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Long gone are the days when the choice of heating devices was limited to typical cast-iron radiators. Today you can choose a heating device that in itself will look like a design detail of the interior and at the same time perfectly cope with the direct task – to provide a comfortable temperature in the room. RMNT will tell you about a new product from the leading domestic manufacturer of heating equipment – Royal Thermo.

Why Royal Thermo?

The industrial group Royal Thermo has been operating in the Russian market since 2002. All products of the enterprise comply with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, production is fully automated.

By 2018, according to the import substitution program announced by the Russian government, the localization of Royal Thermo production reached 99%. Almost all radiator components are domestic, which guarantees an affordable cost without compromising the traditionally high quality of products.

Bimetallic and aluminum radiators from Royal Thermo have long been known in the Russian and not only market:

  • Bimetal Revolution Bimetall, PianoForte, BiLiner, PianoForte Tower, Indigo Super, Vittoria Super and Vittoria.
  • Aluminum Indigo, Revolution and Biliner Alum.

Bimetal radiator Royal Thermo Indigo SuperBimetal radiator Royal Thermo Indigo Super

These models of radiators have already earned popularity due to the highest quality, manufacturer’s warranty up to 25 years and the presence of an insurance policy for 65,000,000 rubles. However, the industrial group Royal Thermo does not stop there, offering truly unique novelties..

About new radiators

In December 2018, Royal Thermo offered its customers steel panel radiators that are unmatched in many ways:

  • Designed for pressures up to 8.7 bar, they have steel 1.2 mm thick, which completely eliminates the occurrence of leaks as a result of water hammer and a sharp increase in pressure in the heating network.
  • Profitability. Even if the temperature in the heating system does not exceed 45 ° C, it is panel radiators that efficiently distribute and maintain heat. For this reason, they are very popular in Europe, where energy saving has long been a priority..
  • A large selection of models, colors, variations, standard sizes, which allows you to choose a truly individual radiator that meets the interior features and the needs of the owners.

Steel panel radiators Royal Thermo are produced in the city of Kirzhach, Vladimir region.

Four variations of Royal Thermo steel panel radiators

All Royal Thermo steel panel radiators are divided into four series:

1. Model Compactwith side connection. Has four connecting holes with a diameter? There is an upper decorative grille, side panels, convective elements. The kit includes wall mounts with dowels, a plug and an air vent.

Panel radiator Compact

2. Model Ventil Compacthas a built-in bottom connection. As a result, this model is perfect for routing pipes in the floor and connecting the radiator from below. The radiator consists of stamped heating panels, convective elements, a decorative grille, and a built-in bottom connection unit. The kit includes: Danfoss valve insert, wall brackets with plugs, air vent and plugs. Conveniently, this radiator model can be connected both from the left and right sides – there are no welded brackets.

Panel radiator Ventil Compact

3. Model Hygiene. This is a continuation of the Compact series with side connection, the equipment is the same. But this model does not have a decorative grille and ribbing. This greatly facilitates the care of the radiator, there is simply no place for dust to accumulate. Thanks to this, Hygiene is actively used in kindergartens and hospitals, meets all the requirements of SanPiN.

Hygiene panel radiator

4. Model Ventil Hygiene. It differs from the previous model in the presence of connecting elements in the lower part, which is necessary when laying pipes in the floor. The kit includes a Danfoss valve insert, as well as the possibility of left and right connection due to the absence of welded brackets and special brackets.

Panel radiator Ventil Hygiene

Production features

The manufacturing process of Royal Thermo steel panel radiators is described in detail: stamping from 1.2 mm steel sheets, resistance welding, high pressure testing, cleaning, drying, priming and multi-layer painting – each stage is brought to technological perfection and is accompanied by constant quality control.

As you can see from our description of the innovative steel panel radiator models, Royal Thermo makes sure that customers can start installation right away. The kit contains everything the owners need: brackets, Mayevsky taps, plugs, threaded fittings, dowels. This allows you not to buy parts, and the safety of transportation is ensured by modern high-quality packaging.

What to choose from

Royal Thermo offers more than just four models of steel panel radiators. The choice of standard sizes will amaze you! Panels have much more differences in height and length, which makes them compare favorably with other types of radiators.

Royal Thermo has eight panel radiator heights ranging from 300 to 900 mm. And as many as 27 lengths – from 400 to 3,000 mm. And seven more types. As a result, we get about 3 thousand standard sizes. A wide selection, don’t you agree? There are unique options not found in other manufacturers – with heights of 450, 700 and 850 mm.

In addition, each of the options of the panel radiator chosen by the buyer can be painted in the factory in any of the colors of the RAL palette. All this allows you to fit the heating device into any non-standard space under a window or anywhere else in the room, as well as to make it a bright, beautiful piece of furniture.

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