Beds and flower beds on cardboard – step by step instructions

If you still have not decided exactly how to equip the beds and flower beds on your site this year, Our tips site will give you a hint. We offer step-by-step instructions for arranging a flower garden or garden bed on cardboard. This is an option for the lazy, simple, affordable, does not require digging the soil.

Beds and flower beds on cardboard

The first step is to choose what exactly and where you will plant. It will be one of the types of flower garden, the choice of which the portal wrote about, or a garden bed with vegetables. Decide on the choice of plants that will grow on your cardboard, calculate the required amount. You can estimate a preliminary landing plan.

Step two – outline the location of the future garden bed or flower bed. You don’t need to dig anything, you need to mow, remove all the grass and mark the boundaries of the site.

Step three is to prepare the cardboard. Straighten all boxes, remove tape and brackets. It is best to use unpainted, the most ordinary cardboard, because colored ink contains substances harmful to plants.

Beds and flower beds on cardboard

Step four – lay out the cardboard on weed-free soil, tightly, overlapping, in two or three layers.

Beds and flower beds on cardboard

Step five – the cardboard should be thoroughly soaked with water from a hose so that it fits as tightly as possible to the ground.

Step six – we expose the seedlings or seedlings of the selected colors directly onto the cardboard. Be sure to distribute the plants correctly and remember to align the roots so that the flowers or seedlings are at the same height.

Beds and flower beds on cardboard

Step seven – spill the cardboard again, this time with the plants arranged.

Step eight – distribute the soil between the seedlings. This can be the most common soil from your site, sifted and rid of weed roots. It is very good if you are using compost, you can add some peat. The soil should cover all plant roots tightly. It is advisable to add granular fertilizers to the soil, for example, “Kornevin”.

Step nine – we carefully spill the land with the planted plants again, and lay mulch on top, which will retain moisture.

Step ten – make a curb, a fence. The garden bed or flower garden on cardboard turns out to be above the level of the rest of the site, so the fence will help keep the poured soil here. The curb can be made from old bricks, stones, flat slate, boards – the choice is great.

Important! Many people first make a border, and then lay out the cardboard and plant the plants. To choose for you.

Beds and flower beds on cardboard

That’s it, now you need to regularly water the resulting flower garden or garden bed in the next week so that the earth is compacted and settled. When gaps, pits, gullies appear, you need to add soil to these places so that the site is level again. Do not forget to add mulch on top of the added soil. The cardboard will not allow the weeds to break through from below to the garden bed or flower bed, you do not have to fight them. Believe me, flowers and seedlings will show good growth on such a site, the main thing is to do everything correctly, according to the instructions, and choose fertile soil.

Important! Planting potatoes on cardboard is popular, summer residents also consider this method an option for the lazy.

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