Stair lifts for home and street

There are many devices that make it easier for people with limited mobility to climb stairs. Consider the various types of such equipment, their main characteristics, features and approximate cost.

People with disabilities, the elderly and the sick are called people with limited mobility. Indeed, it is often very difficult for them to move around. It can be especially difficult to climb stairs. Various devices come to the rescue, in particular stair lifts and hoists. There are several types of such devices. Let’s figure out what they are for.

All lifting equipment is divided into several groups:

  1. Lifts with vertical movement. The devices represent a platform on which a wheelchair is installed or a person stands up. The system rises vertically up to a small height, about two meters. It can be used both outside and inside buildings. Simple enough to install. There are models with a shaft fence that rise more than 12 m.
  2. Inclined equipment. Designed for movement along stairs. It is subdivided into structures that provide ascent along straight stairs and designed for movement along spans of a curved configuration. It can be designed as a platform or chair. Traditionally they are installed in rooms with wide flights of stairs, in areas where the lift height exceeds two meters, or in buildings where it is impossible to install a vertical lift. You can find models designed to function outdoors or indoors.
  3. Mobile lifts or, as they are also called, stair climbers. The devices are designed to move the wheelchair up the stairs. Installed in buildings with small flights of stairs or in buildings where redevelopment is impossible. The equipment is affordable and does not require registration with Gostekhnadzor.

The first two types of lifts can be used both for climbing the porch of the house and for moving inside the building. An alternative to these structures can be a cottage elevator. Most of these devices are fairly easy to install. They do not require the arrangement of the turbine room. There are models with electric and hydraulic drive. They are comfortable, reliable and have a large carrying capacity. However, the cost of such equipment is quite high, in addition, it is subject to mandatory registration with the Gostekhnadzor authorities. All this makes it inaccessible to a wide range of consumers..

Street lifts

There are many alternatives to the traditional ramp. To climb the porch, vertical lifts up to 2 m high are most often used. One of the popular models of such equipment is a platform from the Chelyabinsk company “Dobrodey”. The lift is easy enough to mount. It does not require equipment of the pit and engine room, which allows installation without additional alterations of the entrance group.

Kindness Lift LLC “Dobrodey”

The device is easy to operate. It can be used by a person sitting in a wheelchair without the additional assistance of an accompanying person. The cost of such lifts starts from 60,000 rubles. The company has a network of service centers that install and maintain their devices. Another popular vertical lift VTPM2000. It is a hydraulic lifting platform using a scissor mechanism. The height of its rise is 1 m. There are several variations with different sizes of platforms. The cost starts from 240,000 rubles.

VTPM2000 VTPM2000

Not only vertical modifications, but also inclined ones can be used as street lifts. Here, models for straight stairs are most often installed. For example, “Invalift” made in Russia. The device is an anti-slip platform. It can accommodate a stroller or a person. The platform can be folded back with a servo or manually. The standard version of the lift is equipped with various safety systems: handrails, control over the correct installation of the platform, emergency stop, obstacle sensors under the bottom, etc..

Modified models of Invalift are also produced. These systems can be installed indoors or outdoors. Moreover, the second option is produced in an anti-vandal design. The kit includes additional guides that allow you to increase the lift length up to 11 m. All versions of the lift have push-button control and a lock key. The cost of standard models starts from 240,000 rubles, modified ones – from 455,000 rubles. Inclined lifting devices similar in functionality are produced by the Dobrodey company, their cost, depending on the model and configuration, varies from 150,000 to 250,000 rubles.

The Italian company VIMEC has been creating equipment for people with limited mobility for over 30 years. One of her developments, the V64 inclined lift, can be used as an outdoor or home appliance. The device is produced in three variations: standard, enlarged and extra large. They differ in platform size. Installation does not spoil the design of the facade or the room and does not require additional construction work.


The lift is equipped with passive and active safety devices and has a remote control, which makes it very convenient. The safety barriers of the device are retractable, this reduces the space it occupies. The company guarantees the quality of its products and a long service life. The cost of such systems is an order of magnitude higher than Russian counterparts and is calculated individually.

Stair elevators

Indoors, so-called stair lifts or devices for climbing stairs of straight or complex configuration are usually used. Most often they are produced for use both outdoors and indoors. However, equipment for climbing stairs with complex paths is mostly installed indoors. It is of two types:

  1. Platforms designed to lift a wheelchair or a standing person.
  2. Chair devices that raise a person sitting in them.

The Russian platform INVAPROM A310 is one of the platform lifts. It is designed to move along a complex trajectory. The standard model can only be operated inside a building. Designed for unlimited stops along the way. The maximum lifting angle is not more than 50 °, it is powered by an electric drive, it can be installed on either side of the staircase. The cost of such a device starts from 900,000 rubles.

The V65 platform lift from VIMEC has been developed for climbing stairs. The device is designed to move the stroller along several flights of stairs. Simple enough to install, does not require redevelopment and additional construction work. Available in three versions. “Standard” – designed for small flights of stairs, “Large” – for chairs with special size requirements and “Extra large” – equipped with a large platform.


The system is economical and can be used both inside and outside. At the same time, it is designed to function in especially harsh climatic conditions. Equipped with passive and active safety devices and space-saving retractable handrails. The cost of the lift depends on the configuration, the length of the flights and is calculated individually.

Chair-type stair lifts are still not widely used in Russia. They are comfortable chairs equipped with a safety system, moving along the stairs of any path. They are especially convenient for the elderly or sick people. The European company Stannah produces various variations of such devices. The manufacturer offers three equipment modifications:

  1. Starla. Features soft, wide seats with a supportive backrest for maximum comfort.
  2. Sofia. Seats with a high backrest well fix and support the body of a person sitting in them.
  3. Solus. Standard comfort seat.

Stannah starla Stannah starla

The lifts are equipped with modern security systems and have an attractive outdoor appearance. Upholstery and decor can be chosen depending on the interior of the room in which the equipment will be installed. The seat can be adjusted to suit the person’s height. The device is fixed directly to the ladder, which allows the work to be carried out as quickly and easily as possible. The cost of equipment is calculated individually.

VIMEC manufactures the Capri chair lifts for complex ladders and Ischia for straight lines. The equipment is distinguished by its comfort and increased safety system, which includes a device that stops the movement of the chair if there is an obstacle in its path. After climbing up to the floor, the seat swivels 80 ° for easy getting off. Can be installed on either side of the staircase. Folding chair, which saves space. The cost of the construction is calculated individually.

Vimec Capri Vimec Capri

All types of stair lifts are complex equipment. For their smooth operation, competent installation and regular maintenance are required. Each major Russian and European manufacturer has a network of its own service centers, engaged in installation and maintenance. As practice shows, it is best to use their services..

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