Review of underfloor heating Electrolux Multi Size Mat: a universal answer to all questions about a warm field

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Over the past ten years, the approach to apartment renovation has changed a lot. If earlier the design and quality of finishing materials were the main criteria for a well-renovated apartment, then modern trends make more and more demands on comfort and competent space planning..

Electric underfloor heating Electrolux

The temperature regime is one of the most important factors of comfort in the house. Therefore, starting renovations, many owners are inclined to install a comfortable floor heating system in the house. Timely inclusion of a warm floor in the renovation project, especially in the areas of the kitchen, bathroom, loggias or nursery, slightly increases the estimate, but at the same time greatly improves the quality of life in the apartment in the future.

What the market offers

Today, a fairly wide range of types of electric underfloor heating is presented on the underfloor heating market. And it is quite difficult for an average person to make the right choice in favor of a particular technology. Let’s take a look at the three main options and their strengths and weaknesses:

  1. Infrared or foil underfloor heating. Significant advantages: quick installation without glue and work with dry mixes, uniform heating on the entire surface of the film, minimum thickness allows finishing with finishing material without raising the floor level. Among the shortcomings, one can note the ban on the use in rooms with high levels of humidity, as well as the impossibility of using tiles or porcelain stoneware as flooring. Many manufacturers do not provide long warranty periods.
  2. Electric cable underfloor heating. Among the pluses: it is possible to lay any topcoat on top of a warm floor, it is absolutely waterproof (suitable for bathrooms), it can be laid in rooms of any layout. Of the minuses: the complexity of installation, you need to calculate the installation. Also, for installation, a screed is required, while the floor height rises more than 30 mm.
  3. Heating mats. They have collected in themselves all the advantages of an electric cable floor, but at the same time, no screed is needed for their device, and they can be mounted directly into a layer of tile adhesive, that is, the floor height will not change.

Underfloor heating Electrolux Multi Size Mat

Let’s talk about heating mats in more detail

On the market, mats are presented by various manufacturers, both in type and in power. Among all the variety, Electrolux Multi Size Mat stands out due to its uniqueness, versatility and super-reliability..

Textile stretch warp

A unique feature of the Electrolux Multi Size Mat is the patented textile stretch base. This is the only underfloor heating on the Russian market that can stretch up to 35% of the nominal length. This makes it possible to increase the heating area range, e.g. from 9 to 12 m2, significantly saving money on purchasing a high-quality underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating Electrolux Multi Size Mat

Unlike classic mats, which have a fixed laying area and restrictions on the shape and installation area, the Electrolux Multi Size Mat underfloor heating allows you to vary the laying shape. By stretching the mat, you can change the shape of the laying from the classic square and rectangular to diamond and trapezoidal. Thus, it is very easy to install in rooms with complex geometries, for example, in bay windows or in modern design spaces with semicircular shapes..

Underfloor heating Electrolux Multi Size Mat

When the heating mat is stretched, its heat transfer changes from 150 to 111 W / m2. This makes the heating mat suitable for all types of floor coverings. The high power is suitable for tiles and porcelain stoneware, which can be installed even in rooms with high humidity levels. Low heat dissipation – optimal for wood and thin flooring, including laminate, parquet, linoleum and carpet. This feature of the Electrolux Multi Size Mat is especially relevant for rooms with a combined type of flooring, for example, tiles / laminate. Versatility fundamentally distinguishes this warm floor from similar products from other manufacturers, which offer individual solutions for various floor coverings and rooms with different levels of humidity.

Heavy duty and safe heating cable

Electrolux Multi Size Mat is a reliable and heavy-duty underfloor heating with a 20-year warranty and a service life of over 50 years. The heating cable of this mat has two heating cores, reinforced with aramid filaments, which increase the cable resistance to tensile loads, breaks and breaks that inevitably occur during installation. The length of the heating cores wound on the aramid thread is 6% longer than the cable length. When stretched or bent, they easily adapt to changes in geometry without additional stress.

Heating cable device Electrolux Multi Size Mat

Heating conductors are reliably protected by three layers of insulation. According to European electrical safety tests, such a cable can withstand breakdown up to 3750 W, while a regular cable can withstand up to 1000 W. Individual insulation of heating cores is made of fluoroplastic. According to ASTM D3418 standard, the temperature of the beginning of melting of fluoroplastic is from +260 to +327 ° С, when the temperature of the beginning of melting of conventional and economical polymeric materials starts from +105 ° С.

Such characteristics of a warm floor are practically not found in one product. As a rule, it is extremely difficult or even impossible to find out what is inside the cable due to the lack of such information on the packaging or in the publicly available documentation of the manufacturers of underfloor heating..

When installing an Electrolux underfloor heating, you can do without raising the floor level, since a thin heating mat is mounted directly into the layer of tile adhesive.

Installation of underfloor heating Electrolux Multi Size Mat


Electrolux Multi Size Mat is a versatile underfloor heating that is suitable for any flooring, complex configuration rooms and any humidity level. The heating cable itself has a number of obvious advantages and differences, the benefits of which are reduced not only to reliability and safety during operation, but also to maximum protection against installation errors. Thus, the patented stretching technology, a unique cable device, a long European-level manufacturer’s warranty and the availability of service centers throughout Russia radically distinguish the Electrolux Multi Size Mat from the whole variety of underfloor heating based on a heating cable..

Underfloor heating from Electrolux

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