The familiar courtyard changes appearance, or 5 great ways to enliven a boring space

Backyard Design

A clean, well kept patio

Evening illumination 

For relaxing in nature at night, too bright spotlights are ill-suited, because even a small light on the porch can attract insects that can interfere with the conversation. Dimmable lanterns and torches help you create the right light design. Candles with their calm and soft light will also be a good choice and will lift the spirits of all in attendance.

Backyard design

Comfortable sofas in an outdoor pavilion

Invest in shading products 

If your patio is not equipped with a canopy, even a little rain or glaring midday sun can spoil the joy of the outdoors. Umbrella or awning installed over the seating area gives you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor socializing in all weathers.

Back patio design

A cozy outdoor living room with a fireplace

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