the main cylinder models CISA without the consent of their owner. A duplicate key can be ordered only by presenting an individual card to an authorized center, which the client receives when purchasing a cylinder. Cylinders manufactured CISA, can be supplied with a special set of keys, which ensures the preservation of secrecy in case of loss of the key by the owner. The owner only needs to insert into the lock another key included in the lock kit, which automatically cancels the applicability of the previously working key. It is possible to repeat this recoding operation twice. In Cambio Facile recoded lever locks, re-coding can be performed many times (“the key is changed, the lock remains”).

Multifunctional (double) locks are of considerable interest CISA, that is, two locks in one case. There are models of these locks, in which one lock blocks the other, and a strict sequential order of their opening is required (SAFETY system). For these locks, the protection of the lower lever lock has been developed – in the form of a two-sided curtain covering the opening for the lever key and controlled by the upper cylinder lock. For other models of lever locks, CISA supplies a special attachment device (“lever cylinder”) with a movable protective membrane that prevents the pick or foreign objects from entering the lever mechanism. The membrane is removed when the special code printed on the key shaft matches the code of the lever cylinder. To protect the lever cylinder itself, a special armor plate has been developed.

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In conclusion, we note that only the protection that is used in the complex will be truly reliable: a strong door is a reliable lock protected from a burglar. Let’s not forget that the castle also needs protection.!

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