How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site

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The gazebo always evokes associations with pleasant communication with friends, warm conversation, family dinner, summer vacations and fun company. It is not surprising that it has become an indispensable attribute of almost every summer cottage or house plot – in fact, if there is a free area, why not give it to such an open, but very cozy and beautiful house!

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site

Earlier, we told how to build a gazebo with our own hands, choose and prepare a site for such a summer recreation area, and about the features of selecting the design of the future structure. But still, not all owners of personal plots are ready to spend time building a gazebo on their own and will confidently take up a hammer and nails. Many people today prefer an easier, although often much more expensive option – buying a ready-made gazebo.

How to choose the right ready-made gazebo? What options do manufacturers offer today? How well will the finished summer house fit into the already completed landscape design? How much can a gazebo made of different materials cost? Let’s try to figure it out, starting with the most economical options and ending with the so-called VIP gazebos, whose price immediately limits the possible circle of buyers.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site A cozy gazebo, under the roof of which you can hide from the rain, without interrupting pleasant communication. In this case, of course, the only thing missing is a round table that would unite the interlocutors.

Economy option

In general, gazebos belong to small architectural forms, that is, buildings are not capital, however, they often still require a reliable foundation. In any case, even if you chose a light collapsible gazebo, the cheapest and most compact, you will have to spend efforts on preparing a flat and comfortable site where it will take its rightful place.

Modern ready-made gazebos are made from the following materials:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal.

Each of these materials has its own characteristics and characteristics. However, in this price segment, the cheapest and most affordable, only plastic structures are presented or inexpensive, as simple as possible, small arbors made of wood and metal.

In general, finished plastic arbors have excellent performance characteristics: they do not fade in the sun, are not afraid of moisture, do not rot, and do not need to be painted. Modern plastic does not burn, it is safe, but such gazebos look quite representative, “disguising” as painted wood. Manufacturers guarantee that the PVC gazebo will serve the owners for 50 years.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site The most common gazebo made of plastic, white. One such section (wall) costs a little more than 4 thousand rubles, it is easily and quickly assembled on site, does not require a capital foundation. True, furniture for such a gazebo will have to be purchased separately. A set – a table and four chairs, also made of plastic, costs from 2.5 thousand rubles

On average, plastic arbors cost from 10 thousand rubles, depending on the size. The design can be of different shapes – square, round, rectangular or with many angles. Such gazebos fit quite well into the landscape design, although some homeowners believe that plastic looks foreign against the background of lush greenery. In this case, the gazebo should be decorated by planting climbing plants, for example, clematis, rose or ivy, near its walls. Twisted with greenery, the plastic gazebo will look completely different and will literally merge with the landscape.

Another option for relatively inexpensive gazebos is the most simple design, which consists of two wooden benches with a roof on metal supports. Yes, many guests cannot be accommodated in such a gazebo, but in general it is a very convenient and economical option..

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site The dimensions of such a finished gazebo are 2.1×2.1×2 meters, it is designed for six seats. The roof made of cellular polycarbonate has a 10-year warranty, you can choose different shades. There is such a gazebo without walls, but with furniture about 19 thousand rubles, installation services will cost another three thousand rubles

Yes, it turns out that even the most ordinary ready-made gazebos are not so little. But, for comparison – even the simplest design measuring only two by two meters, but completely made of wood will already cost about 20 thousand rubles, which does not allow it to be classified as an “economy class”. And often in such gazebos there is not even a table, so the furniture will still have to be purchased separately..

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site An ordinary openwork gazebo made of wooden planks with a bench. It seems that there is nothing special about it, but it looks very romantic and beautiful, although it costs on average twice as expensive as plastic structures

Even if such simple ready-made gazebos without furniture cost a lot, can they replace it with a completely reliable and at the same time much cheaper awning? Well, this is a good option, especially since the awning can be easily transferred from one site to another, installation costs are not required, and furniture – you still have to purchase it separately, even if you buy a plastic gazebo.

The disadvantages of awnings include the need to securely fasten the supports, otherwise the light structure will simply be blown away by the wind. In heavy rain, the roof may start to leak – in places where it was sewn or attached to a metal support.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site Such a simple awning will protect not only from the sun, but also from the rain, although the drops will fall inside under the strong wind. However, this is a problem not only of tents, but also of open gazebos. An ordinary structure of 3×3 m is worth only about 1000 rubles, with mosquito nets on all sides – from 2.5 thousand rubles, in the form of a tent with a gabled roof – at least 3 thousand rubles

By the way, tents and tents are ideal for arranging a picnic area – just install such a structure near the barbecue and you can enjoy a fragrant barbecue with much more comfort, in the shade, and not interrupt a delicious dinner with the onset of a quiet summer rain.

A separate category of inexpensive gazebos is houses for children. They are relatively cheap precisely due to the “children’s sizes”, are made of wood or plastic, brightly colored and will become a favorite place for games for all neighboring children.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site In such a fabulous house, your child will also be able to receive guests.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site Another bright children’s gazebo. Dimensions 1.5×1.5 m, low, comfortable for kids benches, made of laminated veneer lumber and lining, soft roof. But it is already difficult to attribute such a structure to the “economy” category – its price is about 40 thousand rubles

Average price category

Such ready-made gazebos include both wooden structures and forged ones, often not made according to an individual project – an exclusive always costs more. Wooden arbors traditionally have the shape of a four-, six- or octagon; ondulin, soft roofing, tiles, wood chips can be used to cover the roof.

The disadvantages of ready-made arbors made of wood include the need to maintain the integrity of the structure, so it is easy to damage the tree during disassembly and assembly, so transportation of such a small architectural object can become a very expensive pleasure and require a truck crane and a heavy truck..

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site Hexagonal gazebo made of wood, carved and very beautiful. Such ready-made structures cost from 40 thousand rubles

In addition, the wood will have to be protected from moisture with a special varnish, otherwise the service life of the gazebo will be greatly reduced, and in a rainy summer it can simply start to rot..

Of course, you can give the old wooden gazebo a neat look with the help of painting, but once you paint the gazebo, you then have to carry out this procedure every spring, since even a layer of the highest quality paint over time in the rain and the sun can fade and crack.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site A simple open gazebo made of wood. It costs a little more than its more modern “colleague” on metal supports, presented in the previous section – from 25 thousand rubles

Forged arbors are considered one of the most reliable and durable. Such openwork designs look great, reliable, easy to maintain and fit perfectly into the landscape. If a wooden gazebo looks much more harmonious next to the same wooden house, then a forged one will look appropriate next to a brick or stone-faced building.

For example, the popular today gazebos from the block house, surrounded by a lush well-groomed garden, look great, but next to the terrace decorated with a wrought-iron fence, they will seem like an alien element that has accidentally got here..

Ready-made gazebos assembled entirely from forged parts are more expensive; buildings made of welded metal structures, decorated with individual elements of artistic forging, are more likely to belong to the middle price category..

Such elements can be an openwork lattice near the entrance, a canopy on the roof, a cornice along the edge of the roof, and so on..

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site A completely open gazebo with an openwork fence, without furniture, with a roof made of wood and plastic, these are often called arbors. It costs about 48 thousand rubles

A similar gazebo, but with a roof made of translucent cellular polycarbonate of different colors, will cost from 40 thousand rubles. Most often, you have to separately purchase a set of the same furniture for a wrought-iron gazebo – you must agree that plastic in a metal openwork house will look, at least, inappropriate and too cheap. A set of stylish forged dining group will cost from 12 thousand rubles, which greatly increases the cost of the gazebo itself, because you simply cannot do without furniture in a summer house.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site Octagonal wrought-iron gazebo with an awning roof. A set of furniture is included. Price – more than 75 thousand rubles

It can be stated that the average price category of ready-made arbors mainly includes forged and wooden structures, which on average have a size of no more than 6×6 meters and cost from 20 to 80 thousand rubles. If you have to hire a team of workers who will install the gazebo on the site, then the cost of such services starts at three thousand rubles, and ultimately will depend on the complexity of the work, the need to concrete the site, build steps, level the surface, and so on. We emphasize: three thousand rubles is the minimum set of services – only the assembly of a collapsible structure on an already prepared site.

VIP gazebos

A very special category of houses for a pleasant stay. This is no longer just a roof and two benches with a round table in the center – these are real works of art, masterpieces by the master. Such expensive gazebos are surprisingly beautifully designed, made in a single copy and often represent a truly capital structure where you can spend time not only in summer.

Often, VIP gazebos are equipped with a barbecue, a soft set of furniture and are a cozy guest house. And their sizes usually exceed the standard ones – here you can gather a really large company.

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site The dimensions of this fabulously beautiful little house, which is already difficult to call just a gazebo – 3.5×7 m, the cost of a carved masterpiece – from 300 thousand rubles, without furniture, which will have to fork out separately

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site These are the amazing grill pavilions offered by Lapland House. This is a real house with a hearth in the center, where you can gather even in winter. Such a ready-made structure for five people costs from 185 thousand rubles. The houses are bigger, of course, and they cost more. Such gazebos are delivered to the customer in the form of ready-made wall elements with built-in double-glazed windows, the roofing system and accessories are brought separately to the installation site – right up to sofa cushions and a kettle

You will have to pay separately for the use of expensive natural materials, for example, deliberately rough hewn logs, for the exclusivity of the project, artistic forging, and so on. So, an original gazebo with a roof made of straw or reeds, with walls made of massive logs, decorated with unusual handmade carvings, will cost at least 200 thousand rubles.

And the most expensive, of course, are stone gazebos, which are sometimes made in the form of a Chinese pagoda or a classic rotunda..

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site The price of such a stone pagoda can reach two million rubles and even more, depending on the size. It is clear that such gazebos are usually made to order, since it is quite difficult to find such wealthy buyers, although manufacturers can also offer ready-made designs of structures of more modest sizes.

If finances do not allow you to allocate at least 200 thousand rubles for a ready-made gazebo, even if it can decorate any landscape design, do not be upset. Even a modest plastic house, entwined with greenery and lovingly furnished, will look unusually attractive..

How to choose and buy a ready-made gazebo for the site Even a simple ready-made gazebo can be decorated without any special frills with hanging pots with flowering plants and correctly selected accessories, for example, textiles and lamps. Thus, even a portable structure can be embellished. But next to a stationary gazebo, it is worth planting climbing plants and your summer house, hidden under lush greenery, will become even more comfortable and will look no worse than expensive structures.

The choice of ready-made gazebos today is really great, but, unfortunately, for the most part they are designed for fairly wealthy buyers, scaring off ordinary summer residents at too high a price.

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