The key changes, the lock remains!

There are many ways to lose keys, but the options for further actions are several times less. You can make a duplicate of the lost key, but there is a possibility that someone “accidentally” found the lost key and will soon visit your home. You can replace the lock: a new lock is a new set of keys, which means that no intruder can open your door with the keys you have lost. But replacing the lock is an expensive operation, which often requires the involvement of a specialist technician, and takes a long time..


The Italian company CISA (CHIZA) has proposed another solution to this problem. CISA has developed and patented the “New Cambio Facile” variable code lever lock system. This system allows, if necessary, to change a set of keys without disassembling or changing your lock. When buying a lock, the customer receives in a sealed envelope an additional set of keys, the code of which is different from the code of the working set, as well as a special transcoding tool – an L-shaped key. In the event of an alarm situation or for other reasons, the owner can cancel the validity of the old keys, replacing them with keys of an additional set.


How does this happen? Nothing is easier – it will take you less than a minute to change the lock code! First, insert a valid key, open the door, fully extend the bolts and remove the key. Then we take the recoding tool, insert it into a special hole (from the end of the door, in the front plate of the lock), and turn this tool counterclockwise, thereby resetting the lock code. And then we insert the key from the new set, remove the crossbars by turning the new keys, and close the door. All! From now on, your lock can only be opened with new keys – the old ones are now invalid.

It should be especially noted that this transcoding operation can be performed an unlimited number of times, which guarantees you maximum peace of mind, and most importantly – safety. Everything ingenious is simple: the key changes, but the lock remains!

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